Sunday, February 28, 2010

what the?

I'm not sure if Matt was trying to win the "I'm better at making snow things, and Gracie likes mine better" award, 
...but he won.

 I thought making multiple snowmen in the yard was good. Common, I made three!
Apparently, blue and black spray painted penguins are better.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

another snowday!

Gracie and I got another good opportunity to get outside for a while again! So we...
 went sledding...
 which was tons of fun. It's been a while since I've been actually sledding. We flew down the hill a few times, and she was even brave enough to go down by herself while I took video. :)

We also made two more snowmen!
I'm not sure why she thought this one should have another head...
...but it did.
Doesn't she look proud of her celery-nosed, eyeless snow-buddies?

Friday, February 26, 2010

so thankful

Gracie, Hanna, and I all went to a playgroup today that Jody puts together for some of the kids she works with.

Hanna is the youngest out of about six kids. The ages are 19 months to 5 years old.

Some of these kids have other problems along with their vision, so I always leave the group feeling so thankful. 

So thankful that we don't have to deal with feeding tubes.

So thankful that we don't have to deal with Physical Therapy.

So thankful that we don't have to deal with seizures.

So thankful that we don't have to deal with daily medications. 
We are so blessed!
The mobility specialist leaned over and says to me "well, Hanna is definitely the most advanced out this bunch! I can really see her going places"
That made me feel so good! It's sad to see other children struggling, and I feel bad, feeling good about what she said...but we have to be proud of our baby!
We also came home with a  kiddy cane for my baby girl. It's great if it can help her get around one day, and I think she'll look really stinkin' cute with one, but I hope she wont need it.  

We'll know in time. First she needs to walk!

She's been cruising along furniture a lot more than she was before. She would go across the couch, then sit down, and get back up at the chair. Now she actually walks all around feeling for anything she can hold onto until the next piece of furniture.
And she's even been letting go and taking off by herself.
 She'll get there in her own time.

thomas obsession

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Gracie and I finally got to make a snowman!
Hanna doesn't like getting all bundled up, so it's hard for me to take both of them outside to play without Hanna having a fit the entire time.
It's not fair to Gracie, though. She would live outside if she had the choice!
But it worked out perfectly today, because Hanna had her nap a little earlier than usual, so I put her in bed with her daddy. (Matt works midnights so sleeps during the day...)
So Gracie and I got our snow gear on, some snow man accessories, and hit the fresh air!

Rolling, rolling...
And our finished masterpiece!
Gracie was disappointed because we didn't have a carrot for his nose. 
We used a craft pom-pom instead. :)

Koda kept on attacking him, too. She'd run up and claw him right in the stomach! 
Gracie didn't like that.
"Don't do dat adain, Toda!"
She told her I guess.

She was proud of her snowman. 
She says to me "this is gonna be the bes no-man in the whole worl!"

I love this girl!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Gracie's "message" picture

kids who like they're Nanny and Pappy better than they're own parents

Mom and Dad got home today.

They had a great time in Hawaii, and are sporting very attractive suntans.

Usually in the mornings you don't talk to Hanna until she eats.
She needs food before any social contact whatsoever.
Unless you want her to scream at you.
I know...rotten.

Anyhow, when she heard my mom's voice, she cared no longer for the oatmeal package in her left hand, and her drink in her right. 
She dropped both as fast as that and was in my mom's arms even faster.

She gave hugs and kisses like never before.

Then I tore her off my mother and made her eat her breakfast!

Gracie got up shortly after, and showed them the "message" she made for them.
It is a paper with swiggles all over it, and a flower, a snowman, and a sun that she drew for them. She's been working on it for two days. No lie.
It's actually quite impressive for a two year old.
(I'll post it up later)

She's been saying since they left that she was going to go on a helicopter to see them in the airplane they were going on. And every time the phone rang, she'd ask who it was...hoping it was them.

I don't think my children would miss me that much if I left for a week.

What the heck!

Kidding...I'm pretty sure they'd miss me...

Seriously though, how am I ever going to move out?
One day I'm going to live further than a set of stairs away, and I think my kids will have separation anxiety! 

That's what I get I guess for having the best parents in the whole world!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

picture of the day

Guess who's

hiding in my mom's cabinet.

belated valentines

My sisters and I planned on having a Valentine's Day party with the kids. 
They would give out their valentine's and we'd make a little heart shaped cake, and have heart balloons, and, you know, all that fun stuff.
Well everyone was sick for Valentine's day!
So Kristyn's kids at least came over a couple days ago, and I thought I'd put the girls in their best red outfits to give out the treats. 
Here's Gracie showing off her sucker.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 15, 2010

what about gracie?

Well, she's hilarious.
She woke up the other day...

the other very snowy and cold day, and said 
"it's a hot summer day!"

She knows that her birthday is "april temf", my birthday is "april telf" and Austin's birthday is "june dit-teemf".

She knows how to count to sixteen, and her whole alphabet...aside from the letter "k".

She knows how to print the letters "o", "i", "m", "s", "c" and "u", and knows what sounds the letters "m" and "s" make.

She thinks she is a "pincess" and loves making pizza in her "titchen".

She looks forward to going to Nanny and Dusty's house to watch Lost.

She's been picking her own outfits out lately.

She thinks she knows what day of the week it is...and what time it is.

She tries to include Hanna in everything she does.

She's one of my favourite little people in this whole world!

my hanna girl

Hanna's been much more interested in talking lately! 
The other day I gave her a bath, and she repeated "bath", "bubble" and "water"!
They sounded more like "bah", "babba" and "wa-ma", but it was a start!
Yesterday these words sounded more like "bah", "bubba" and "wa-wa". Already an improvement! :)

She's also been saying "nanny" clear as day lately.

