Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Hailey: "Hanna, wet's pway Paw Patrol!"

Hanna: "Nah....I'm doin' my work."

Hailey: "But you don't hap to be a puppy. You tan be a people!"

Hanna: "Oh, alright, alright."

Hailey: "Yay!! I'll get the stupp!"

*Both go running*

I love little conversation.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

a little happiness

I know I need a little bit of extra happiness right now. 
My heart aches for my family, and knowing that I can't do anything to help makes it even harder. 
Ben is my go-to guy for an instant pick-me-upper.
I asked him for his "stinker face" and he gave me it.

 Love him.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

there are no words

I learned today that there has been a horrible, tragedy in my family. 

Please send your prayers up for peace and healing for my entire family, but mostly my Aunt Cyndi, Uncle Wayne and cousin Sara, as we say goodbye to my dear cousin Logan this weekend.

He was just 16 years old. 

And will be missed everyday. 

Monday, November 17, 2014

the dentist

One of those people that makes you feel like the worst parent, ever.
The dentist.
Hailey is my healthiest eater. My only kiddo who loves milk. 
She's got the most cavities. Go figure.
We had her checked out about 6 months ago at a local dentist and right away I was told that I shouldn't have put her to bed with a bottle of juice. 
The kid didn't get bottles, for one thing...and definitely didn't go to bed with juice.
Anyhow, I called to get her first filling booked and got an earful about my decision to do the back ones first because I wasn't as comfortable with the front one being done for her first cavity-filling experience. 
After being told "Well, I guess we have to honour your decision. You are the mother."  I said forget it, and found a new dentist.
We chose my old childhood dentist. He re-opened an office in town with his son, and let me tell you, what a difference!
I still got the accusation of giving juice before bed, but he approached it so much nicer. And with Hailey, he couldn't have been better.
She loves him. 
While I was registering her, he got right on the floor in the waiting room with her to play. He blew up a latex glove and put a face on it to make her giggle, and when he brought her back to take a look at her teeth, he made everything so fun.
She even got X-Rays done, no problem. 
 She has a significant amount of work to be done, so we'll be going back a few times, but we've already got the top, right side all done! She had the laughing gas, so was a little sleepy and did everything she was told to do. Such a big girl!! She finished off with a couple of prizes from the treasure chest, and 2 big high-fives.
I'm so proud. 
Now, if Gracie would only take lessons from her...

Friday, November 14, 2014

pictures of the day

Looks like we have another Baby Glow Worm fan. 
Ben's been going to sleep with her every night for the past week. 


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

I can write my name

While Hanna was printing her name this morning, I told her that soon she can teach Hailey how to do her name too. 
Hailey says: "I know how to write my name! It starts with line, line, line, circle, circle, eight eight eight!"

Sunday, November 9, 2014

picture of the day

Best buds in the making...
 *No, you're eyes aren't fooling you. This is little Benny, and that is a clip in his hair. Hailey was getting her hair done, and he felt left out. And we just can't let that happen! So, a clip is what he got.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

quotes and dryers

Hailey and Hanna play "Frozen". Hailey is always Anna and Hanna plays Elsa. They say the parts, act it out, and sing the songs.
Today I watched as Hanna "struck" Hailey with invisible ice and Hailey fell to the ground, looked up at me and said "Anna is getting dead."
Serious as ever.
 Oh Lordy.

On a completely different note, and about an hour later, Ben locked Hailey in the dryer. 

There's never a dull moment!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

hanna's birthday video

Ok, I just had to share this. Those of you who don't get to spend every day with this kid, can get an idea of how sweet and fun she is. This video of her birthday party sums up perfectly how excited she gets for not only her own birthday, but every one that comes up between as well. 
I love it. 
Her monkey smile at the beginning kills me!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

birthday party

Crystal and I have been friends since we were kids. She lived across the field, and we would meet half-way, making our way to one of our houses until it got dark. When that time came, we would walk half-way again in the field, and then run our separate ways back to our own houses.
Many of my childhood memories have Crystal in them. 
She has three girls of her own, and they're all close in age to my girls. Makayla, her oldest, just had her seventh birthday, and invited Gracie to attend her party. 

This was Gracie's first birthday party outside the family, and it was a big deal. She's changed a lot in the past few years. She started out as a talkative, bold, very outgoing kid, and now she's more standoff-ish and shy - so when she read the invitation that mentioned a sleep-over and bowling, she was nervous. 
So was I. 
She said right off the bat that she wasn't going to sleep there. 
There was no swaying her in the other direction either. Her mind was made up, and I was fine with that. 
Crystal made her feel good about that decision and invited her to come back in the morning for pancakes and games, so she wouldn't miss any of the fun. 
I stayed in town at Kristyn's house while she was at the party and I got frequent updates from Crystal. 
Gracie was the only one in the group of girls that didn't come from the same class, so they all knew each other except her, which is why she getting special treatment. 
Anyhow, the last update was her telling me that Gracie decided it was time to come home. She told her that she'd better go home soon because her sisters can't sleep without her. If they go to bed without her, they end up in mama's bed, and wake up Ben, and then no one can sleep. 
She's got a lot of responsibilities you know. 
She's a good girl. She came home, so excited about the party. She made new friends, and had a great time. She almost wouldn't go to bed she was so excited! 
We got up nice and early so we could bring her back in the morning for her pancakes, and Crystal had all of the girls hide under their blankets and surprise Gracie when she walked in the door. It was so sweet!
She was completely catered to the entire time she was there, and it meant so much to me.  I'm glad she had a great time, and even prouder of how she handled herself and only did what she was comfortable with, despite what everyone else was doing. 

