Friday, December 30, 2011

wrapping up christmas

We had our last Christmas celebration tonight at my late Gramma's farm. It was a great night of sharing memories, amazing food, and dessert, and gifts were exchanged. It was a great way to wrap up Christmas this year.
I asked Matt to snap a couple pictures of the night and this is what I got.

 Haha. Very funny, Hunny.
He also got just a couple real ones. :)

I hope everyone enjoyed the Christmas Season as much as we did!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Hanna stuff

We had another follow-up with the GI specialist today and he decided to up her Prevacid dose to twice a day. The vomitting has improved a bit since being on it, but not enough. She was still vomitting once every couple weeks. So we'll see if this works.
I asked him again about the barium swallow she had done and he assured me that the dilation on her intestine was because of her slow digestive motility, and not because of an ileus or anything like that. So if it's just reflux, I guess it's a good thing. As long as it doesn't get any worse!
While we were there I also mentioned that she's still really gassy, and he thought it was a good idea to have her tested for Celiac Disease. (Gluten allergy)
We haven't had the test done because her old pediatrician didn't think it was worth it, and it was a test that the genetic department at SickKids didn't even bother doing. We didn't think it was a priority. We had it done anyhow, and it broke Hanna's heart. Poor thing. All I had to say was "we're gonna get just one little test done" and she looked at me and said "NNnnoooOoo!!!" and started whining before we even got inside. She did really well considering they didn't even have baby needles. Her arms are so tiny. Ouch.
They also did a complete blood count, ferritin, and thyroid which are all great tests to have done. It's been a long time since she had any sort of blood drawn, so it's good to have done. I just hate doing it to her.
I guess we'll just wait and see how that comes back now. It will be at least a week to get results because her samples had to be sent away. I'll be sure to update when they come in! 

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas at my parent's

This year was going to be a bit different at my mom and dad's house. Usually (every year in the past) we buy for everyone. Either family gifts, or individual. We all buy for all the kids as well. (Of course!)
But this year, we picked names! (Not the kids.) It was a blast actually. Nobody knew who had who, until we started giving out our gifts. Yuli started it out by making us all guess who she had. All she had to do was sing one line of a song, and do a dance and we all knew she had Mike (my brother-in-law). Hilarious! Mike has kind of signature "moves" when he's um...drinking. :)
Anyhow, the secret Santa thing was a hit, and 'm sure it'll be a tradition from now on.
The other part of the deal this year was that every couple had to make a homemade gift for all the other couples. This was so much fun too! We ended up getting homemade Baileys, brownie mix in a jar, an embroidered family picture, which I have to post a picture of, and a pallet shelf , which I also have to post a picture of. Everyone was so creative, it was awesome!!
My mom and dad's big gift for Matt and I was a chest freezer! Yay!!!! Do we ever need one of those! My mom also knitted a huge blanket and put all of our names on it. That's one of my favourite gifts.
For the kids, they made the cutest little puppet theatre I have ever seen. Again, picture coming soon!!
It was such a great time, and definitely a Christmas that will be remembered!

Christmas at gramma and 'grandad's

We got to Matt's mom's house around 2pm, and she immediately started handing out presents! Like, literally, before my shoes were even off! Matt and I got money toward a new mattress! YAY! So needed! Our poor mattress has been scrubbed and flipped more times than I can count. I am so excited! 
The girls. Holy cow.
They got so much stuff! Hanna's highlight gift was her baby that crawls. It's so cute. Whenever we leave the house she yells "Baby crawl!!" to remind me to bring it along.
Gracie's highlight was her Cinderella doll complete with horse and carriage. 
Hailey got an elephant ball popper which all three of the girls find equally entertaining. They all got so much stuff. 
I picked Aj's name, and he picked mine, so we exchanged gifts as well. So much fun!
After gifts we had an amazing dinner. It always is.
We waited a while and had pie, then had to take off to make it to my mom and dad's to celebrate with them!
Holy cow, were we busy! 

