Saturday, April 16, 2016

Florida - Day 5

Of course we had to get some souvenirs, so we spent some of the day at John's Pass. We could've walked to it along the beach, but we decided to drive to make sure the kids made it home. It's a little bit of a longer walk. :) 

 Successful, and tear-free souvenir shopping experience! Decisions are hard to make when there's many choices! They all did great, and it was painless. Thank goodness.
 When we got back to the condo we had to collect everyone for a "feet photo"! This was the last day that everyone would be there together, so we had to make sure we got this photo.

 Hard to get everyone's single foot in there, but we managed the best we could! It's fun looking at back now trying to figure out which feet belong to who.
 And, while we were out there, why not try to get a nice family photo too! We took advantage of the empty beach, and gorgeous skies. Here's the process of getting everyone in one shot.

 And success!
 The only family that didn't get a family photo was Kristyn's. She said she didn't want her kids in their pajamas. As you can tell in ours, I didn't care so much. Half of mine were in their jammies too. :)

We played BINGO when we got back up to the condo. 
We played it backwards - Mom's genius idea.
Since we had so many m&ms, we filled all the cards with the candies, then as the number was called, we got to eat the candy in it's place. This way it kept the kids engaged (and awake!) and everyone got to eat their candy. It was so much fun. 
 I think some of us had a little too much fun. Ahem, Matt the number caller.


Friday, April 15, 2016

Florida - Day 4

Aunt Patti-Lynn and Uncle Chris surprised everyone by popping into the condo for a night. What's a couple more people?! 
It was a lot of fun. Mom and dad took off with them for the day, and the rest of us hung out. Of course there was the time at the beach and the pool. Afterall, this is all we wanted to do! 

 We celebrated Gracie's and my birthdays this night. It worked out nice because everyone was here this day.
 It was a full house!

 There was a lot of card playing,
tattoo drawing,
puzzle doing,

and movie watching!
And everyone slept where they landed. 
Literally. :)

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Florida - Day 3

Well, day 3 was just about the same as day 2. 
We hung out in the sand and sun, but added some adult beverages this time, and the beach got a little busier. 
We also made a pretty awesome sand Olaf. 
He was a famous little sandman for a few days  while almost every passerby stopped to take a selfie, or photograph their kid with him. The kids got a kick out of how much everyone loved him. Especially because we built the silly guy in the midst of all the actually good sand art. :)

 Hailey and Hanna got a little more brave this day. They ventured out further into the waves and ran back laughing hysterically when the water made it up over their bellies.

Little Benny didn't want much to do with the water. He stayed nice and close to the shore, and found some nice tide pools to hang out in and gladly watched everyone else get thrown around by the waves.
 Here's a photo of the food! It was nuts. There was a giant fruit bowl filled right to the top with m&ms. Not to mentioned the unlimited amounts of veggies, deli meat, sugary cereals and other delicious treats!
 This day, along with every one before and after, ended with kids getting nice hot rinses and fresh jammies, followed by deep sleeps wherever they landed.