Sunday, February 27, 2011

sisterly love

The quality of these pictures isn't great, and they're actually overall, very crappy...but I had to share them.
Hanna loves to snuggle more than anything...and I think when it's with Gracie, she feels extra special.

Gracie takes such good care of her little sister.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

baby payton pics!

We took so many...but these are my favourites!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

sneak peak

This was one of the first awesome shots of little Payton we got today. She's such a happy little thing.
More coming soon!

brief update

I thought this was pretty neat.
A local man who happens to be visually impaired himself, put together an article about the Snoezelen Room that opened up.
You can read it here.

Jody came by yesterday and updated Hanna's Oregon Project Skills Inventory once again, and she's still doing excellent!
The best part is the huge gains she's made in fine motor development just in the past couple months. 
Her language has also come such a long way, so we were pretty excited about it. I'll post the detailed report soon!

Michelle just left with Sawyer and Payton. We did a little photo shoot with Payton for her 7 month pictures. (She's a little bit late for her 6 month ones.)
Michelle likes the antiqued look for the pictures, so I'm off to play with them now! I'll post some of those later too!
Haven't had much time to post lately...lots going on!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

why are they so happy?

Because the recent anatomy ultrasound done on May baby showed only that he/she is right on track with all measurements and everything looks perfect!

We're moving pretty slow around here today. As you can tell in the pictures above, taken literally 10 minutes ago at 11:15am, we're not even dressed yet.
The girls have been painting and drawing all morning, and now in desperate need of baths, and mouth washes (a 2 year old I know used the green marker as lipstick). So, we're off to do that!

I will leave you with a picture of Gracie's little copy cat.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

sleep, undies, and giants

I know, I know, I write about our sleeping arrangements often, but I have to post an update.
Gracie went to sleep in her own bed, and Hanna fell asleep next to me tonight, instead of on top of me.

We picked up a very cheap, multicoloured LED night light today, and Gracie had to try it out. Matt laid with her for a while, and she was out...
...and still is.
Big news!
But I think even bigger news is that Hanna slept the entire night the other night next to me, while my back was turned to her. If you can picture this, this is how she usually sleeps:
I'm on my left side. My left arm is straight out, and her neck is rested on my arm as a pillow. Her head is tucked right under my chin, and her hair tickles my face. She has had to fall asleep this way for as long as I can remember. If I can somehow get my arm out from under her head, and turn my back to switch sides, she immediately sits up, climbs over my side, and tucks herself back in on my other arm.
So the fact that she's sleeping against my back now, is HUGE. I'm trying to prepare a little bit for when the baby comes, and this is a start. As long as she's not quite as cuddly, we'll be just fine! :)
Who knows, this baby might even like to sleep in the crib! Not likely, but possible! We'll make it all work in the end anyhow.

Hanna is now totally out of diapers, and I'm on a mission for tiny undies! If anyone knows of anywhere I could look, please let me know! I have this plan to make my own, but I'm not sure how they'll turn out. :) She's got about 6 pairs of the little ones I bought from EC Wear, but they discontinued them, and now I'm stuck. I think I'll have to just buy some normal ones and take them all in.

Gracie's been making everyone valentines for the past couple weeks, and she's really doing good with her printing. One thing that is really weird though, is sometimes she writes from right to left, and backwards, making a complete mirror image of the word. 
Weird, huh?
It's crazy actually.
I guess we'll have to work on that.
She's funny though, she writes MAMA, DADDY, GRACIE, and HANNA all over everything, and the pictures she draws are mainly our family.
Another thing we should work on though, is how she always draws me as a giant, and everyone else, including Matt, tiny little people next to me. Hm...what is she implying?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

eye check ups

Well, still no video clip, but I'll share a few photos!
I only have a couple good ones of my girls. The rest are of the other kids, and since I don't have permission from their parents, I can't post those!

Today the girls both had eye check ups. We love our optometrist. If you don't remember, he was the one who got everything going for Hanna when she was 10 weeks old. He did the first referral which led to 4 more in 6 days. It was amazing.
Anyhow, Gracie was excited about this appointment. She's been talking about getting her eyes checked for months. All was well until he put drops in her eyes. Poor kid. She was not happy.
Her check-up went well though. He gave her vision a thumbs up, and scheduled to see her in a year.
Hanna was next.
She also got the drops, but took it with ease. Maybe it's because she's used to worse.
He got a much clearer look into her retinas this year. Last year she wasn't as co-operative, and he barely got a look inside.
He said everything looked the same, but now he could see much more.  He said that the best way to explain what he saw was "cobwebs floating around". They're sticky, and can attach themselves onto her retinas and pull on them causing a retinal detachment. This would cause total vision loss in that the area of the detachment.
He didn't seem overly concerned that it would happen, but wants to keep an eye on it since no one else has been following up with her.
 He said her retinas are folded and the hazyness in the left eye is still there.
He was very impressed with how well she's getting around, and everything we told him about what we think she can see.
Then she turned around and ran smack into his equipment that was slightly above eye level with her. :(
I'm sure she'll continue to amaze us with what she does see, and hopefully there's no change next time he sees her, in August.
Until then, we'll keep doing what we're doing!
She's an amazing little girl.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

open house

First of all, what kind of a kid makes this kind of a mess when eating smarties?!

My kid.

I guess Gracie wasn't very impressed either...
especially when Hanna finished her own treat, and tried to get at hers.
Moving on...

