Monday, August 30, 2010

where's my good eater?

One thing that keeps me feeling really good about Hanna is how well she eats. She always has. 
 We were so worried about her health when she was much younger, because there were so many unanswered questions about her.
Now, even though we still don't have many answers, we're very confident that she is healthy as a horse.
She's active, and happy. She's got so much energy...she makes me tired just watching her sometimes!
Lately though, she hasn't been eating well. She has her normal ginormous breakfast, barely a lunch, and the last couple days, barely a dinner.
I've been buying Ensure for her for the last couple months because she's been skipping lunch. I give her a couple swigs of Ensure and feel like she's at least getting some nutrition.
She's going through stages of loving something for a couple months, then not touching it for a couple more. I think all toddlers go through it, but with Hanna it drives me nuts!
She can't afford not to eat.
Neither of the girls eat between meals, so I know that's not it. She has an appetite, but when the food comes to her, she doesn't want it. Errr!!
Anyway, I'm hoping it's her teeth bugging her the last couple days. I didn't even think it could be something like that. Tonight at dinner she was just not happy at all. She screamed like she was hurt, and threw a temper at the same time, so I wasn't sure what to make of it. I saw into her mouth at one point and saw that her molar way in the back is coming in, so that could definitely be bugging her.
Matt got her into her jammies, gave her the bear, and threw her on the couch. Her *tongue came out, and...
Poor baby.
Let's hope that's all it is.
I need my good eater back!!

*Ever since she stopped nursing, she sucks on her tongue to go to sleep, or for comfort. Weird, I know. :)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

bubble fun with Gracie

When Hanna goes down for her nap around noon every day, Gracie and I have some quality time together. Lately, she's wanted to blow bubbles.
The other day we came back from town, and found a ginormous jug of bubbles inside the screen door.
I called around asking who was responsible for the gift, and no one was fessing up.
Later on that night Aunt Kimmy called and asked how the girls were enjoying the bubbles.
Finally! I knew where they came from! I should have known...Aunt Kimmy spoils those girls every chance she gets. Hanna is like, her bestest little friend, and Gracie absolutely adores her!  She's one of those crazies who dances around and gets the girls all wound up. She's the best!
Anyhow, thanks for the bubbles Aunt Kimmy!

Friday, August 27, 2010

future weather girl?

I like to watch at least a couple minutes of the news before the cartoons come on in the morning.
Gracie always likes watching the weather with me.
"What's it donna be today, mama?"

Usually we're watching Good Morning America, so we get to see what kind of weather everyone is getting. You know how they show the huge map? She sees rain clouds on one side of the TV, and sunshine on the other, and she gets a little confused. 

Just recently she learned that she has to wait until the guy says "and here's what's happening in your neck of the woods..." to find out what our weather is going to be like.

Yesterday the good old weather guy says "we're going to be getting some Fall-like temps" and I got all excited! I said "It's going to be a beautiful day!"

Then Gracie and I had this little conversation:

Gracie: "So...what comes next? Winter?"

Me: "Nope, Fall. Then Winter, then Spring, and Summer again."

You should have seen the face I got.

Gracie: "Fall...?...Can we...swim in the falls?" (insert confused face here)

Oh...the weather man must have said "Fall-like temps" meaning warm enough to
Don't ask, people.

Anyway, I was a bit befuddled by this as well, but I explained it to her again. "No, FaLL. When the leaves turn colours and it gets colder outside."
I guess I should have called it Autumn.

The next day....

I forget what Matt and I were talking about, but the weather came up in our conversation. Matt said that it was too hot to be outside, and Gracie pipes up and says "No, daddy! The man on the TV said it's Falls now!"

At least she knows it's a season.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hanna and her bear

good at being bad

I caught Hanna doing this before, but not again. Once. About 10 months ago.
Now, she's doing it all the time.
With everything.
Check her out.
Sorry about the dark pictures.
The stool is usually at the toilet.
Obvisouly she had another plan for it.

She's such a stinker.
She does it with the giant bar stools in the kitchen, too.
If I'm washing dishes, she pushes the stool over beside me thinking she's going to climb up. (Which I most certainly don't let her. Those ones will tip over.)
She's done it with the chairs at the table. She'll pull them out, climb up on them, and climb onto the table.
I can't take my eyes off her.
I love it.
Once again, she's proving to be a bad, problem solving, little trouble maker.

Good job Hanna baby!

