Tuesday, February 21, 2017

picture of the day

Patience is a virtue. And she obviously has it. 

For the love of little brothers. 

Sunday, February 19, 2017

bees bees and....no bees.

Earlier in the winter we had a pretty nasty storm. It was windy, and rainy, and mild. My bees are set up in a good spot out in the yard. They're protected by trees, and I've never had a problem with the wind taking the top off before, so I didn't think twice about it when I heard about the storm we were expecting. 
All I can say is, I learned my lesson. You can never be too sure.
The top came off the hive, and rain got in. 
I didn't realize this until the next day, because the storm happened at night.  I ran out and covered it back up, just hoping for the best. It's best not to even open up the hive during the winter because you don't want to disturb the cluster they go into. So I didn't take the hive apart to check on them. I had a feeling they weren't doing well though, because when I tapped the hive, there was no buzzing back at me. 
Today I finally opened it up. It's been warm, and I know that I would've seen at least a couple bees flying around, and since I haven't, I had to take a look. 
Zero bees made it. None. Nata. Such a bummer. 
I did manage to get 17 jars of honey out of the hive, but as far as my bees, I have to start from scratch. Here I am, trying to help the bee population, and instead - I'm murdering them. 
Not sure if I'll get more bees this spring or not. It depends on who's shipping them. I did learn my lesson, and as hard it is, I'm sure I'll be learning more along the way. 
If I would've kept all the honey that was available in the hive, I would've had 3 times as much. But some cappings were discoloured, and I just didn't trust it. So the 17 jars I got, was from the prefect looking frames only. Crazy. 

picture of the day

We're getting some very unseasonably warm weather these days! We'll take it. 

Friday, February 17, 2017


A girl I know was in a pinch, and needed my help to find her rooster a new home. 
Since we have the ducks, and an extra hutch that used to home the bunny, I told her we could try him out at our house. I'd love to have a rooster crow in the morning! 
We took Speckles in, and the kids instantly loved him. He seemed to get along with the ducks, but it made me nervous because we still weren't sure if the ducks were female or male. 
After doing some research, I found out that there's some serious risks involved if a rooster tries to mate with a duck. So, I kept a close eye on them. 
 I soon realized that the rooster had to go. My ducks are definitely female, and he is definitely putting them at risk. 
I called the girl back up, and we almost immediately found him a new, more appropriate home - a farm with lots of chickens. 
I will miss his morning cock-a-doodling, but he'll be much happier there.  
Sorry buddy, but my ducks come first. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Since we had such love and support from some of my dad's work buddies to help get the SMART brailler for Hanna, we wanted to make sure that they got to see a little bit of how she's doing on it. 
Honestly, I've kind of put braille on the back burner a little bit. 
She'd rather read print, and she's doing well with it, so I'm focusing more on that right now. 
I was surprised when we took out the brailler, that she still remembered all of the letters. I even needed my cheat sheet!
Here's what we sent to my dad, so he could send it around to the right people at his work.

 "Hi Pappy"
And she didn't need help with any of the letters. 
Pretty good. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

children's museum

Mom and Hanna worked on an Inuit project for about a month, and part of the plan was to go to the Children's Museum when they finished, to check out the Inuit exhibit there. 
Of course we made an all-day field trip out of it, and invited Kristyn and the kids, and Yuli to come along. 
We started in the dinosaur exhibit.

 After we checked out the caves, and "fossils", we headed to the Where you Live exhibit. This was by-far the kids' favourite.

 Everything was child-sized, including, but not only, a post-office, Valu-Mart, TD Bank and McDonalds.

 Poor Hailey woke up with a stomach bug. It had been passed around a couple kids before it got to her, and it seemed like a very fast-paced and short-lived bug, and she said she felt up to it, so we didn't let it stop us from going. She did get sick in the car a couple times on the way there, and then she felt a little queezy for some of the museum visit. For the most part, she was okay though!

