Thursday, December 31, 2009


Our last lunchtime of 2009! 
Just hours away from a brand new year. :)

Monday, December 28, 2009

I've got a biter

I've raised a little monster...
Gracie and Hanna were playing on the floor and Gracie started getting a little bit rough. Hanna apparently didn't like this. 
Gracie kind of smacked Hanna on the back, and quick as that Hanna swung around, and attacked! 
Those are the bite marks that she left on Gracie's stomach!

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Here's Gracie's adorable tu-tu Michelle made for her...
...along with her big, fat, bruised lip.

Round 3

After we checked out everything Santa brought, we all cleaned up and got ready to go to Matt's Aunt Kim's for Christmas dinner. We got extremely spoiled. I got a really nice pot set, and a new lens for my camera! The girls got loads of pots, and pans, tea trays, and food for their "titchen" and more dolls and "toys-of-the-year"s than I know what to do with from their Gramma and Grandad! 
It was lots of fun. Dinner was amazing, and it was nice to visit with everyone all night. It's so busy over there with crazy gift-opening, and getting dinner ready, I didn't even get pictures! 
One more Christmas dinner to go, and that will be on the 2nd at my Gramma's. :)

Friday, December 25, 2009

Santa Claus came to town!

I'm slowly getting to all our Christmas pictures!
Christmas morning didn't happen until about 10:30 AM this year! We got to bed about 5 AM, so we actually got a decent Christmas Eve night's sleep.  
Hanna was just as excited about all the stuff Santa brought as Gracie was. She was crawling around checking everything out just squealing! It was seriously cute.
I swear Gracie's favourite toy was the little princess fake camera that Santa left in her sock. She actually got two of them. One came from my mom and dad.
They both had some good fun with they're brand spankin' new totally adorable kitchen later on. 

Round 2

Round two of opening gifts! We all went back to my mom's house shortly after Nanny's, so it was now 2 AM. Notice all the kids are actually still going strong! 
  My mom and dad put together a little "reading station" for Hanna. It was adorable. They stuck a bright reading light in a great big binder and including a bunch of cute books. Hanna loved it! The light brightened up those books, and really caught her attention. They wrote her name on the back with a paint marker, and in Braille under it. Very very cool. They added little bugs and flowers and cute little things on the front for different textures for her to feel as well.
 Poor kid was so tired. 

I was so impressed with everyone's gifts for each other (my brothers and sisters).
We all managed to put together great, thoughtful gifts without spending a fortune!
Kristyn and Brian put together a huge popcorn bowl with a beer and a cooler, popcorn seasoning, popcorn, and a movie gift certificate for Matt and I. Kristyn actually looked online for toys that are good for Blind children, and got Hanna a V-Tech ball and Gracie a little Cd Player. 
Michelle and Mike gave everyone an antique window from their house and barn and put a mirror behind. So nice! 
Michelle made the girls tu-tu's and aprons. SO cute!
Dan and Shay had the same popcorn idea as Kristyn and Brian, and got the girls PJ's. :)
Tim and Yulianna got us a mug set with teas and put together a whole photo album of the girls and us throughout the entire year. They did this for everyone and everyone had different pictures. We loved that gift.
My mom and dad spoiled us like always, and spoiled the always! Matt and my big gift was a night out to the casino to attend a show there and for the buffet! I'm looking forward to that. We don't get many nights out they'll babysit for us. :)
We opened presents until about 5 AM, then hurried to bed so Santa could come for the girls! 
You'll see how that turned post!

Christmas Eve

My little Christmas Angels!
No, Gracie's not wearing lipstick...she fell down the stairs! Check out that lip! Second Christmas in a row that the poor kid looks like we beat her! Last year she had a black eye.
Hanna wanted to get right to all the partying...and she wasn't waiting for us!
At Nanny's house. Aren't they all so cute and matching? 

Looks like Cameron needs some love...
And Hanna's there to bring it!
Time for carols!

Then we did gifts! Everyone gives everyone gifts, and it's so nice because every single gift is so thought out and many times even homemade! It's the thought that's put into everything that makes it so special.

Everyone left Nanny's shortly after 2 AM. All of my family then went back to my mom's to open even more gifts!
Post coming shortly!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

wady buds

During the whole "sword fighting" event, Gracie defeated her dad, so he ended up on the floor. Hanna thought this would be an excellent opportunity to practice her climbing skills! She went back and fourth, across Matt's stomach...I don't even know how many times!

All of a sudden she's climbing everything! I caught her climbing up the side of the crib yesterday. She was standing on the railing at the bottom trying to shimmy her way up. She's nuts!

Now, look closely at the next picture. It's actually really funny. See Matt in the background looking really concerned like he lost something?
Well...this is how it went:
Gracie: "Daddy! I found a wady bud!"
Matt: "Oh yeah? Where is it? Upstairs?"
Gracie: "No..." *throws something*
Matt: "Ahh!" 

Hahaha!! So Gracie came over to show me the "wady bud" that she apparently threw at her dad.

fun fun fun

Matt and I were trying to get some wrapping done...which usually gets interrupted by someone eating the paper, or stealing the scissors and cutting things that aren't supposed to be cut, or ripping the already wrapped presents, or sticking labels to T.Vs, or climbing the stairs, etc. 
So anyhow! We put our stuff down, and had a little fun instead. Check out him and Gracie having a "sword fight". 

Hanna thought they were hilarious! You can see her cracking up in the background.
Matt is often in his very flashy pajama pants in many of the pictures to come because he finally has time off work and doesn't have to get dressed!  Hurray! :)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

pretty hair

My little dolly waking up from her nap! Check out the hair! I had to get a picture of that!

:) I guess she was tired of me taking pictures...

Thursday, December 17, 2009

just a few pictures

Today we decorated my mom and dad's tree!