Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Apple Picking! (Warning:LOTS of pictures)

Every year we choose a day that will be good to pick some apples. We try for a cool, sunny day, and today was just that!
Kristyn and Brian started going, and I joined in, and the last couple years Michelle has come too! It's a great day, and the kids love it!
I got there first and ended up waiting for everyone else, so I had a great opportunity for photos of just my girls!
Don't ask me why they both have their fingers in their mouth...

 Hanna had to really check out that pumpkin to make sure it was safe for Gracie to sit on. :)
Shorty, everyone joined us.

 Look at Hanna in these next few pictures. She was all upset because Uncle Mike told her to sit down when she stood up on the cart.
So she was pouting.

At the end of the day, we all took our bags of apples and went to play in the barn! There's a huge straw loft with giant slides, monkey bars, and nothing to fall on but piles and piles of straw. So much fun! Well...for everyone except Hanna.
She has this weird fear of straw and hay.
The weird part, is that it's not the feel of it that scares her. It's the look of it. She has a mini panic attack every time you try to put her down on it. 
I tried again in this barn, just to see if me being really excited about it, and building up the fun would make her want to join in, and not even notice the straw. She was all excited to go down the slides...until I put her down. 
She stood there for a second, looked down, moved her leg, and that was it.
I couldn't go back in the barn after that. I actually couldn't even talk about going in the barn, because she kept getting broken hearted every time I did.
Very strange. We'll have to figure that one out.
I'm glad that was the very end of the day. The rest of the day went so great!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Our new, new house :)

So, we finally got the house back in order since painting. It was such a huge job.
If you forget what the house looked like before we painted, click right here to get a refresher. I should have taken these pictures in the exact same place as I did for the before ones, but...I didn't. :)
Anyhow, don't mind the random toys which are always scattered, and the little Gracie girl trying to sneak into view as I took the pictures quickly.

 I didn't show the laundry room last time, but I think it deserves to be shown, because Matt worked so hard on it. It was hard to get a good picture of it because it's so small.
This wall wasn't here before. Matt put it up with the doors, to 'hide' the hot water tank, etc.

 My curtain needs a fixin' :)
 The big square cut into the floor is  our crawlspace....just so you know.
I have an awesome clothesline in there. I love it. Thanks to Kristyn and her Regal!
Anyhow, that's it! Feels good to be done for a while!
Done until we start our next big project. I think it will be the upstairs bathroom.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


This weekend was another busy one. The house still isn't it complete order yet, (Will it ever be? Probably not, but I will have pictures soon.) so we've been organizing and doing some deep cleaning since everything is already upside-down. We also had baby Payton's Baptism, and I was her Godmother! She was a little angel in church and never even made a peep. She slept the entire time. Even while the cold water was being poured on her head!
After the Baptism, Matt and I got to keep Austin, Bryanna, and Cameron for a while because Kristyn and Brian had a wedding to attend.
We didn't even get them until about 8:30, so I put a movie on, popped some corn, and had everyone wind down. Actually, I put on three movies. The first was Snow White, and Bryanna didn't make it to the end. Hanna ended up going upstairs with Matt at this point, too.
Next was UP!, my favourite, and Cameron passed out. He was so funny because he was being as silly as he could to keep himself awake. As soon as I took him on my lap, he was out.
Austin and Gracie just kept on going! So, I took out a sleeping bag, stuck them both inside and gave them pillows on the floor. They looked so cute! Then I threw yet another movie in that I thought might bore them a little. Chicken Little did the trick for Austin.
That one ended at about 2am, and I made Gracie go to bed!
Cameron woke up about the same time, and was very pitiful because he wanted Mama. They got home about half an hour later, so that worked out good.
They were all so good...maybe next time they can spend the night!
Well...maybe minus Cameron. He's a mama's boy.  :)

Now I'm sitting in bed with my two sleeping beauties. Gracie is such a crazy, all-over-the-bed sleeper. A couple nights ago she fell out of the bed...again. Lucky for her our mattress is sitting on the floor still. It was only about a foot and a half fall, but still!
As I'm typing this, she has her head on my leg, and her arm across the laptop. I also have Hanna's tiny foot on my lap, and her head nudged under the pillow that's behind my back! Don't worry, her face is exposed. :)
It's kinda funny because on weekends, when Matt's home at night (midnight worker), he sleeps on the couch. Ha! He can't handle the craziness all night long.
Me on the other hand? I love it.
I love listening to Gracie talk in her sleep, and I like getting her hand smacked in my face. It reminds me I'm sleeping to heavy.
When she doesn't do it, I have Koda who ever so gracefully (not!) forces herself under the girls' bed down the hall, banging around, waking me to remind me again, that I'm sleeping too heavy.
I love Hanna's kisses every morning and how she jibber jabbers when she first wakes up, and then scoots off the bed, and runs into the bathroom to pee.
I love listening to them breathe.
I love how they both always wake up pleasant.
 I love sharing my bed with them. 
 I can't even imagine them being down the hall.
I don't mind at all that their bed mattress is 2 years old and has had about 6 hours total slept on it.
I don't mind at all that I have pee stains, and puke stains on my mattress, and I've had to throw out a feather filled topper, and a memory foam topper because they were both peed on.
I get to sleep with my babies, and that, I wouldn't change for the world.
Now here's some pictures which are totally off-topic. :) I just think she looks so cute squatting down with her little blue jeans and her bum so darn close to the floor.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

day trip memories

Kristyn and I decided last minute to take off with the kids to a semi-local park and zoo about an hour and a half away. The kids were so great the entire way there, and we had almost the whole place to ourselves! It was great timing because school is back in session for older kids, and it's the end of season, so we hit the jackpot.

 The kids were pretty impressed that the ducks and geese were so friendly.
They followed us all over the park.

It was really nice because we could let the little ones doddle along, or run with the older ones without the worry of other people.
Cameron was hilarious with the ducks. He had a mission to just touch one...he came close a few times, but I don't think it happened.
Hanna made me laugh with the deer, goats, and most of the furry four-legged animals there.
She would stick her hands in the fence until one came up thinking she had food for it. They'd nibble or lick her little hands...

and she'd laugh hysterically and come running back every time, and then go do it again. 
 She also kissed this cuddly camel a few times. :)
We moved onto some of the monkeys next. Everyone got a kick out of them because we got to hand-feed them cheerios.

Kristyn did most of the feeding. Gracie had the guts to do it, but chose a cranky monkey who growled and gnawed his own arm, which was really weird to say the least, so we left him alone, and she was too freaked out to try another one. 
Hanna did though! Kristyn got the picture of that one.
Moving on...
Awe...isn't he just the cutest thing?
The adult version of this little guy in the next cage over, was not as happy to see us.
I'm not sure if he was playing his own little cruel game, trying to get our attention, or just plain mean, but he "scared the crap outta us" as Gracie has been telling everyone.
We were all admiring the cute little family of monkeys when out of nowhere, the crazy monkey next door boots over to where we were standing, shakes the cage while screaming and growling at us! It completely horrified Austin, Gracie and Bryanna. I think it had the most affect on Austin. The poor kid wanted to go home after that happened. We got outta there right quick and found some different more children-friendly animals.
 this gal, and...

this guy.

After we cruised our way through all the animals, we visited the Shakespeare Miniature Village.
So cute!

Then we hit the road, and everyone slept the entire way home.
You can check out Kristyn's family blog to see more pictures and what else we did!
Great idea, Kristyn. I'm glad we went!