Monday, November 30, 2009

Little Cameron

How incredibly adorable is this little guy?

That yellow thing is a mirror...
"Hello there handsome"

I don't think he ever realized how cute he is! He was just checking himself out, and laughing and squealing the entire time for a good half hour...
Maybe he thought he met someone new, and he was just being friendly! 
So sweet!

Sunday, November 29, 2009


We made gingerbread dough today so we can make our candy house tomorrow! Hanna enjoyed the whipping cream! :)

Friday, November 27, 2009


Gracie showing me that she can "wink".
Hanna, happy to be sporting 2 ponies!

That's the hands and feet crawl I was talking about!
See how her hair is actually up for once? Well, she was crawling down the hallway and all of a sudden stopped, and started screaming! She wouldn't move or anything and then I noticed that her goofy pony tail was making a shadow on the floor in front of her! I picked her up and she was fine. Maybe she saw the shadow and it freaked her out! It sure would be nice if she did actually see that! But I supposed it's not so nice if she's afraid of her pony tail shadows...
Maybe I'll have to stick with the clips...

little update

Haven't had too much time to write lately! Where do I start?
....Well, Hanna will walking any day now! I know I've been saying that for about 2 months now, but she's really getting good on her feet. She goes, stops, goes some more, and is a really brave little girl! Sometimes she just has to know that someone or something is right there if she needs it. A little security thing I think. She's also getting tired of crawling. That's another reason why it'll be any day now before she's walking. I think her little knees get sore, because she's actually been "crawling" on her hands and feet. With her little bum right up in the air. I've yet to catch a picture of it, but it's hilarious to watch. She's actually getting pretty good at it!

What else has been going on?
Gracie has been helping me do a lot of fun things around the house.We've been making cookies, Christmas decorating, and popcorn stringing like crazy! 

We "painted" the icing onto our cookies...I know, genius!

Hanna got the fun part...

This isn't really an update, or anything new...but Gracie talks way too much!! I'm really not sure why I wanted her to start talking in the first place... :)

The other night we visited Nanny, and man, she was in one of those moods. All she had to do was say "thank-you" (which usually comes automatically) to Nanny for her sucker, and ya think she would? Nope. Not a word. She had so many chances, and so many warnings, but nothing. So I ate her sucker. Oh yeah, and that did it. She hit breakdown! Then Hanna comes over to her, flashes her great big, very contagious smile at her, and Gracie says "Nana makes me happy. Me happy now."
:)  Sisterly love....

And lastly, a sleeping update! Both girls are sleeping in my bed again. They actually only lasted about 2 weeks in their own beds. We have the crib right next to our bed, and Gracie's bed is in a little cubby hole area in the corner of our room. I know! They're so far away from me, how could they possibly sleep?! :) But I like them in my bed. Gracie will wake up a couple times and say some mumble jumble about nothing, but then goes right back to sleep, and Hanna sleeps right on through til about 8:30 the next morning.They sleep better with me, and be honest...I sleep better with them!

That's about it for now!

Happy Thanksgiving to my American readers!!


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Tree Lighting Ceremony

Although there aren't any pictures of the actual tree lighting event, I did manage to get a couple of the fancy lights and one of Matt, Hanna, and a pout-y little Gracie who was hiding from the fireworks!
We weren't there too long. It was rainy, and both the girls already had little colds. We didn't want them getting any worse. At least we enjoyed the first 5 minutes before the fireworks started. :) Hanna thinks they're great, but Gracie thinks they're out to get her! Aside from that, it was really nice! There were carolers, and lights galore, and apparently even a gingerbread house (which we missed)! 
Anything Christmas and you can count us in!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Super Girls!

My two little matching Super Girls!
And my very littlest Super Girl! Ya wanna know why I think she's so super? 

Well, besides the fact that she's an almost walking, baby talking little miracle who is puzzling all medical professionals who know her...she's also ahead of most other Visually Impaired kids her age!! 

Jody came by and brought a little wooden flapping duck push toy, and told me she had bought it with Hanna in mind because she's starting to walk. So I asked her if she works with any other kids Hanna's age, or younger who might want it any time soon because we we're borrowing it for a little while. Then she tells me that Hanna is the youngest client she has, but the furthest along in her age bracket!! That made me SO happy!! She also said that she always looks forward to coming by to see what kind of stuff I've been doing with Hanna. She said I have reasonable expectations for Hanna, and she loves seeing her doing more every time! I felt pretty darn good about that too! 

She said that Hanna is using her vision VERY well, which can be an issue for some children. Some don't even try. Jody is always really really impressed with Hanna and is so positive. I'm glad she is here to help me to work with my Little Bean!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

okay, who taught her this?!

Precious little eyes...
Precious little nose...
...Precious little mouth?
Hmm...This precious little mouth is now saying...