She tries to say "pretty", which sounds more like "dee-dee" and she meows now at her Wanda kitty. 
Meowing is a form of communication.
We'll take it. 

She cracks me up. 
Her favourite game is going up the stairs, and sliding back down on her tummy. She actually lifts her legs up now, so that she flies down as fast as she can go. It's hilarious to watch.
She's also getting better at dividing pages in books so she can turn them by herself.
We've been trying to get her to pick her "baby bear book", and her "puppy book" out of a pile of books. 

They're both touch and feel books.

She has a hard time, but she tries so hard!

She knows exactly what we're telling her to do.

She's also been bringing things around the room. She'll grab something in her hand, and crawl across the room with it. Only, the hand that is holding the object, she doesn't use to crawl. She uses her elbow.
That's entertaining to watch as well. 

She's doing so good. 

Better every day!

Saturday, February 13, 2010


In a few hours, Mom, Dad, Danny and Shay's plane will be landing here.
Am I jealous? 


They are all spending the next week in Kauai Hawaii. 

"What did you do for Valentine's Day?"

"Oh, we spent Valentine's Day in Hawaii..."

Well la-tee-da!
Despite my extreme jealousy, I am happy for them. They deserve it! 

Thursday, February 11, 2010

the big cold toilet

One of these days Hanna will be toilet trained.
She's not very impressed sitting on a freezing cold seat.
But look how cute her little legs are! :)

 Yeah...that right there is a fake smile. 

Gracie was trained at 14 months. 
But Gracie was also walking before she was 10 months. When she turned 1, I set my mind to training, and my days revolved around the toilet, and cleaning up puddles around the house.

If I really wanted to, I'm sure I could train Hanna too. She does pee most times I stick her on, and if I catch her in time, she also poops. I'm just not strict with it quite yet. 
She's just different!

Aside from the fact that I would have to make custom underpants for her because her little bum is so teeny, she's not even walking yet.
I think that makes a big difference. 
She's gotta be walking soon though. The kid even stands up in the middle of the floor now! 
...When she wants to. 

I'm giving her til 18 months to walk.
If she's not walking yet, I'm training her anyway, dang-it!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

winter wonderland

Well we finally got some much-needed wintery weather!!
Austin and Bryanna came over, so all the kids got bundled, and out the door they went!

I threw this picture in here because I actually took the time to edit it to make Koda visible. 
She blends in with the snow so much, it's incredible!

Hanna was out for like...2 minutes. She was so bundled, she couldn't move. When she tried to move, she'd fall over, and just scream. 
So she came in.
She looks tired anyways...
(Those of you that don't know...Hanna does this weird "suck on her tongue" thing and makes it touch any fabric just slightly...seen above...when she's tired. And only when she's tired.

So, I asked her if she wanted to come upstairs and listen to the music to fall asleep. And this was her reaction:
So that's what we did.
And my mom stayed out with the older ones.
What would I do without my mother?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

picture of the day

Have I mentioned...

how good Hanna's doing with different textures?
Check this out...
Meet "Wanda".
Gracie named this hairy little kitty Wanda.
Hanna despised the poor little cat.
She'd yell at her if she grazed her hand accidentally. 
Now she loves her!
In fact, I think it's one of Hanna's favourite things to play with.
Aside from her babies. 
She loves her babies.

The important thing is that Hanna hated Wanda because of the feel of her.
Now she's touching Wanda, and almost any other texture we throw at her. 
...well...not exactly throw...but you know.

Yes, I said "almost" all textures.
She still is very afraid of feathers, and her tu-tu.
We're working on those.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

busy day!

Hanna had her 15 month check-up with her pediatrician today. 
He's always so happy to see us, and is always so positive about Hanna and her development. 

He told us about a little girl he used to see who was "tiny tiny tiny". He told us that Hanna reminds him of this little girl. She had tests done because no one knew why she was so small. Nobody found anything they were looking for, and she grew up just fine. She was just small. 
It's just nice that we have him, as a professional, thinking the same as us for once. He's not looking for anything. He's just focusing on what she's doing, not the size of her. 
Gracie got a shot along with Hanna this time. They both got the chicken pox vaccine. Gracie should have gotten this one when she was 15 months old, but I skipped it. 
Now that we go to SickKids, I figured they should get it. Chicken pox can be tragic for some children, especially ones who already ill.
Anyhow, Gracie loved the doctor. She had him check her heart, and ears, and teeth. :) Then went on to tell him that she has a doctor set of her own that she looks in her ears with.
I takes talent to look into your own ears. :)
After the Pediatrician, Gracie had an eye check-up. Since the eye condition that they believe Hanna has (FEVR) is hereditary, it can be very likely that Gracie also has that same gene, but just doesn't have symptoms yet. Honestly, I don't think Hanna has this FEVR condition, and therefore, neither does Gracie.
Just my instincts. 

Anyhow, Gracie's eye's are perfect. She stayed so still for Dr.Chan and answered all his questions, and was completely thrilled when she got an "I got my eyes checked" sticker.

He also looked at Hanna's eyes. Dr. Chan is the one who got the ball rolling when we first found out about Hanna. We took her there first, and he sent us right to the ophthalmologist. 
He said nothing has changed, physically with her eyes, so that's a good thing! He did find though, that her nystagmus (jerkiness movements of her eyes) is really improved since last time. So that's good, too!

Oh yeah, and it's mine and Matt's anniversary today. So we went out for a nice brunch at Golden Griddle with our girls! Mmm...

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

ta da!

This is what you get when you have 2 little girls and a ball house.
This is what you get when you have 2 little girls, a ball house, and desperately need to take a shower.

I thought I was smart and brought the ball house into the bathroom with me. You keep them busy, and out of trouble.
They stayed busy all right. 
One took the lids and inside covers off...
and the other made the masterpiece.