Monday, May 31, 2010

Just FYI

I'm taking a small break from blogging for a couple more days because we don't have internet connection at our new place yet!
We'll be back soon with lots of pictures!

Thanks for checking in!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Friday is almost here, and Friday means moving day!  And I'm not ready!

I've always been a home-body. Always. I was never into sleepovers, or parties, and would rather hang out at home with my parents then go out shopping with a group of friends from school.

I always said I would live at home forever. 
Then Matt and I got married, and to my surprise, he was just as willing to live in my parents house as I was! We made a full apartment out of the basement, and made it our first home.

Matt would have used our own entrance, and stayed downstairs 3/4 of the time. That just didn't come natural to me. I've been living in this house for 20 years! How could I just start using a separate entrance now? I found that I spent a lot of time upstairs, and we even ended up eating some of our meals up there as well. 

Matt's been on midnights for about 3 years, and so I spend the day upstairs with my mom, so Matt could have a solid sleep. The girls are used to seeing Nanny all day. My mom wouldn't have it any other way.
My dad comes home in the evening and sees the girls, and I swear it makes his day.

This house is all I've known.

Our two babies were born in this house.
I have about seven little marks on the wall where I've measured the height of those babies.
It is going to be hard to leave.

Even though I'm just going to be down the road. Walking distance, even.
It's still going to be hard.


Only two days away!


Remember what it was like when you were school-aged, and coming to the end of summer break? Those last couple days...and how you wanted them to just last as long as possible? I used to stay up as late as I could to make it seem longer.

That's kind of what it's like for me right now.
Don't get me wrong, I am excited. I'm actually really excited! But the days are going by too fast! I'm not ready.

I'm sure I'll feel better when we actually get things moving, and I don't have to think of it anymore.
But after all is done, and we're moved out, this house is and always will be home.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

a perfect day

Kristyn, Michelle, Timmy, Danny, and myself, all threw our mom and dad a surprise 30th Anniversary party today! We always have dinner at my mom and dad's on Sundays, so we figured we'd just tell them that we wanted to make it easy on them this week, and have a BBQ at Michelle and Mike's for a change.

My mom made it hard to keep it a secret, but with a couple lies here, and a few more there, we managed to pull it off!
All the family came, which made it that much better.

That's when they realized it was a party for them.
Were they surprised?
They sure were!

Aunt Patti-Lynn made chocolate-dipped fruit! Yum!
After Hanna had a little sleep in the shade, she was very sociable. This is a new Hanna trait. :)

We played games.

Opened presents.

Just hung out.

Hanna loves Liam.

Hanna tried to kiss Liam.

Liam didn't want to be kissed.

Hanna got embarrassed...


...she took to drinking.   :)

The party turned out really great.
Lots of fun + lots of family = perfect day!

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I couldn't take my eyes off her

Warning: Picture Overload!

So, a couple weeks ago I wrote about how excited I was to see Hanna walking without my hand for once in the grass, and kind of doing her own thing outside. Remember? 

Well that was nothing compared to this!

My mom ended up watching Bryanna and Austin so that Kristyn and Brian could go out for their Anniversary. (Happy Anniversary guys!)
After dinner we were all just hanging outside and the kids burned off some energy. Hanna was doing her usual rounds of up and down on the porch stairs.

But watch what she does next! I was amazed
(Remember: Hanna does not let go of my hand outside.)
She was totally by herself, having a blast!!
Willing to explore by herself.
It was beautiful!
We were cheering her on, and she new she was being a smarty pants. She would walk on by, clapping her hands.

She was just so proud.
Then she would run.
She mostly stayed on the concrete areas. She still isn't a huge fan of the grass touching her hands.

Apparently she got over that.
This is a huge thing for Hanna. I was so proud!

We all were.

Watching her doing her own thing.

 No clinginess.

No whining.

She was so sure of herself. 

She will conquer all.