Tuesday, June 22, 2010

new batteries

I'm having a hard time not writing about every little thing that happens every day! So much has been going on, and I really hope I dont leave anything out when I can finally spend a good amount of time updating on the girls.
Please bare with me while I'm absent from blogging.
I will give you all a very quick update. 
I'm here at my mom's today because our washer died. 
I have done 2 loads of wash since we moved in, because the washer had been acting up. Matt has never fixed, or even looked at the mechanical area of a washing machine so he was tired and frusterated. Good thing he had Gracie helping him...and telling him "Don't worry Daddy, we can go to Tim Horton's and buy it some new batteries." She kept him going. :)
Finally last night, the 16 year old washer died. He's toast. 
Oh well.
I hope everyone is having a good month! 

Friday, June 11, 2010

she proved me wrong

So Jody comes tomorrow to finish Hanna's Oregon Project Skills Inventory. I think she's going to be pretty impressed...like she always is.

I've had some time to go over the list of activities, and I've been trying some of them out. Some things I just wouldn't even think to try with her. Almost everything on the page in her age category she's doing! The only area that she's behind is Language. She just will not talk. That's okay though. There are much worse things if you ask me. She can take her sweet time with talking. She makes her wants known. She points a lot right now, so that helps! 

She knows how to blow kisses now too. She pretty much gives her hand a wide open mouth wet kiss, and tosses it at you. Pretty cute. :)

 The other day I was sitting in the kitchen and just sat her down on the island in front of me. Gracie had been drinking juice out of a regular plastic cup, and Hanna wanted that drink. She pointed at the drink, so I gave her Gracie's cup and said to her "Okay, you try it." I figured, what the heck! If she spills it, big deal. She grabbed that cup with both her tiny little hands and drank the entire thing without spilling even a drop! I just never even tried to let her do it solo. That's what they have sippy cups for! Gracie didn't drink from a cup solo until she was about 2. I figured Hanna would be at least that old. I just thought that being visually challenged would make it a bit harder. Maybe not being able to see where the juice is, and when it's going to hit her mouth. I just wasn't in a hurry to make her do it on her own.

She obviously didn't find it an issue.

Once again I can say my favourite words:

She proved me wrong.

And I couldn't be more proud.
*Pictures coming soon*

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

our house

Our house!

In the middle of our street.

Our house!
It actually is in the middle of the street. :)
Our street is a dead end which leads right to the gate to the park. We have a fenced in yard which is perfect for the girls and Koda.

Me and Koda have to get used to the yard because it's not nearly as big as we're used to. It is perfect for us right now though. I don't think I would be able to keep up a huge yard right now anyhow. Gracie's more willing to just go play on her own now because she's not far from me, and I think Hanna will follow right along with that as well.

Right now we have a playhouse right on the deck, and the sandbox is right next to it. Hanna likes hanging out in the playhouse, and Gracie still lives in her sandbox, so they stay on the deck and I can see them from inside if I have to be in there.

Gracie's already best friends with the little girl across the street. Her name is Alex. It turns out that the little girl who lived here before us, was named Hannah, and she was always playing with Alex. So, Alex was a little upset when Hannah left. I think she's in her glory now that we moved in. She is 4, and has a little sister who is just a couple months younger than my Hanna.

Anyhow, back to the house. It's so nice and open. Hanna runs free in it. We got two gates for the stairs, so we dont have to worry about her falling down them. Upstairs is only the bedrooms and a bathroom anyhow, so we've been spending the majority of our time downstairs.

Our upstairs is only half a storey. We only have the two bedrooms, one for the girls, and one for Matt and I. Even though the only one who sleeps in the girls' room is Koda. :)

There's 2 bathrooms. One full upstairs, and one half downstairs.
 We have a laundry room. Yay!

Kitchen is huge and the dining room and living room kind of make a "U" around the stairs.

There's a lot of storage areas, which is awesome.

And that's it! Our new house! It's a start for us, and I can see us being happy here for a little while.

No time for pictures, but they're coming!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Another quick update!

So we still don't have internet at our new place...but we're all moved in and slowly getting organized.

The girls are quite happy here, and Gracie already calls it "home".
Hanna knows her way around already and does laps around the entire downstairs. It's very open, and I think she likes that almost as much as I do.

More to come soon with lots of pictures!

We should get connection very soon!