Wednesday, March 31, 2010

another huge accomplishment!

Hanna has mastered...
...bringing everyone books! The first time she did this was so exciting. My mom and I were sitting in the living room having our coffees, and Hanna was just mooching off of us. Eventually, you want the child to leave you alone. She'll drink your entire coffee if you let her.

Anyway, my mom puts her on the floor and says "Hanna, go get Nanny a book and I'll read it to you." 
Just like that, she sat down, crawled over to the pile of books on the floor, picked one up and made her way back to my mom!
She knew exactly what she was supposed to do. 

We're trying to get her to walk with the books now because it really is, kind of pitiful watching her try to crawl with them. :)

This is her new obsession. Now she'll bring a book to someone, stay long enough to sit her bum on their lap, and then slide back down and go to the next person.

She's so proud of herself.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hanna and Liam!

My cousin, Melissa and her husband, Chris came by today with their little guy, Liam. 
 Hanna is 2 weeks older than Liam. 
They don't see each other nearly as much as they should, so at first they didn't care too much about eachother's company. 
Liam was entertained by Gracie and everything else going on in the house. 
I guess Hanna thought she should shake things up a little and freak out little Liam. 
She decided to walk over to him, grab him, and not let him go until they had nowhere else to go except into the wall. 
She eventually pulled him until both of them fell right onto their little bums.
I'm not sure what Hanna was planning on doing to the poor guy, but he was not liking it. He was trying to ditch her, and she just kept on clutching on him. Look at his face in some of those. Haha!

It was pretty hysterical to watch, though. Hanna thought she was so smart walking around with him.

I was just lucky I had my camera to catch it!


Gracie is probably the best pretender I know. 
Sometimes she's a little bit too good at it.

Example: Bryanna and Austin came by one time, and they were all  pretending to have baby bunnies. 
Well one of the kids accidentally ran into Gracie, and bumped into her arm. She starts whaling like she got really hurt, so I went over to see where her bo-bo was. She says between catching her breath from crying " I *sniff* lost *sniff* my *sniff* baby *sniff* bunny!!!" 

Today she was saying she had a baby cow in the laundry basket that she was pushing everywhere.

She had blankets in it, because the cow was sleeping.

Hanna must have thought it looked comfy in there, so she tried to get inside. I saw her attempt it from across the room and figured I'd help her get into it.
Gracie thought it was hilarious. She pushed Hanna all over the house. Hanna was now Gracie's "baby cow".
Don't worry, that was a happy scream. :)

Monday, March 29, 2010

who knew

Me, without a child on my hip, doesn't happen very often. Hanna is pretty extra limb on me. Not very often am I seen without her.

Recently, I found a trick. 
We have a pretty nice set-up with our TV right now. The computer is hooked right up to it, so the TV acts as the computer monitor.
Anyway, if I want to do some cleaning, or something that's easier without carrying a kid around, I put music on (which is Hanna's weakness...she has to dance), but I put it on through the media player. 
I turn the visualization on the alchemy mode, and she loves to watch it!
  I figured I'd make her comfortable.
And of course Gracie had to join in on the excitement of moving colourness on the TV. :)
 ...Easily amused, I guess.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Michelle`s Etsy Store!

Hi guys, I just wanted to let everyone know that my sister has an Etsy store now! You can check it out by clicking right here.
She only has a couple listings so far, but she sells things like....

my mom`s knitted and crocheted items, like this one:
and this one:
and baby wraps and slings like this one:
She`s just starting out, so she`ll have many more items coming soon.
She`s extremely good at crafting up pretty much anything, so if you have any requests, give her a shout!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

night out

Matt, Gracie and I were all due for our annual cleaning and check-up at the dentist. Yay. 

I think the only ones who enjoyed themselves were Gracie and Hanna.

Hanna just sat with me, or Matt (whoever wasn't with the dentist), and squealed and yelled the whole time! We brought her baby with us, so she was having fun with her.

Gracie had her turn before me. Last year we took her in only for the intention of getting her familiar with the dentist. They counted her teeth, and gave her a toothbrush.

I figured it would be the same thing this year. The child is only 2 years old for cryin' out loud!

Anyhow, I was wrong.
 Doesn't she look terrified?
They gave her shades to wear because of the light. 
She thought they were cool.
Then they actually cleaned her teeth! With the big, noisy, electric brush! 
She did so good! 
I was very impressed! What a big girl I have!
The girl that worked on her was so good. So that probably helped.

After we all got the O.K until next year, we went shopping.
We went over to the outlet mall because I wanted to find Easter outfits for the girls. 

Mission Failed.

So we went to Applebee's! 
Hanna was sitting beside me in the booster seat at one side of the table, and just decided to stand up, climb onto the table, and crawl backwards until she slid right into my lap on the other side of the table. Matt and I just looked at each other like "Oh...kay...then! She knows what she wants!"

She sat there for a few minutes, until the waitress brought out our drinks. Then she proceeded to climb back up onto the table, and just help herself to my drink!
I thought it was hilarious, so of course, I took pictures.
Oh no, she's not used to getting what she wants...

*if you didn't hear see the sarcasm, it was there*

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Hanna's so funny, 'cause she's such a little copy-cat. 
If you click your tongue, 
she'll click her tongue.
If you smack your lips, 
she'll smack her lips.

If you make a kissy noise,
she'll make a kissy noise.
She cracks me up.

teeny tiny undies!

So, since I'm going to go all out and into toilet-training Hanna next month, I had to get her some itsy, bitsy, teeny, weeny, yellow polka-dot bikini undies!!