christmas morning

Santa Claus waited until after we got home from Nanny's house to come, and it was a good thing, because we forgot to leave him milk and cookies!
Gracie was hilarious, she put out the sweets, and literally squealed with excitement as she ran up the stairs to tuck herself in and get to sleep so the jolly old man could come! I wish I had it on video, honestly.
Matt and I were up until just after 4am, getting everything perfect for the morning. Matt made an adorable "dress up closet" (organizer) for their room. (Pictures coming soon!) So we put the finishing touches on that before we went to bed.
The girls slept in until about 9:30, and I ran down ahead of them to get the video camera ready. The video is too big to post, but I got a few good pictures.
Gracie saw her "closet" and said "Whoa. I was expectin' doors! This is even better!" (There are curtains on the front of it.) 
Hanna loved her light up construction set! 
This was her face when she realized that Santa did bring Hailey a new Razberry teether!  
She had to call my mom and dad. 

Hailey just sat, and played with (and ate) everything that the girls would put on her lap. 
We spent the morning playing with our new toys and getting ready to go to Gramma's for dinner to celebrate again with them!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas at Nanny's

Christmas Eve has always been at my Nanny and Pappy's house for as long as I remember. This includes all my aunts and uncles on my mom's side, all my cousins, and now all of my generation's kids. I don't even know how many people total there is now! We sing carols at the piano, enjoy snacks and drinks galore and then we have the giant gift exchange. The gifts are always so thoughtful, and mean so much. It's not about the dollar amount, but the fact that everyone gives a little something. I can't stress how nice it is. It's a simple Christmas, and the most memorable.
I wanted a family picture before we left, but of course we were waiting on Matt (I swear he's worse than a girl). So, I caught one of the girls instead.
Yeah...that was unsuccessful.
Oh well.
Onto the party pictures!

Uncle Dave and Aunt Theresa weren't able to make it until after carols, and Uncle Dave is our piano player. Thankfully Uncle Rob and Uncle Chris are also extremely talented and took over for him. Not the same without him there though. :)

Gracie made a request for the Chipmunk song and sang it for us.

There were a few of my cousins away this year, but with the technology now, we were even able to sing with some of them through skype! I was told that my cousins actually talked through the phone and skype with eachother from different locations! Crazy.

It was a great time. Every year always is!

Friday, December 23, 2011

lights at the park

We finally got to go for our walk at the park to see the lights display! I wanted to make sure we made it before Christmas, and time got away from us. We finally made it though, and it was worth it! The girls loved it. Even Hailey was entertained enough to sit back, and relax in the stroller the entire time while just watching all the lights as we passed by.
There was one display that the girls just loved. It was a big tree in the centre, surrounded by little trees and other decorations. They lit up in sync with the music playing, like they were dancing. We watched that one for a long time. They were so intrigued.

On our way back I got a call from Yuli saying she got her gift from Timmy. I knew what it was, but didn't dare tell the girls until I knew it was safe to do so. I told them in the car, and we had to stop over and see her!
Meet Luna!

Sweet, isn't she?

christmas card photo shoot

I usually do my own Christmas photos every year, but since Steph recently opened her own photography business she offered to do them for me! She did an awesome job, and I was so excited to get them onto the good old blog!
So here we go:

They turned out cute, huh?
To check out Steph's photography blog just click here.
Thanks again, Steph for taking the beautiful pictures!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

santa visit

Wow, December is going so fast. It's Christmas already in a couple days, and I still have so much to do!
We hadn't even seen Santa yet until today. I got the girls ready and my mom even came along to help.
They all were very willing to sit with him and Gracie and Hanna both told him what they wanted.
Gracie wants "dress up clothes and a closet" and Hanna wants "baba botts" (building blocks). We came across a pretty awesome construction set that lights up, so maybe Santa will bring one of those.
They even got to sing with him.
I think it was a pretty successful visit this year!

Friday, December 16, 2011

christmas open house at dance

I was so excited about the Christmas open house that was going to be happening at the girls' dance centre, and tonight was the night! We finally got to watch them dance and see what they've learned so far!
Even though we had the view of all their backs, it was still fun to watch them. Boy, we had a couple good laughs.
I think it's a good thing that the teacher wasn't in very many pictures because then we don't remember how often they were just doing their own moves.  :)
Here's a couple pictures of...their backs.