Saturday, November 14, 2009


*This post contains material that may not be suitable for all readers. Proceed with caution* 

So, I'm going to give every detail about how our last couple days went. The best part is the MRI results!! But I'll get to that in a minute. 
So let's start with the ride to the hotel. All the kids were perfect in the car! We stopped once - that's it - for lunch. Sawyer stayed entertained by the girls and they went to sleep, he went to sleep. They were angels! Guess where we ate for lunch.
McDonald's? How'd you know! Anyhow...lunch was...well, as good as fast food can be, and we were back in the car. We were already past London so we were planning on going straight through the rest of the way. This should have been about and hour and a half. About 40 minutes after lunch we hit stop and go traffic and this happened. (only for strong stomachs)
Yep. Apparently Gracie gets car sick after wolfing down McDonalds and 2 glasses of juice then jumping back into the car to get stuck in traffic.
We were so paranoid about that darn swine flu, my heart stopped when I looked into the mirror and saw Gracie as white as her pants puking everything she had just eaten! I couldn't go anywhere either because we were stuck in traffic!! She reassured us that she felt much better after she puked, but you can only take a 2 year old's words so seriously.  
Anyhow, she seemed alright, and she was happy so we kept on moving. We really had no choice. So we drove the rest of the way with the windows down, and poor little Gracie just sat in her little puke pile until we got there. 
When we did finally get to the Delta Chelsea, Michelle, Sawyer, Hanna and I all went to check in, while Matt stayed with Gracie in the van. As we were checking in I realized that I was holding onto another stinky kid! Hanna had pooped out her diaper and it was all over my coat! The day started out so well! :) 
After we got to our room and I changed Hanna's clothes, I went back down to help Matt figure out what to do with our little puke child. 
This is what all the poor people checking into the Delta Chelsea witnessed. Me, walking a little ways ahead of Matt (pretending I didn't know him) who was carrying Gracie's carseat, with her inside, covered up with his sweatshirt! Thankfully we had the elevator to ourselves, so we didn't make too big of a scene. Once we got to the room again, Matt placed the seat, and Gracie right into the bathtub and cleaned them both up. Woo! It was quite the comical adventure. 
After we were all settled we got everyone dressed into they're bathing suits!

And we headed to the 2nd floor to find the pool!
The kids loved the water. It was perfect temperature, and the hot tub even wasn't too hot for them! There was even a giant corkscrew waterslide that only us big kids tried out. :)  It was pretty fun!
 We swam for about and hour and a half. Longer than I thought we would because all the kids were tired. We got back to the room, ordered pizza and tried to go to sleep.
"Tried" is the key word here. Matt, Gracie, Hanna and I were all in one little double bed, so Matt slept at the end of it like a dog. Gracie is still such a terrible sleeper so she woke up more than baby Sawyer did! Hanna actually slept pretty well. 

When morning came it was another adventure. We were supposed to have urine ready to bring into the lab at 8:00am, but the bag I put on Hanna during the night didn't catch anything! So, I stuck her on the toilet and held the cup under her hoping she would go like she usually does. Well she did go, but it wasn't what I was hoping for. She started to poop! So I removed the cup, and I swear as soon as the cup was out of there, she peed! I missed it! It was already after 7:00 at this point, so I was so afraid that she wasn't going to go again before 8:00. I got her a cup of juice (which she couldn't have after 7:30 because she was fasting) and hoped for the best. At about 7:30 I stuck another bag on her, and actually got a sample. Thank the Lord! Very close call! 
Matt walked the sample over to the hospital lab, while Michelle and I started packing everything up so we could be ready to check out. We got everything that we wouldn't be needing for the rest of the day into the van, and Matt, Hanna and I left for the hospital. Hanna was so cranky at this point because she hadn't eaten her favourite meal of the day, breakfast. She fell asleep on the 5 minute walk to the hospital. 

We waited for about 5 minutes, and then they handed us a gown for Hanna to change into. She stayed asleep while we dressed her, and even when the nurse weighed her! After that she was all smiles and showed off her babbling skills for the nurse. :)
About 10 minutes later, this very very strange man looked into our little private waiting room, and stares at us. We just looked at him back because we had no idea who he was! Then he says in a very monotone voice "Ok. I'll take your child now." We were like..."uh..." and then we saw the nurse who had just looked Hanna over minutes before. Apparently this strange man was Dr. Brown, the anesthesiologist who would be putting Hanna out. Nice of him to introduce himself...
Anyhow! Then he tells us that he wouldn't see anything good about us waiting with Hanna as she fell asleep. I should have faught him on that one since poor Hanna probably had a fit when they took her away. But I didn't. I felt terrible afterwards. 
Although, I was happy to know that she was only going to be asleep for about 45 minutes, instead of the 75 minutes that I was told before.
My mom got to the hospital shortly after Hanna was asleep, and we waited with her. 
Before we knew it, the 45 minutes were up and we were in the recovery room with Hanna. We were told she was a very good girl and had no problems at all. She was a bit irritable when she woke up, but she was happy to "see" us. I gave her some apple juice, she guzzled it down, and cried when it was gone. We only had to stay in the recovery room for about 10 minutes because she was doing so well. She kept all the juice down, and had yogurt almost right after. 