Another milestone met by my biggest!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Well, no pictures of Halloween again this year. It's getting harder and harder to get out the door all decked out in costumes on it's own. Forget trying to squeeze in pictures too!
I did get some of our pumpkins though a few days before. 

Tim and Yuli came over with pumpkins and we all carved. Matt's responsible for "Baby Glow Worm" (4th one down) for Hanna. :)
Halloween was fun like always, but honestly, I'm happy it's done. 
We had a mild, beautiful week until the day of Halloween. Then we had wind, rain turning to snow, and complete miserable-ness! 
My dad, bless his heart, still took out the tractor and had a hayride set up for the kiddos despite the horrible weather. 
We went around the neighborhood to relatives houses, and then the brave ones hit up one more road before calling it quits. 
Kristyn, Brian, Bobbi-Jo (Brian's sister), Michelle and I all went out as minions. Matt was Gru. (Dispicable Me)
I brought along a baby chicken, a ghost, a ballerina and Minnie Mouse, and they were all good sports. 
Hanna and Ben were the first to quit, and Gracie and Hailey went shortly after them. All Gracie could think about was the time I told her that once it snows for the first time she can start watching Christmas movies.She just wanted to be done so she could do just that. 
We stayed at mom and dad's for a while and had some hot chicken soup to warm up, and then ended the very late night with Polar Express and a thrilled, bright-eyed ,7 year old, snuggled up with me on the couch. 

Monday, October 27, 2014

picture of the day

Hm...I think these "protective" ducks go a little bit overboard sometimes. They wouldn't even let me take Hanna's picture! 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


She wears the number well. 
 That year between five and six is a big one. Lots is learned, vocabulary is widened, and maturity skyrockets. 
Hanna has proved this to be true in many ways. 
 She has grown up, and developed right before my eyes, into a very social, very smart, sweet little lady. 
She's got something about her that just lights up a room. 
 This morning she woke up in my bed. Before I even had the chance, she reminded me that it was her birthday. 
She got a great big "Happy Birthday, Honey!" from me, and responded with the widest smile and a great big "Thaaank yooou!" 
The night before we made pies, and she was so heartbroken that they finished baking too late and she had to go to bed before being able to taste them. I told her she could have a special birthday breakfast and have pie in the morning. 
Her response? 
"No...I think I need a healthy breakfast. I'll have a bagel AND a pie!" 
She's just so funny. 
Sometimes the things she says, or does surprises me...I think because there's a part of me that always goes back to the genetics clinic. Those doctors didn't expect very much from that beautiful baby girl. 
We always pushed her, and believed in our hearts that she was going to be just fine, and here she is. Proving those doctors that they don't know everything and that there is so much more to be learned about the mind and body. 
She is not just fine. 
She is perfect. 
 She runs, and plays, and fights and yells. 
She jumps, and skips, and gets into plenty of trouble. 
She has a lot of work ahead of her, but she has come so far already. In school she is progressing like I never would have imagined. 

She's learning blends. 
This little girl of mine will be reading short words pretty soon. Something that I thought would be a whole lot harder for her to do. 
She will be reading in both print and braille before we know it. 
It's just awesome.
 After she ate her breakfast this morning, she kept telling everyone "Just tell me Happy Birthday again."
So we would.
Every time we got the same smile and thankful response. 
My mom took her for her Wednesday school lesson at her house, and they made cupcakes for her birthday. She brought them home so excited and didn't manage to keep her fingers out of them before Matt got home to put some candles on them. (Hence the chocolate on her nose below!)
Matt got home shortly after lunch and we sang her the birthday song which she thanked us for over and over. 

She could barely blow out the candles from smiling so big. 
We gave her our gift after that. She asked for a new Minnie Mouse outfit to dress up in, so of course we found one. It's a big deal that Baby Glow Worm wasn't the only thing on her wishlist!
Later on, I took everyone out to Toys R Us so she could spend the rest of her birthday money from a couple weeks ago to buy - you guessed it - a new Baby Glow Worm. 
This makes her 4th glow worm. I guess she's collecting them now. 
Hanna had a great day today. She got phone calls from loved ones, which made her day even more special. 
I had to tell her at one point that she was being kind of a stinker.  She knows everyone's thinking of her, and she thinks the entire day should revolve around her. Of course it should, but she's so funny because she even gets bossy. She didn't forget it was it was her birthday for one second until she fell asleep tonight, and she made sure we all remembered too. 
 This mighty, small one is amazing in so many ways.
She deserved a great day, and she got it. 
Happy Birthday my sweet girl. 
You are loved so much more than words can say.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

picture of the day

"Wait up! Ya headin' South? I need a lift!"

Monday, October 20, 2014

apple pickin'

Kristyn is in charge of field trips this year for the home schoolers and you can bet that she chooses some great outings.
Today we went to a nearby apple orchard to pick our own apples and enjoy the corn maze. 
It was a great turnout, and was almost too busy for my liking!
Since I recently got a new and fancy phone with a camera, I didn't even need to lug along my heavy camera this time. I even figured out that I can put them onto my computer just as easy as my memory card. Who knew? 

We had a great day. We went straight to the orchard from co-op so it was definitely a full, busy day. 
Tomorrow, we bake!