Sunday, January 31, 2010

pictures of the day, and tidbits missed

A couple things I failed to mention about Hanna's trip to Toronto recently, is that they are no longer concerned about her amino acids!
BIG relief for all of us!

There's no need to change her diet at all, and even though there are a couple that are still slightly elevated, they believe it's normal for her, so aren't concerned at all.
One more thing that we don't need to worry ourselves about!
We also saw a dietitian while we were at SickKids. Hanna's cardiologist thought it would be a good idea because she's so small. We figured we'd see what she had to say.

After telling her that this kid eats an entire package of oatmeal and a peanut butter toast for breakfast every day. Kraft dinner and yogourt almost daily, and the occasional cheeseburger for dinner...
She came to the conclusion that Hanna's just going to be a teeny little girl.
...Thanks for telling us the obvious. 


Yuli wanted to get everyone together and go bowling.
The kids were thrilled to watch...
Then they were pretty happy to try it out for themselves...
...with a little help.
Austin had the most fun cheering everyone on. Didn't matter how many pins we knocked down. He was our own little cheerleader!

It was a perfect night out.

Friday, January 29, 2010

We got...

a new car!
Well, a van. 
And it's not really new,
but it's new to us!

We just picked up our 2004 Dodge Caravan! We needed something more reliable, and more spacious than our little sunfire.
We're very happy with it. 
Now we can actually get groceries with the girls and not have to pile the boxes and bags on top of one another! 
And get this...
It even has automatic doors!
Holy crap.
We're spoiled!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

picture of the day

Hanna Stick

Jody from CNIB came by yesterday...
She brought a safety and mobile expert with her because Hanna's been walking more. 
She was very impressed with how well Hanna uses her vision. She went up and down the stairs, and did just a teeny bit of walking for them. 
We were told that she might not even need a cane! She might need one for when she's out in public, so people know that she's visually impaired. And maybe in the dark, or different situations. So it would be good to have one handy. But going by how she gets around, and how she'll find something if we tell her to, they don't think she'll need one on a daily basis! 
We also showed off our new invention.

*drum roll*

Presenting...the fabulous...

Hanna Stick!

My mom's design.

We were trying to think of something that would get Hanna walking, but we want her to hold something too, so that she doesn't run into things, and so that when we do introduce the cane, it wont be totally new to her.
We thought this was pretty clever.
CNIB was impressed too. We just have to make it so that it can slide across the floor now. We want it to stand up, so that she can just come and go to it as she wants. 
It's nice and lightweight, so eventually she'll be able to pick it up as she walks. Again, great for introducing the cane. 
The lights are on the top just to make it more appealing to her. She's totally intrigued with lights, so it should do the trick.

It will be great to know one day what she can see. 

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

trouble maker

One of Hanna's favourite things to do.
Make big messes!
And I love it!
Just the fact that she can find the movie cabinet, open it up, and throw almost every single movie onto the floor, makes me so happy!


I guess she likes chocolate cake..

picture of the day

Check out those eyes!!

toronto, once again

Once again, we had an appointment for Hanna at SickKids, so we spent this past Thursday and Friday in Toronto.

We spend Thursday night at Delta Chelsea, again, because it's so close to the hospital, and so we could take advantage of the pool and hot tub that both the girls absolutely adore! 
Gracie had to have her "dip-sip" (lip-stick) with her for the trip.
For some reason neither girls look very impressed in these pictures...
They did have fun, I swear.

Well...Gracie had fun. Hanna had fun until she had to swallow a syringe full of Chloral Hydrate. 

Yep, she had to have that nasty stuff again for her follow-up ECHO. Her appointment was at 8:00 AM, so at least she was sleeping for most of her fasting hours. The worst of it was that we had to wake her up to make it to the appointment...and once she actually wanted to be awake, they put her right back to sleep. And man, did she fight it. And she kept on fighting it. 

They can't give her a very high dose because her body weight is so low. Therefore, she doesn't sleep very sound. She woke up three different times while the poor technician was trying to do the scan. She ripped off the oxygen monitor twice, and tore more than 2 of the little stickers off her chest. 

At that point, we figured it was best if I laid on the bed with her. It took the nurse and the technician, bless their hearts, to turn all the machinery around,  so that the bed could accommodate both of us. 
Finally, she slept. She slept sound for about 20 minutes. The way she was laying on top of me was too difficult to get a good look at some areas, so I had to put her down towards the end. 

That lasted about 10 minutes. 

She woke up and started rolling all over the place!
That's when the juice cup came in handy. She yanked that thing out of my hand when I brought it toward her. She crossed her little feet, and laid there on her back until that entire cup of juice was gone.
Then the evil baby was back. 