My mom came back to the hotel with us. Michelle was able to take advantage of all the hotels amenities after we checked out, so she kept Sawyer and Gracie entertained in the Family Fun Zone. 
We met up with them, had lunch, and hit the pool again. This is where we were when we got the phone call from Lucie about the urine and MRI results. 
Matt answered the phone, talked for a few minutes, hung up, and started talking to my mom, who was sitting with a wet, sleeping Hanna. I was watching from a small distance because I was sitting in the hot tub with Gracie and Sawyer. My mom's face as Matt was talking was pure joy and releif. Then she gives me a thumbs up. I knew it was good news, but I wasn't expecting this! Matt comes over and tells me that Hanna's MRI was normal! Completely! The structure of Hanna's brain is completely normal. She's got a perfect little brain. And if that wasn't enough good news, the urine came back normal too! I called Lucie myself after that because I had to hear her tell me. She told me the same thing she told Matt. She also said that these are preliminary results, and they are still looking for something to explain her small size, her strange thumbs, her vision loss, and the amino acid weirdness. Basically, she's a mystery! Lucie told us that Hanna probably has a "single cell syndrome". This means that they're thinking something happened with one of Hanna's very tiny little cells while she was developing in utero. They may never have a diagnosis for her, or it may take years to find one. She obviously has something very very rare, and it could be the first time anyone has seen anything like it. It's bad news for them because they want all the answers. It's GREAT news for us because we got the only answer that's important...Hanna's healthy! I'm looking at it all in this way: If they couldn't see anything right off the bat in her urine, or MRI, it must not be anything too huge. It is scary knowing that she has something very rare that they know nothing about, but Hanna is already such a little miracle, she will only surpass anything they might find. But they wont find anything. I know they wont. And I can't be more thankful than I am. Thank you for all the prayers! I know Hanna had a special angel holding her little hand yesterday, and everything turned out perfectly perfect because of it. 
 We will meet with Dr. Mendoza in January when Hanna goes for her follow-up ECHO, and he will discuss everything they know at that point, if anything new.
So, anyhow, after we got the news that we could go home, we waited for my dad to get to the hotel. He was planning on going to the genetics appointment with us, but since it was cancelled because everything was normal (!!!), he pretty much got there just to turn around and go home. We all went out for a nice dinner, and hit the road. We're all so thankful the trip went so well. I think I slept easier last night than I have since Hanna was born. HUGE relief for everyone. 

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


 So, we leave tomorrow and we will spend  the night in Toronto so there's no rushing and panicking trying to make it to Hanna's appointment at 9:30 Friday morning. Michelle and Sawyer will be coming with us so that we don't have to expose Gracie to any unnecessary germs at SickKids. They will hang out at the hotel, and Matt and I will stay with Hanna while she has her scan. We also have to have a urine sample ready to drop off at the lab as early as possible Friday morning.  This way it can be analyzed before the end of the day. 
It turns out that Dr. Mendoza is away for the week so he will not be the one to discuss results with us. If we even get them.
 We're not very impressed with that.
So now the new plan is that we will not be having the appointment at genetics until later on in the afternoon. Hanna will have her scan done, then we will go back to the hotel and meet up with Michelle and Gracie. My mom will be with us at that point, and she'll come back with us.We will then wait for a phone call towards the end of the day (4:00-5:30pm) to tell us if they found anything that they want to discuss with us. This could be regarding her MRI or her urine. They are hoping to find answers to her strange amino acid levels and her teeny little size, and rule out any brain abnormalities with the MRI, and they want to look for organic acid in her urine. 

It's going to be a long day waiting for that phone call, but it'll be worth it in the end. I think we're going to try to take advantage of the pool at the hotel (even though checkout is usually at 11am...) not too sure how it'll work out. We might as well try to enjoy ourselves though. 

The kids will have fun I'm sure. Gracie loves the hotel. All she talks about in the car on the way is the "poll" and the "alligators" (pool and elevators).

Please keep Hanna in your thoughts and prayers that everything goes well. Anything we find out will be a positive thing. This is the last step of testing for Hanna, and we're so happy it's almost done! This appointment is the one that everyone has been dreading, but I think everything will be just fine. And if they do happen to find something will be good to know, and even better to prove all those doctors wrong!

Friday, November 6, 2009

splish splash

I swear bath time is the best time of the day for both the girls. Gracie gets a kick out of Hanna because she splashes non-stop until she gets too cold and wants to come out.
Water gets everywhere. Not just into little eyes and little ears. Sometimes little noses, and always into bathroom tile grout. :)
  Pure joy on these faces!
  Then the little eyes need a break from being flooded with water...
 Then it's back to splashing and squealing again!

let's make sure this thing's safe

Hanna does this thing with her hands when she's first trying to figure something out that's new. She's gotta bang on it! Doesn't matter if it's a new baby's head, or just a new book. She makes a fist and bangs away.

Then it's safe to touch with her entire hand. She's been doing this for as long as I can remember. Maybe it's a little quirk, and maybe she's making sure it's safe to play with.
 She really does like to bang things just for fun. She's very very rough. That's something we're working on.