 Next up, was Child Long Ago. We stepped back in time into a one-room school house.

 Hanna couldn't wait to get to the Arctic Discovery. I thought this exhibit was really neat! 


 After Hanna and Mom felt like they covered enough about the Inuits, we headed to the star show in the space exhibit. 
Hanna kept us in stitches during the show. The girl hosting it wanted all of the kids to introduce themselves, and when it was Hanna's turn, she spoke right up to make sure she knew that Nanny was there too. "And this is Nanny!" 
She was just really into it, and just proved to be excited about every single part of the museum experience.
Since the kids loved the little town so much, we headed back there to waste some time before going out for our late lunch/dinner. 
We decided on the Mandarin. Sooooo good! But, since it was Valentine's Day, it was packed, and twice as much money. 
Of course Mom, being the crazy woman she is, treated all of us to dinner. 
It was such a great day! Hanna learned a lot from her and Mom's project, and this was just the icing on the cake. All the kids were so well-behaved, and Hailey even felt well enough to eat dinner. It was just an all-around great day.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

stinky dog

Kalli wasn't allowed in the house at all today. 
She was far too stinky. We worked in our room all day, and later on I picked up the ingredients for the de-skunking shampoo. Then we headed to mom and dad's for dinner. 
When we got back, it was too cold for her to stay out, so I guess it was good a time as any to bathe her. She loves the water, but she hates baths. 
I guess next time you wont eat a skunk and have it seep out your pores, now will you Kalli?!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

stunk of skunk

I'm just sitting on the couch enjoying some Heartland in peace and quiet after everyone went to bed, when I hear Kalli outside on the front porch. Since she had been missing for the past half hour, I scolded her as I let her in, and went back to my show. 
 Minutes later, I started smelling something gross, and I hear what was clearly the sound of vomiting from where she was laying. Before I could even get up, she came over, and between the couch and the ottoman my feet were on, she vomited again. 
The. Most. Disgusting. Thing. Ever. 
I've had my share of messes. Puke, poop, puke and poop combined even. But this? This was the worst. 
The dog somehow smelled of skunk, but not until after she threw up. And her throw up? Oh, bones and fur. Yup. 
I'm not sure if she ate the skunk, ate something sprayed by a skunk, or how in the world she  managed any of it, but it was all I could handle that night.
I cleaned up the mess, and the entire house stunk of it. 
It stunk of skunk. 
Maybe it was burned into my nose at this point. I don't know...but the dog went back out. 
I was about to tie her up outside to spend the night out there, when an overwhelming amount of too-close-for-comfort coyote howls and barks began.
Of course I couldn't tie her up with a pack of coyotes close by! 
So, she stayed inside. 
So I sprayed the house down with febreze. Not the result I hoped for, but it made me feel a bit better. I felt like even my eyes burned of bad stench. So, I went to bed. 
Stinky dog, I'll deal with you tomorrow. 

Friday, February 10, 2017

another visit

Well, Mr. Rocket decided to show up again for us tonight! 
This time, the kids were present, and they stayed out with him for a good hour in the dark just playing. 
Kristyn and the kids were here too, so they lucked out and got to play too!
 Hanna and Ben were the only ones who didn't get to see him when he came out while we were in Tennessee, so to say the kid was absolutely tickled to see him, would be a huge understatement. 
 They were all incredibly thrilled, and I'm so glad they all got to see him again. Every time we see him, we're assuming will be the last, just because we don't know when he'll find his permanent home away from us. So, we're really soaking him up every time he comes around.

picture of the day

Thursday, February 9, 2017

little pie maker

Gracie helped me make dinner tonight. She took a pie making class at co-op, so she loved being able to help with the meat pie I was making. 
She did almost everything for this pie! 
The pie crust was bought, and I slow cooked the beef, but aside from that, she did everything else. Cut veggies, made the gravy, and assembled the pie. 
She did great!