The technician needed 2 more pictures, and those 2 pictures were taken while we held the little beast's, I mean girl's hands down so she couldn't push the technician's hands off her chest. 

Nope. She wasn't very happy.

Then they were done. 

And she knew it.

So she was fine. 

We made our way back to the other end of cardiology to have her electrocardiogram done. Oh great. How would we keep her still for that? She's awake now! Last time they did it while she was still asleep, but now the ECHO room is on the other end, so they had to do it separately. 

Ya know what though? She was an angel! They stuck at least 12 different electrodes on the poor kid, and she just sat there. No, I didn't have a cell phone or anything that kept her busy. No way. I just have a very well behaved child. 
Well...maybe the cell phone helped...

a little.  :)

We waited longer than we should have for the cardiologist, but his news was good, so it was worth it. 

All the holes are still there, but he's not concerned. They are still very tiny, and he's sure they will close on their own. Even if they didn't close, they're small enough that they wont cause any harm. 

He still wants to see her back in a year to keep an eye on things. Her left chamber is more enlarged than it should be because one of the holes she has is in the wall that divides the right and left chambers. This is causing volume overload on the left chamber. It also can elevate the right chamber's pressure and volume causing certain symptoms. I don't know too much about it, but these are symptoms that Hanna does not have.

She's perfectly fine. No, She doesn't turn blue...ever or run out of breath any time she's active. Our answers were the same this time, as they were last time. 

But since her cardiologist is very good at what he does, he wants to see her again. Just to check on it.  She'll have to wear a holter monitor for a while next time, and have another ECHO and ECG again. Yay.

At this point we were very late for our genetics appointment. We all kind of had mixed emotions about this visit. One thing we all agreed though, was that Hanna is doing extremely well! She's doing what a normal 15 month old should be doing. 

Her doctor said he was very impressed, but he also seemed disappointed that now she wont "match" any of their possible diagnosis'. 

He said that the MRI that was done doesn't show anything significant enough that will reflect on how she will develop. It didn't show any major abnormalities. They didn't solve anything with the MRI that they were hoping to solve. Now they want to do X-Rays, and kidney scans, and Lord knows what else to try to find something wrong with her! It's crazy.  We know she's healthy. They can use any samples that they already have for anything they want, and if we're in Toronto already for an ophthalmology appointment, then we'll see them, but we're not going to put her through anything else that will cause her any pain unless it's completely necessary. If they still want to keep her as a patient, just to follow-up on how she's doing, great! But I think we're done with the random tests.

They did their full exam of little bean and were noting the smallest things. This just shows that they're trying to find anything. Like...she has a wrinkle in her ears. Just like Gracie has. And her nose is wide. And she makes a weird sucking thing with her tongue when she's tired. 

I know, these doctors are trying to find what's at the end of their trail. It must be frustrating looking for something and not finding it, but, we're just getting tired of it all now. 

Overall, it was a good visit though. Great news for Hanna. She's growing along her own growth curves still, weighing in at almost 15 lbs and 28 inches tall. 

I'm glad she's stumping all the doctors. She's her own little one-of-a-kind, and I'm so lucky she's mine!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

words and phrases

Words and Phrases of the Day

"don't worry iddo aydy!"
"I'm jus checkin out my e-mail"
"wook out baby derl"
"dane it!"
"Hanna's doe-in up da dairs!"
"more tets-up, p'dease!"
"tane-doe down!"

If I swore, I'd go ahead and swear that I should start recording daily life around here with Gracie. She's seriously, hilarious. The stuff that comes out of this kids mouth sometimes....

Just today I realized that she apparently thinks I'm a "little lady", she checks her e-mail, and she's a banana eating, very concerned for her sister,  cursing, taddle tailing, ketchup loving, almost 3 year old, who gets a kick out of saying daddy's silly army phrases like "Tango down!".

Oh! And Hanna said "daddy" and "nanny" today with the actual "Y" sound! Hurray! 
But seriously...Hanna can take her time talking. Gracie says enough for the both of them. :)

Monday, January 18, 2010

first bo-bo :(

"Why do I want Hanna to start walking?"

This is what I've been asking myself for the past little while. 
Hanna had her first bo-bo.  
I stood her up to do up her sleeper, and seriously, she just took off. I wasn't expecting it at all.
But I let her go! 

She walked across the carpet, and onto the hardwood floor which immediately made her apparently not so no-slip no-slip grips on her sleeper feet to slip causing my little bean to fall and hit her little noodle right on the bottom ledge of the coffee table!

 All of us (my mom, dad,  and Kristyn) all did the same thing. We all cursed in our minds. Little Hanna just isn't supposed to get hurt!
Right away, before I even picked her up, I said "she's okay..." and then saw blood streaming down her little forehead.
Then my heart sank! 