While we're talking about Hanna, I'll update with the toilet training.
 Yesterday was kind of a right-off. Michelle called and asked me to go over with the girls, so I didn't have all my attention on Hanna, so it wasn't a good day for it.
Today, so far so good! It's only 10:56, and she's already had an accident, but she's also used the toilet three times. She was up around 7, so she's doing pretty good. The accident she had was actually while I was typing and downloading the above pictures.
My fault.
Anyhow, she was really quiet, so I walked over to see what she was doing, and she came toward me. Then I realized she was wet.
I said "oh no...." (this is what Gracie started saying the very first day of training) " pee peed! show me where you peed."
And she walked right on over and pointed down at the floor. Sure enough there was a little puddle.
She knows exactly what she's doing! I'm really impressed with her anyway. I think she's doing a great job!!

Monday, August 23, 2010


I'm sitting here on my couch, watching soaps.
Hanna is upstairs sleeping with her dad, and Aunt Kimmy came and picked up Gracie to bake some cookies! It's kind of a strange thing sitting here by myself with no kids, and something different on the TV other than cartoons.
I'm spoiled today!
Anyhow, I have time right now to just write about random stuff.
Hanna has officially started toilet training. Now, "officially" means that I'm taking the same approach that worked so well with Gracie. She's wearing her teeny undies all day long, and I'm watching her every move.
No accidents yet today! It's 2:35pm, and she's still in the same pair! She still doesn't say when she has to go, but she "tells" me in her own way...sometimes.
Sometimes she'll go into the bathroom, so I'll stick her on. Sometimes she pulls at her pants, so I'll stick her on.
Sometimes an hour passes, so I'll stick her on.
Sometimes she goes.
Sometimes she doesn't.
Needless to say, it's not the easiest job. She knows exactly what to do on the toilet. She stays dry all night, and goes on it in the morning. I know she's ready.
It's just up to me to get her there.
If we go out, I keep her undies on, but throw a diaper over top. That way she'll definitely feel wet if she does have an accident while we're out.
That's exactly what we did today when we took Michelle and her kiddos to Wal-Mart earlier this morning. Hopefully she realizes sooner than later that it's much more comfortable to be diaper free!
Speaking of Wal-Mart...while we were there, Hanna fell in love with this teddy bear. It's just about bigger than she is, and is so soft! I made the mistake of showing it to her while she was walking down one of the isles, because she would not let it go. I stuck her in the cart, and the bear came with her. She held onto that thing the entire time. When I tried to put it back at checkout, her lip came out, and she cried the most pitiful, broken-hearted cry.

So I bought it.

I never do that.
Especially since she has so many stuffed animals already.
I just couldn't break her little heart.
I'm a sucker for this girl.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

my big girl

Every Sunday everyone (all my brothers and sisters, and Nanny) go to my mom and dad's house for dinner. Today we went quite a bit early so we could just hang out for a while.
Hanna learned something new.
She opened the front door and went right outside...all. by. herself. Two different times!
It's a big deal that she can even reach the handle now, so that alone was awesome!
But when I saw her hanging on the handle, forcing it down to unlatch, I was pretty impressed, to say the least. 
What a good, bad little girl!!! 
Another amazing thing she did while we were there, was used the handrail on the porch steps to go down the stairs.
Apparently this is a huge milestone to reach for visually impaired kids. I'm not sure why, but it is. And my Hanna girl is doing it, without even being showed.
We were watching her checking out the spindles along the edge of the porch, and she felt them all the way until they ended with the railing. She carefully made her way to the edge of the porch, grabbed onto the railing with both of her hands and went down all of the five steps sideways. Very very carefully.
What a big girl she is.

She amazes me every day!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Alright, I finally got that video. Now I feel like it might be a disappointment. :) Anyhow, I shortened it quite a bit so it would load. Turn your volume up so you can here her laugh and say "yeah!" at the end.
And don't mind the mess of the can tell it's been a hot summer. My grass is DEAD.


blah blah blah

Not too much going on in the last couple days.
We've been dog-sitting my mother-in-law's dog, Gunner since Sunday, and Hanna loves him!
I got an awesome video of her chasing him and Koda around the backyard. I'm going to try again to upload it, but blogger was having a hard time because it's kind of a long video.
Anyhow, it's funny, she's running around, and falling because she's laughing so hard.
Gunner goes home tomorrow. 

Last night I went to my first homeschool meeting. This was just a casual get-together with members of a support group. Kristyn's going to be starting Austin soon, so she's part of that group. I thought it would just be neat to sit in, so I went too. 
Aunt Patti-Lynn also went. She homeschooled all her kids, and thought she'd go just for fun too. 
It was kind of neat to hear everyone's stories. And it was a night out for me!
I didn't totally agree with some of their strategies, but everyone does their own thing, and it was overall an experience that made me even more excited to start it myself.

