Monday, September 28, 2009

Busy Indoors

It was a rainy, cold, crappy day today, so the girls and I spend the entire day inside. Gracie's newest favourite thing is scissors, so I figured I'd buy her a pair of her own before there's an accident! She was busy a lot of the day cutting little pieces of paper that I gave her, one at a time. 
Easy to please, I guess!

  Meanwhile...Hanna's in the living room practicing her crawling. I figured she would skip right over crawling and start walking, but I think she's getting impatient. :) 
That's alright with me! I just want the poor kid to be mobile! Plus, Jody says that crawling is good for visually impaired children because it helps them later when learning braille. Apparently, the teachers know instantly which of their students crawled and which ones didn't! Kinda cool...

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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Happy Birthday To You

Today we celebrated two birthdays! My youngest brother, Danny, and my little brother-in-law Ayden. Ayden turned a whopping 5 years old today, and Danny is now 21. 
Happy Booty! (as Gracie would say)

She helped Nanny make Danny's cake by "cleaning" the bowl and mixers for her!

Saturday, September 26, 2009


Hanna had her first entire night's sleep last night! Gracie was such a terrible sleeper until she was about 18 months old, so it didn't surprise me when Hanna followed in her big sister's footsteps. I decided to try to put her into her own bed again, (we could never put her down when she was a bit younger), and surprisingly, she slept sound the entire night! But the best part...she slept in  her bassinet! Yep, she still fits in it!
...Our little peanut!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Snack Time

That a girl! Using her hands!
 Uh, oh...she's losing it...
Woops! There it goes!
Haha! That must not be very comfortable...
lazy girl...
I figured I'd help her out and put her in her chair....
but she's still too short in there for apple-eating!
...But it sure is good
and definitely worth the work!

You Grow Girl!

 Hanna's making progress with walking! She now will hold one hand and walk next to you. Up until now, she had to have two hands holding on to something. Unless she's having a rare brave day, where she doesn't hold you at all and takes 2 steps all by herself! She's crazy.
 Here's an example of her craziness...
 It's a game to let go of whatever she's holding on to....
 just so she can fall! Every single time, she does a little squeal and a great big grin the whole way down, 'cause she knows someone will catch her! 
I'm really happy that she's such a brave little thing...
We met a sweet little boy who was a few months older than Hanna who also was visually impaired. He has Coloboma. This is a hole in one of the structures of the eye. Vision varies with each case but he was missing part of his iris. I'm not sure how well he could see, but he definitely didn't mind just staying in one place! I can't keep Hanna still!
I hate comparing with other children, but it made me really hopeful that maybe she can see more than anyone thinks she can! 
...Also the fact that we were told there's a good chance she will be developmentally delayed...
We just keep on hoping and praying, and so far, it's all good!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Good-Bye Summer!

Happy first day of Fall, and happy 11 months to Hanna! I can't believe she's going to be a whole year old already next month!  I'm so impressed with how good she's doing though. Pretty soon she'll walking and I'm really looking forward to that! She's going to be so much happier, even though she's already the happiest little baby I know! You can tell she's just itchin' to go go go! 

Well, since we say good-bye to summer today, I figured I'd add some of my favourite pictures from this past summer! 

   Now we can enjoy the change in seasons and my favourite time...sweater weather! I hope everyone had an awesome summer.

New Template

You probably noticed that I changed my template. I've been trying to think of a clever name for my blog, and Matt came up with "Little Rays of Sunshine". Yep, Matt came up with that. Surprised? I'm not. Whenever I need an idea he's got one, like it's been sitting there in his brain  just waiting for someone to use it. And since it is pretty cute, and I couldn't think of anything better, and that he would take it totally personal if I didn't use it, it's my new title. But I wanted to find a template that fit the name a little better...and I found this cutesy one! (Plus, I was up all night waiting for one of the girls to wake up so I could go to bed and had nothing better to previous post) 

Anyhow, Template-Mama is an awesome site for really nice templates that are FREE and so easy to just stick into the HTML code in your blog, if anyone's interested.   Just Click Here

Late nights? No problem.

Alright, since Matt works steady midnights, it's pretty quiet here at night after 10:00. With both girls sleeping, I normally spend that little bit of time I have to myself here on the computer. 
Well...I was all set and decided I really should go to sleep since I was sure Hanna would be waking up soon. So after my nightly routine, I made my way into our room, and saw this...
First, just to clear a couple things up...yes, both girls sleep with me, and no, none of our pillows match. The reason for the picture though, although not completely clear of this, is that they took up the whole bed! Both of them are laying completely diagonally across the bed, leaving no room for their dear mother! I mean, it was probably possible for me to squeeze in there with them, but I just couldn't. It was a bigger possibility that one of them would wake up. They looked way too peaceful to disturb. I have to admit though, the main reason for not touching the sleeping little angels is because they are not angels when they wake up in the middle of the night. 
Hanna is in the middle of a cold turkey weaning process, so she's the biggest concern right now at night. Definately not a fun time!
And Gracie, well, try to imagine the ugliest little gremlin voice...okay? Now in that voice, say "wub on my bat!"  Haha! That's what I get from Gracie when she's disturbed. So, I "wub on her bat"  (rub her back)...and if I don't, then the little gremlin voice continues and only gets louder and wakes up the other little cranky one. Then it's a just a battle trying to get them both back to sleep.
So, there you have it! That's why I'm now, back on the computer writing this.
You may be asking yourself "why in the name of sweet suzy doesn't she put the kids in their own beds if they're so bad?!"
Maybe it's because I'm completely paranoid some crazy person will come and steal them if they're not where I can feel them. Maybe it's because my bed is too big for just me. Maybe it's because I want to hear every breath they take. Or maybe because they grow up way too fast and I want to treasure every second that I have with them before they're all grown up and don't need to sleep with their mommies anymore.  Maybe it's all of the above.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Swing Time

Michelle and I brought all the kidlets to the park today! It would have been a perfect day for it, if we went a little earlier. There was just a little too much shade at the swings...a tad chilly for Hanna and Sawyer! Sawyer will be 5 months old on the 1st of October.
He wasn't so sure of that swing at first...
Getting used to it now....
Alright! Now he's having a good time! Higher Mom!
Whoa! What happened?!
...Mr. Serious...
Ah ha...just kidding!
Hanna had an awesome time! Even more than usual with her little pal Sawyer swinging with her! What a treat!

Hope everyone had a good Saturday!

18 pounds


Gracie took out the Mr. Potato Head game today and had more fun trying on the pieces! What a goofy kid...

I'm tellin' ya, this kid keeps us laughing here in the Harper/O'Hara household. Listen to latest bit that came out of her cute little mouth...

First of all, there's a tape measure that stays with the changing supplies in the change table, for my constant measuring of little Hanna, and every now and again Gracie gets her hands on it and starts "measuring" everything. (Really, just stretches it across something and says the first number that pops into her head). But anyhow, she made her way on out to my lovely mother who was doing laundry, and starts "measuring" everything in sight. She goes behind my mom, and says:
"yous bum is 18 pounds..."
My mom just responded with: "oh! well, thank you Gracie!"
Haha!! Oh man...
Inches, pounds, same thing, right?

I'm not sure what was funnier...the "measurement", or my mom's reaction! 

Friday, September 18, 2009

Just Hanna and Me

 Just hangin' out while Gracie has a sleep...

 Fun, fun, fun!

What does she see?
 Time out to pose for Mama.
 Enough of that I guess...
Hmm, now what should we do?