Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter Sunday

We got lucky this year and had beautiful weather for Easter. It's been such a weird year for weather, so for spring to finally show it's face today was a nice treat. 
We went to church in the morning, and enough time to come home and try out the new bubbles for just a little while before brunch at mom and dad's. 
There's always enough time for bubbles after all. 

 Brunch was amazing. Like always.
My mom had an egg hunt set up for the kids and I got no pictures. Later, we headed to Gram's to pick her up for Easter dinner at Matt's mom's, and I got no pictures there either. 
Dinner was awesome. Like always. 
The kids got a ton of goodies, and once everyone showed signs of extreme sleepiness from two giant meals and a busy day, we headed home. 
I'd say it was a perfect Easter. 

Saturday, April 15, 2017


Today was a gorgeous day! 
Dad walked Bella over and gave some nice little rides in the yard, and we spent every second outside that we could, to soak up the sun. 
 Later on Tim and Yuli came over to help the kids and I dye eggs. Matt was working, so I was happy to have some company, and help with what could most definitely be a very chaotic activity.


Friday, April 14, 2017

Good Friday

Good Friday is the most peaceful day of the year in our house. We always (well, the best we can with kids) do three hours of silence starting at noon til 3:00 pm. The kids just have to do a quiet activity, but no TV, no music, or any unnecessary noise. After that's done I sit with them we do the rosary. This was the first year that everyone could sit through it and help me dedicate each set to someone. My parents did this with me and I'm happy to keep the tradition alive. 
Later on we went to Kristyn and Brian's. They've started a new tradition of having everyone over for fish! They're pros at it now, and it's always so good. We all leave with full stomachs, that's for sure. 
This time it was even more of a treat because they just got ducklings and chicks a few days earlier. Of course we had to love on them a little bit too. :) 

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

my birthday

We had a nice quiet night tonight for my birthday. 
We ordered in so I didn't have to cook, and Matt spoiled me with some great gifts and cheese cake! 
The kids made me some little things too, so that added a special touch. :) 
Later on I saw my buddy outside. He followed me out to the duck hut and played with me for a bit. 

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

pictures of the day

Hailey took on the task of teaching Ben how to make a necklace for Hanna while she was at Nanny's house. 



All three girls had a visit with our optometrist today. 
Gracie went first and we learned that she has an astigmatism, and will probably be needing glasses. She's never liked reading, so I wonder if it's because it's too much work for her. She's good at reading, but would choose not to ever, if she had the choice.  We're scheduling a follow-up to look further and see exactly what to do next. 

Next up was Hailey. She passed the test with flying colours and was told she has 20/20 vision. Good girl!

Hanna was next. He got a good photo of the back of her eyes this time and saw that she has no cataracts, and not much of anything going on. Great news!! 
As far as acuity goes, she's getting better and easier to test now that she has better control of her eyes, and he did an actual acuity test on her today. The same test he used on Gracie on Hailey. 
The test showed that she has a visual acuity of less than 20/400. (Thats the lowest he could check, and she failed it.) 
The fact that some people don't even realize she is visually impaired because she holds her own so well blows my mind because she's not only visually impaired, she is legally blind! (Legally blind is 20/200)
She's doing so, so well, and I think I may be a little hard on her sometimes. Especially with her reading. 
I'm constantly re-evaluating my schooling approach with her, and I know I always will. All I know is that she is a little smarty pants, and capable of anything she wants to do. The most important thing is making sure she wants to do it first. So, learning more and more about those eyes and how she sees things will make it easier for me to come up with ways to make learning fun and successful! 
Even though I was surprised with the numbers in her acuity, I'm glad we know now. It just proves again how amazing this kid is.

Monday, April 10, 2017

10 years old

I can't believe I am writing this post. 
Gracie turned ten years old today. Ten. 
Double digits.
We got home from co-op today to the dining room all decked out just for Gracie. Balloons (the helium kind), tulips and streamers. 
They made her day. Her year maybe.
 We had a little party for her - just us, when Matt woke up, and he was pretty proud that he made her day with his decorations. 
One by one the girls gave her little cards they made.

 I think she liked our card. Ha!
 She's pretty good on the pogo stick, so we thought we'd get her a brand-spankin' new one. This time for big kids!

 She didn't wait to try it out, even though it looked like rain any second!
 I think she had a good day. 
She deserves it. This kid is my go-to when I need help with just about anything. She steps up a lot, and never complains about any of it. Ever.
She's a nut bar who loves talking. Sometimes she doesn't stop. But it's all good, and it's always entertaining. 
Her brother and sisters look up to her like a second mom, and she knows it. She's so good with every one of them. If Ben asks her to play cars, she plays cars. 
If Hailey asks her to draw, she draws.
If Hanna asks her to be the mom in the dollhouse family, you bet your bottom dollar she's playing mother squirrel in the dollhouse. 
 She's hard on herself, and expects to be perfect at everything she does, so we're working on that. 
This kid though, she's a good one. 
And I'm the lucky one who gets to watch her grow up. 
Gracie Lynn, just slow down a little. Please.

Happy Birthday sweet girl.


Sunday, April 9, 2017

spring is finally here

I think it's safe to say that the warm trend is here to stay now. We're all ready for it, and we're out in it as often as we can be!



Saturday, April 8, 2017

picture of the day

"Mum! Watch! I tan wun so past!" 😁

Friday, April 7, 2017

our old creek

Our view on our way home from Gracie's party with her friends. We had to stop and get a picture of the creek we pass every day because tonight it was magical.

a michael's party

Gracie got super excited when I told her a few months back that she was allowed to have a birthday party with her friends this year, since she was turning ten. Ten is a big deal, and I wanted her to feel special! 
She's made some pretty close friends at co-op, so she invited them, and of course Bryanna and Makayla.
I decided to try out a party package offered at Michaels. They had a couple different theme options, but together we decided on the "Woodland Creature" theme. Included in the package was four crafts and the room for two hours, but we didn't have the room until 6:00, so we started at McDonald's to give them a little more time to just hangout and eat. Yuli came with me for company since Matt had to stay home with the other kids.
The girls had so much fun just being at McDonald's! They giggled, they played, and it was a treat for all of them I think. They thought they were pretty smart just being able to go back and forth to refill their drinks!
After about an hour we headed just across the parking lot to Michaels to get the party started! 

  I wasn't overly impressed with the crafts and the process involved in making them. There was way too much cutting, and not nearly enough time. The first hour was supposed to be for crafts and the second hour for cake and presents, but the girls did crafts for an hour and 45 minutes and weren't even able to do them all! 
We rushed through cake and barely got it cut in time before the parents came for pickup. 
The girls didn't mind, and they all really enjoyed themselves.

 Gracie got the sweetest cards and thoughtful gifts and the girls were all just so sweet all evening.

 Success! What a good group of girls!
Makayla and Bryanna came back with us for a sleepover, so the party didn't end here. It was such a fun time for the girls and Gracie talked about it for the next 3 days. 
I'm just happy it turned out well and she was happy.