The CNIB open house was yesterday for the Snoezelen Room, and the turnout was fantastic!!
My mom came with me, since she will be volunteering there once a week. We stayed all day, and I got a ton of pictures.
Two different news stations came by, and a couple different radio stations covered it as well!
I was asked to talk with both news channels. Yay.
And let me tell you...I sounded (and looked) like a big dork. :)
I only had the chance to see one of the interviews, and thankfully it only had a very brief segment with me. Kristyn and my mom got to see the other one, and said that it was really good, and showed Hanna a lot in it! Kind of cool.  
I was holding Hanna during one of the interviews, and they asked "and how old is Hanna now?" and before I could answer, Hanna held up two fingers! She's such a ham.
She was like...the little celebrity there. Everyone gave her all the attention, and she ate it up. She loved it.
I'll post some of the pictures and maybe even the news clip if I can find it later.
Right now though, my house needs some much needed attention.

Have a great day!

Monday, February 7, 2011

happy monday

So I didn't get any sledding pictures, after all. 
Hanna was all for getting bundled and going outside, but as soon as the snow hit her face on the way down the hill, she lost it.
I ended up going back to my mom's with her, while Matt stayed with Gracie. Brian and the kids also happened to be there, so they all had a good time.

Our local CNIB is having their open house for the Snoezelen Room tomorrow and I'm taking my handy dandy camera along with me to take pictures for the brochure! I'm excited about it, but pressure's on! Wish me luck! I will need it! :)

Hanna's still doing great on the toilet. (When she's not being bad.) And trust me, this kid is bad.
She's perfect at home, but when we have to leave the house for something, she just doesn't care. I wish I could just stay put for the month and not go anywhere...but we all know that's just not possible.
She is doing great though. It wont be long.

Gracie's still spending some of the night in her own bed, so that's helping everyone sleep a little bit more comfortably. The bed is plenty big enough for me and 2 kiddos, but when the biggest one is sleeping sideways, and kicking the little one, and an itty bitty one being added to the mix to worry about, I don't imagine we'll be sleeping very well.
So this is good. She's comfortable on her own, and I think we're all sleeping a bit better.

And that, is all for now folks!
Happy Monday!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

random things happening now

Hanna has gone all day long in the same pair of underwear! Hurray for her!
We're still right on top of her, so we'll have her run to the bathroom if we think she's gone a while without going.
She says "pee pee" now, so we just have to get her to say it at the right time, and she'll have it mastered!
Check out her little bum.
Love it.

Gracie said to me today
"can we have a snat, mama?"
and I responded with
"okay, what should we have?"
and she says
"how bout...some rich dark chocolate?"
What in the world?!

We had smarties just in case you were wondering. :)

What a kid.

We got some crazy snow today. Very unexpected I think, since the weatherman said we would have some "flurries". Maybe he was talking about McDonald's. Ha...Ha...

*sound of crickets*

Matt's joke by the way.

But in all seriousness, we got about 6 inches on top of the 13 we already had! I tried to get some good snow pictures on the way to Gram's tonight, but we were in the car, so they didn't turn out too good. Maybe tomorrow. I think we'll Matt will take the girls sledding tomorrow next to my mom's house before dinner, so I should get some good shots then!

Gracie made Valentines tonight with Aunt Kimmy. Her printing is really coming along. Pretty impressive.

It was Matt and I's 5th Anniversary last night, and we had a little spat about what we wanted to do, so did nothing...
We ended up watching "Elmo in Grouchland" with the girls. I think Hanna enjoyed it the most.
At least we had popcorn.
Happy Anniversary Honey! :)

Gracie said to me earlier
"mama, when are you gonna shrink?"
I said
"what do you mean!?"
and she said
"I know...I'll put you in the washer and put you in the dryer, and you will shrink! Hahaha!!"

I guess that's all for tonight! Hope everyone's having a great weekend!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

We're home

We got home about 8:30 on Friday night. The ride was good...the girls were perfect. Koda was happy to see us, but not happy to be home. She had wide open spaces at my mom and dad's house, so she wasn't thrilled to come home to our little yard.
One day, Kodes Girl.
We had a great time. I can't think of one thing that went wrong the entire trip.
It was perfect.

Anyhow, lots going on in the last couple days!
Jody literally just left from her visit here with Hanna. She's impressed with how many words Hanna's saying, and how she's putting two words together now. It's wonderful to know that she notices major gains in Hanna every time she sees her. Makes us feel good.

I had my 22 week ultrasound of the baby before our trip and was excited about the picture they printed for me.
They use this new 4D realtime technology sometimes now, but I wasn't expecting to see it. The tech turned the screen at one point to show me as she said "is this not the most adorable thing, ever?" while pointing to a perfect little baby face on the screen. she tried to get me a good picture, but positioning has to be perfect for the 4D, but check out the one I got!
Isn't that crazy??!! I hope you can make it out. It's the baby's face. Gracie was looking at it in the car after the appointment and says "Mama! I think it's a girl! It has long hair!!" I kind of laughed because I didn't know what she was looking at that appeared to be hair, but then my mom said the same thing! She laughed, "it looks like it has dreadlocks!"
It's crazy the technology now. 
We're so excited for this baby. On Friday I'll already be 6 months along! And, no, we don't know if it's a girl or boy. We like the surprise!
Matt's laid off this week, so I thought it was a good week to start up potty training again. She was doing so good for a while, and then I realized I was expecting, and started getting sick. I was a big baby and got lazy, and kind of put the training on hold.
Now we're back in full force. She's doing pretty good today. Yesterday we went through about 5 teeny undies. And only made it to the toilet once.
Today she's only had one accident...and the rest have been on the toilet. She's doing good. I'm not quitting this time. I think I'm going to have to modify some of Gracie's old underpants for Hanna's teeny bum, since we'll be going through a lot!

We're waiting for the big snow storm tonight and we're pretty excited. 12-17 inches they're saying, so we'll see how much we actually get. I'm sure we'll have some good snowman and sledding snow though!

That's everything going on around here! I hope everyone's having a good week so far.