"That's okay though! It's better to bleed than to be a bump!" says my very good at hiding panic on her face, mom. 
We thought we'd have to bring her in to get stitches. The poor little thing...I was not bringing her in. She's already gotten more picks than she should have in a lifetime. 

Luckily, the bleeding stopped sooner than we all thought it would. We got a butterfly stitch from Uncle Rob, and she was good to go. 
She was madder than a pig outta poop, and more insulted than I've ever seen her, but she was okay. 

So...why do I want Hanna to start walking?

I have no idea!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

big girl!

Hanna's been walking around all over the place the last couple days. For some reason she walks more when we're out! I guess we gotta get out more...

We went over to Matt's Gram's house for dinner, and Hanna was all over!

The minimum amount of steps she took was 12! We were counting!

She'd walk....then stop....catch her balance...then walk some more. 

She'd turn and go into the direction where no one was to catch her and we'd have to chase her! 

We're so proud!
What a big girl!

Friday, January 15, 2010


My mom showed Yuli and I how to make donuts! 
It took some time to perfect them...but they turned out pretty darn good!
We also had a helper. :)
We thought we were really good when we started injecting them with chocolate!

normal little baby girl

table for two

The girls got a table from Gramma and Grandad for Christmas.
Gracie set it all up for a tea party with Hanna. 
She's hilarious. She got the kettle out, and the tea pot, and all the cups and saucers to make it a picture perfect little table for two.
What a little lady with her finger up her nose. :)
Hanna gets such a kick out of making anyone laugh. She's a little clown. She was making the cup stick to her face, and Gracie thought it was hilarious.
Hanna thought she was so smart "drinking" from the little cups, and going "ahhh" when she was done. 

Thursday, January 14, 2010

sleeping beauty

Some days I think the girls are better off not to take a nap. 

I usually have to put them both down together, or it doesn't work. 

Gracie can probably go without one now, but in order to get Hanna to sleep, I have to lay with her...

...and if she hears Gracie playing in the next room, then it's impossible to get her to settle down and want to go to sleep...

...even though she really  needs it.

So, the days when she misses her nap, but needs one so desperately that it doesn't happen until about 4 or 5:00 in the afternoon, she has to be woken up around 6 or 7, so she'll sleep for the night. But doesn't really want to be up.

Therefore, is miserable...

...for the rest of the night...


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Who needs toys?

Who needs toys when your Nanny makes you a house out of a giant box?

Monday, January 11, 2010


Kristyn, Brian, Matt, and I all took the kids out to Nanny's pond to learn to skate. 
They all actually did very well!
But then got tired...
...and frustrated...
...and made snow angels instead!
It was Hanna's first time out playing in the snow!
She had a blast.
All of us did!

Friday, January 8, 2010

little smarty pants

Just thought I'd tell everyone what my little brat learned today. 
Hanna has been climbing around the gate I put up at the stairs, because she thinks she should go up whenever she wants. 
Everyday I find something new to block the area that she gets around.
Well today she thought she was just the smartest little thing. We still had a couple things laying around from unpacking from Tennessee, and one of those things was a rolled up sleeping bag. 
The little stinker rolled that sleeping bag over to the gate...climbed up until she was standing on it, and tried to climb over the gate! 
I don't know why I want her to walk. She's going to be such a trouble maker!

Another thing she learned today was how to get down the stairs. She's had going up mastered for a while now, and I've never really taken the time to show her how to get down. 
My mom and I figured we'd show her today, and she caught right on! 
She goes up...then straightens her little legs so that she slides down on her tummy until her feet hit the next step. And she does this all the way down until she slides right onto the floor. It's actually hilarious to watch. I wish I could post the video!
Now that she knows how, I think she enjoys it more than going up. It's much more fun you know!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Home Sweet Home

We decided last minute to take a ride out to Tennessee to stay in a cabin right smack in the middle of the Smoky Mountains. 

Michelle, Mike, and Sawyer were going, and asked us to join them. Me, Matt, and the girls don't even have passports. 

We didn't think we'd make it across the border.

We figured we'd chance it. 

We left at 10:30 PM.

Got to the border about 11:00.

We got a young guy who didn't want to "be a jerk and send us home and miss out on the adventure", and he let us through.
Now we could actually be excited to go!
After about 10 more hours of driving we got to Tennessee.

We couldn't check into our cabin until 3 PM, so we drove around Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg looking for things to do that might be fun.

We hit up the Walk with Dinosaurs Museum.
We found a lot of things to do. 
We walked...
And looked at....
And by the time 2:00 rolled around, it was time to check out our cabin.

It was perfect.

It was a beautiful view. 
We had our own private hot tub on the balcony.
And a giant jacuzzi tub.
The kids were all very well behaved.

...But I'm very happy to be home. :)