I hope everyone is having a good Thursday!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

this girl

This girl...

...cracks me up.
Right now she's on this kick about driving. She told me earlier "when I'm bid like you and daddy, I'm gonna drive my own tar, but it wont be a fast tar, it will be a sloooow tar, and it will be blue. but I'm not gonna drive with daddy, I'm gonna drive all by myself."
So I told her she better start saving her pennies for that blue car.

She makes me laugh. She did paintings the other day and drew a whole scene out, with details like "leaves that the turtle was eating".

Her favourite show to watch is "Wipeout".
That says something right there. :)

When we're in the car, she fakes being asleep.
Anyone else would think that she's really sleeping, because she's actually really good at it.
The first time she did it was a few months back. I looked in the rear view mirror and she was wide awake and smiled back at me. Literally two minutes later we pulled into the drive way, and she was sleeping! I thought to myself "holy cow, she was tired". But when I opened the door, she didn't flinch, and even if she is actually asleep, the door always wakes her up.
So I said "wow, Gracie must have been really tired! Or...maybe she's...faking??" and she couldn't hold back a huge grin.
She does it all the time now.

Another thing I'm noticing lately is that she wants Hanna to do everything with her. At least when we're at home. Like...she wont even go play in the sandbox unless Hanna goes out with her now.
I let her "wash" her toys today in the laundry tub while Hanna had her nap, and when Hanna woke up, Gracie was so excited to have Hanna help her. I think it's really sweet. She's the best big sister.
My big girl.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Hanna news

We always hesitate to weigh Hanna because we're afraid there won't be any difference.
But we did.
My mom and I decided that it was time, and she was so sure that she had gained some weight.
Sure enough...
she's exactly
17.01 lbs!!!
Hurray! Time to celebrate moving up from 16.24! She was stuck there for I don't know how long!

In other Hanna news, I got a call today from genetics at the hospital. They want to see her again to do a couple more tests. My heart sinks to my stomach every time I even think about it. They want a diagnosis for her, and these tests will just help them in the process.
She's due for a cardiology appointment in January, so they're thinking we could get a few appointments in while we're there, since it's such a haul each time we go.
SO...right now we have an ECHO, a ECG, an abdominal ultrasound, and a skeletal survey (full body X-Ray) scheduled for January 7th. They also want her to wear a holter monitor to track her heart, and maybe even fit an opthamology appointment in there too!
I hate the idea of even going back. It's so stressful for us. Just the whole atmosphere of a hospital.
BUT, this is all to help her, so I guess it's all good.
Just something to dread until it happens.

Happy Birthday Cameron!

I seriously can't believe that this little guy is already a whole year old! Crazy.
Anyhow, his party was so cute. Kristyn has awesome ideas. She did a bubble bath theme.
Here's the cake...
...after the faucet fell off.
It was really really cute!

The kids all got there own rubber ducky to race in the bubble filled pool, and they got all clean and sudsy after playing in the water.
It was a really cute party.

Happy Birthday Cameron!

Sunday, August 15, 2010



Saturday, August 14, 2010

house pictures!

I realized that I haven't really posted any pictures of our new house! So I took some today. I didn't include any of our bedroom (because it's embarrassing. We have a mattress on the floor as our bed because we dont want Hanna falling off the 3 foot drop) or the laundry room (because I'm in the middle of doing laundry).

Anyhow! Here's a few!
First is the living room/dining room...
It definitely needs some sprucing up. I'm in the middle of hanging pictures...
We also need end tables. We've been using TV trays...
I forgot to take pictures of the actual dining room. Woops. Oh well, next time.

Next we have the kitchen...kinda messy, but you get the idea. There's also an island to the right hand side of the picture, but it's cut off. There's also more cupboards to the left, which also, aren't in the picture. I like all the cupboard space I have!

I had never seen cupboards without handles until I saw these.
I think they're kinda cute.

Moving on. Downstairs bathroom....
the laundry room is right through that doorway on the right hand side.
...totally invading Gracie's privacy, but whatever.

Upstairs bathroom...this one was hard to take photos of. It's a weird layout. Really big.

And finally, the girls' favourite room in the house!

The girls' room and the laundry room are the only ones we've had the chance to paint. 
We're hoping to brighten things up when have the time and funds to do so. All the downstairs is so open-concept, we would have to paint pretty much the entire downstars at one time. That might be tricky to do with two wee ones running around.

Anyhow, that's our house! Cute, cozy, and ours!

playing so nice....

...or not...

The end.