Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Harper Christmas

Today was officially the last Christmas celebration of the year. 
We hung out all day just being lazy, and then we headed to mom and dad's for our Harper Christmas dinner. 
My mom put it on again this year, and it was perfect. I didn't get too many photos, but Aunt Jan spoiled the kids - yet again, and everyone stuffed themselves with turkey, ham, and multiple side dishes. 

 Christmas 2016, that's a wrap!

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas night

Round 2. 
We got to my parent's house around 8 and everyone was waiting on us to start opening gifts! 

 Everyone's gifts were so thoughtful, and the homemade gifts were a hit once again. 
We came home with some homemade salad dressing, maple syrup, and a pinecone wreath.
We gave everyone some fresh honey from my hive. 😃

 The kids all got spoiled like always. Gracie said her gift was her favourite yet. She got a backpack full of explorer things. Walkie talkies, compass, swiss army knife, flashlight. She loved it, and can't wait to go on a proper adventure in the spring.

 We (all of us siblings) opened our gifts together because we all got the same thing. A weekend away to the Smokie Mountains! It's a five bedroom, five bathroom house with a hot tub, a theatre room, and a game room. Mom and dad will keep the kids for the weekend while we go. They may regret that part of the gift. 😜 We were not expecting anything like that. We're really looking forward to it!

Another late night for everyone, but I wouldn't have it any other way! It was a perfect day. Starting with Matt's family, having an amazing dinner, and coming home and finishing the night at my parents.
Another memorable Christmas is in the books!

Christmas Day and Dinner

 The kids had a good night's sleep and slept in a bit. My mom and dad came over in the morning to see what Santa brought, and then we had to hit the road to Matt's mom's. We picked up Gram, and I tested out my new camera in van.

  Gift opening is nuts! There's kids all over the place opening up a different gift every time I look at them, and it's hard to keep up! 

 Everyone was spoiled.
 Next was dinner! My favourite part. It's always delicious and leaves us full for the rest of the night.

 We hung out for a while recovering from dinner fullness, and then headed home for round two at mom and dad's.

Of course we had dessert and coffee first. :)

Christmas Eve Continued...

I have no photos from when we got home from Nanny's house because I turned the camera straight onto video mode. 
I got some priceless video footage from the minute we walked in the door. Gracie swore she saw candy canes on the tree from outside, and we know that's a telltale sign that Santa had already been there!
The kids were so excited. It was about 2 am at this point. Hanna had fallen asleep at Nanny's but was now wide awake with the thought of Santa being at our house. 
Everyone else managed to stay awake, and they were wide eyed and ready in the entrance way, until I gave them the OK to go have a look together. 

They saw the dollhouse first, as it stood taller than the kitchen island, so they went straight for that first.  
Setup in the dollhouse was an abundance of little critters. Raccoons (actually red pandas, but close enough), hedge hogs, and puppy families. They came with a car and all of the tiny little accessories that hopefully will last longer than a few weeks before they end up in the vacuum. 

On the other side of the tree was  a beautiful horse that must've been for Gracie because it looked like it would fit her Journey dolls perfectly. There was also several craft kits, a popple, and a tea set, which Santa failed to make obvious who they were for, so naturally the girls assumed they were to share. 

It took no time for Ben to find his "shooter" and air pups. He was over the moon when he saw how many bullets his "shooter" came with, but quickly annoyed when he couldn't pull back the hammer without help. He was so tired. He gave up on his gun and went for his new air pups.  

I wanted to give Matt his present at this point too. Tim and Yuli came home with us so that they could bring his present along. I had it hidden at their house for about a month so Matt had no idea. It was his dream guitar he's been drooling over for a while. His music idol designed it, and he had to have it. He was very surprised, and it was well worth it. 

Next he gave me my gift. A full frame camera and new lens! What?!
At this point all I could think was "holy crap, we both really overspent."
Good thing Santa buys the kid's gifts. 
We didn't let the kids stay up too much longer after this point because it was already so late, and we had a busy day ahead of us.

And that wraps up Christmas Eve!

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas at Nanny's

Christmas Eve took place at Nanny's this year, and it was perfect. 

 The pictures sum it up. There was laughing, caroling, gift-giving, and best of all, family; all in one place together celebrating the best time of the year.