I've been looking online, and found a few different EC (which I now know stands for Elimination Communication) stores. They make custom undies for very small tushies. 
The only thing is...they were all outrageously priced, and shipping costs more than doubled my order! Except for here.
They're based in New York, and shipping was very fast and only $4.00. I got my order the next week.  

Look how cute they are!
I got the XS size for Hanna. Waist is 14"-16". These ones are usually for up to 3 months. :)

For better understanding of exactly how teeny these things are, here's the undies I trained Gracie in when she was only 12 months old,  next to Hanna's. 
Cute, doncha think?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The past few days...

we've been house/dog-sitting for my mother and father-in-law.
It was a nice change for a few days, but Gracie didn't quite understand the point of us being there when Gramma, Grandad, and Ayden (the girls' 5 year old uncle) weren't even home.
The first day she says in a very sad little voice "I miss my friends really much".  (Her friends being "Binny" and Austin).

As soon as I took her outside, she was happy though. 
The weather was absolutely beautiful, so we spent most of the daylight hours soaking up the sun! 
 Hanna had a nice, long nap with daddy so Gracie and I played...
 and swung...
and I took pictures...
and more pictures!

She was so cute and dirty.

Hanna eventually woke up, and she played too! I found her this little hat. I figured it'd help keep the sun out of her eyes. I've never seen a baseball hat so small!
 She didn't keep it on for very long. Even with the handy little strap under her chin!
And some more pictures!
Gracie had a blast on the tricycle. Last year she couldn't quite steer it. Now she's going backwards, and all over the place. 
She went to Wal-Mart. Which was actually the gate at the edge of the asphalt. 
She'd say "Okay, I'm doin' to Wal-Mart." She'd disappear for a minute, then ride on back to me, and say "Mama, I bought you a pincess tert and tockolate!" So I'd have to pretend to wear my new shirt, and eat my chocolate. It was really entertaining, but I couldn't let her see my was a very serious thing.
Hanna was a little out of sorts the whole time. She wasn't really cranky, but not entirely happy, either.

She slept really well at night, but it was a fight at nap-time which is usually a piece of cake at home.

She wanted my hand constantly to walk while we were outside, and I couldn't let her go, or she'd have a little temper tantrum. She wasn't her happy self.

 Today when I told her we were going home, her face lit up.

In the car, she sang.

To the radio.

All the way home.

 There's no place like home.

Friday, March 12, 2010

ready for this?

Well...finally I...or Matt figured out why I couldn't post videos! I was using the "new editor" in settings, which doesn't have the video link!


We found it just in the nick of time.

Everybody check out my baby girl walking!!!!

This is HUGE!
She's on her way to being an exclusive walker!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I like to keep everyone up to date with everything going with Hanna, so here's another update!
 Right now all of her appointments are on hold.  
We've had enough of the hospital for a while, so we're just going to enjoy spending time at home. 
 She has a whole mouthful of teeth.
Sixteen of 'em to be exact! 
She's still not walking...
But I think being outside in the wide open spaces might make her want to. The other day my mom and I had her outside and she used her Hanna Stick. She just picked it up and carried it around! Then it would get stuck between her legs, and she'd fling it back out, and keep on going. It's really the first time she's used it. 
She's got standing on her own down now too.
 She's been pooping in the toilet!
Just tonight she "asked" to get out of the tub (by throwing her hands up straight in the air), and then sat bundled up in her towel, in my arms, looked at me, smiled, and grunted as she let gas! I stuck her on the toilet, and she pooped! That was the second time today. It's really nothing new for her to poop in the toilet, but usually I have to catch her while she's already started going in her diaper. The past couple days she's made it really obvious that she has to go. So I just stick her on, and she does her thing! It's so much nicer than sitting in it! I think she's catching on. :)
She's doing much more with her hands.
She bangs much less, and likes to manipulate things now.
She likes making noise, and messes. And as long as she's using her little hands to do it, I don't mind!   
She brushes her hair and teeth.
Or, at least tries when we ask her. :)
 She's saying a little bit more.
She now can say "Gracie" almost that clear. It actually sounds more like "day-dee", but we'll take it!!
She also says in a voice that starts low, and ends as high as she possibly can "aawwwweee!".
 She's still sleeping really well.
As long as she's in bed with me...and Gracie.
I can't leave. If I do leave, it doesn't last any more than 20 minutes before she screams a very angry scream until I lay back beside her. If I stay in bed with her all night she sleeps solid. She usually will sleep in until about 8:30am.
She's seeing different things.
It's always so hard to say what we think she's seeing. We were at the park the other day and the jungle-gym floor had holes in it revealing the pebble stones on the ground underneath it. Hanna definitely saw that. Maybe it gave a weird visual effect or something because she was really interested in it. 
She's  also scared stiff of straw covering the ground. Again, maybe a weird visual effect. 
She notices right away if my mom is wearing her glasses. She immediately takes them off, and now actually tries to put them back on my mom, or on herself. She might need them one day, so it's good practice. :)
She's very strong.
She's a teeny little thing with some of the smallest arms you'll probably ever see on a 16 month old, but if I put her upside-down on the floor, she puts her arms out and she walks all around the room on her hands. It's actually very impressive! It's probably also abuse...but she likes it. I promise.
 She's bad.
She talks when she wants to.
She walks when she wants to.
She eats what she wants to. When she wants to.
She has a nasty temper.
She's bad, and I like it!
She's growing.
Very slowly, but she is growing.
Everything (height, weight, head circumference) are still following their own curve, so that's all that matters!