Wednesday, March 30, 2011

this and that

So today I got a call from my soon-to-be endocrinologist's office. I have an appointment to meet with him, a dietitian, and a nurse on Monday, to get a meal plan together to keep my glucose levels under control. They'll probably give me a glucometer, which I'll feel good about having. I'd like to know if what I'm doing is working, that way I can keep doing it!
The week after, I meet with my ob, and hopefully learn more about how or if it will effect the birthday for baby.
Like we really need the extra worry. 
I'll keep everyone updated as I learn more.

In better news, me, my mom, my sisters, Michelle and Kristyn, Yuli, Shay, and my Aunt Patti-Lynn are all going to see the musical play Hairspray on Saturday! It should be a blast just hanging out, all of us girls! It'll be weird leaving my princesses behind, but they'll be good for daddy. I'm pretty pumped about it. 

Gracie's birthday is coming up on the 10th. Remember her cake last year? I have an idea for this year, but still not entirely sure how I'll pull it off. 

Tonight she asked me if we were having a new baby because the angels got tired of him in heaven, so sent him down to us. 

She also said the other day that I should "acycle (recycle) the dried marker lids".
She cracks me up.
I can't believe she's going to be four already.
She's in the "i dont want my picture taken" stage, which is why I've had none of her lately.
I'll sneak some in soon!

Monday, March 28, 2011

picture of the day

She actually likes when I do up her hair now. I can do more than just a little clip in her hair. (Even though it's my favourite look on her.).    :)
Today she watched me do Gracie's, and admired it for a while, and brought me the spray bottle and brush to do hers too.
It used to be a screamfest when attempting to do her hair.

The girls and I, Kristyn and Bryanna took Yuli out for her birthday today. Just out for lunch. She was spending the morning alone, so figured we should do something!
We had a little girls lunch. It was fun! The only ones missing were Michelle (my sister), and her little one, Payton, and my mom. They're in Florida right now soaking up the sun, so I'm sure they don't mind missing this one. :)

Now we're home, Hanna's sleeping, and Gracie and I just finished a crazy colouring session. I forgot how much I liked to colour!

Hope everyone's having a good Monday!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

the weekend

Well I've gotta catch up from the last few days!
I called my ob's office on Friday to follow-up with my glucose test, and bad news.
It's still high. :( I only talked to the receptionist, and she said my doctor hadn't even seen the results yet, so he would get a hold of me, and let me know what to do next. I'm at a healthy weight, and never had an issue with sugar before, so he was expecting it to come back normal. Oh well...I've been getting extra exercise in, and eating super healthy, so hopefully that's all it will take to keep it under control.
I tested it at Matt's gram's last night because she has a monitor, and it came up in the normal range, so that's good!

Matt's been working some overtime for the past few weeks, so he ended up working on Friday too. Timmy (my brother) ended up going out, so Yuli came by and we watched a movie.
Hanna figured she should stay up too, and didn't go back to sleep until about 2:30am. Stinker!
She's really using the toilet thing to get my attention lately. She knows I'll come running if she says she's gotta go...
if I'm trying to get dinner going, or doing the dishes, or laundry, and she wants me to play, or read to her, first she has her little fit because I'm ignoring her screaming at me...then, she runs around yelling "pee pee!!!", and she'll grab a book and run to the bathroom, knowing I'll follow.
She's a little smarty pants.

I think today we're going to take the girls to the city and hit up Lowes. We have a gift card from Christmas we can spend, and we're anxious to get some landscaping done in the yard this year. We moved here last May, and we didn't do much with the yard since we were focused on the inside.
I can't wait to get things rolling outside this year.

While we're on the topic of the house, I did get the shower doors off! It's way nicer giving the girls a bath now! I can actually see them both at the same time now.
There's still a mess of glue on the side of the tub, but I got some stuff I think will take it off. I just haven't had the opportunity to do it yet without the help of two little girls.

I hope everyone's having a good weekend!

Thursday, March 24, 2011


...Yuli and I took the girls out to see Melissa's (my cousin) new baby! She was born on Saturday, and is such a doll!
The girls were in their glory. They each got to hold her, and Hanna even sang to her. As long as I was holding her, Hanna never left my side. It was very cute.
So here is baby Evelyn!

And here's a shot of her big brother, Liam.

Aren't they perfect?
Here's some of the girls enjoying the new bundle.

They were so good and gentle.

So after we came home, I opened a letter I got in the mail.
I'm kind of bumming about what it was.
Our pediatrician is retiring!
I really liked him. We've been seeing him since we learned everything about Hanna, and he's so good with her...and she even started to like him.
I was hoping he would at least meet the newest addition in May, but as of April 29th, he's done.
I liked him because he was an older man, and was wise. He had common sense, which some doctors these days don't have. Some only have book sense. Hanna isn't a textbook kid, so I don't want someone like that. We'll see how it goes. For now though, I guess we'll stick with our family doctor. 

And that's how our day went!

I hope everyone is having a great week! 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

just some stuff

On the weekend we out with Timmy (my brother) and Yuli. (Pronounced "Julie", in case you wanted to know.)
We had an awesome time! We went to Colasanti's, a local attraction with tropical plants and flowers, animals, mini golf, rides, shops, etc.
Hanna was a little "off" again while we were there. Once again, it was like she had a sore stomach maybe. Asking for the toilet, but not going, and getting upset. I thought initianally it was because it was so loud in the bathrooms, and she just wasn't comfortable to go there.
On the way home though, she threw up in the car like I have never seen before. The amount that came up was more than I imagined even filling up her tiny body. It crossed my mind to bring her to the hospital actually. That's how much it was.
We sped home, and got her cleaned up, and she was fine after that.
Totally herself. I ran to town and got her some extra electrolytes to replace what she lost, to be safe...but she was happy as can be.
And has been since.
It was really weird, and totally made me panic.
Here she is later that day
Looks like a healthy and happy little girl to me!
Hopefully there wont be any more of those little "episodes".
In other news, I'm almost 31 weeks along now, and am so excited to have this baby!
I failed my glucose test last week, so have to do the tolerance test tomorrow. Cross your fingers for me. The first one was random, so hopefully tomorrow's fasting test will show the true result as normal.
Gracie's birthday is coming up, and I'm really hoping we have some nice weather so we can have a backyard party this year at our own house! I'm pretty excited about that too!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

pictures of the day

You can tell she's used to holding her pants up!
Funny girl. 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

how we spent our wednesday

Guess what me, Kristyn, and all five of our little kiddos did today.
I'll give you a hint...
I mentioned we were going to do this a few days ago in a recent post.

Alright, here's another hint:
We all went to a local homestead and conservation area to watch maple syrup being made. I learned it's quite a process!!
Did you know that it takes 40 gallons of sap to make 1 gallon of syrup?
And something else that's cool, is that maple syrup is really...literally the first taste of spring. It can only be made in February (sometimes), March and April. That explains why it's so darn expensive.
The kids got some hands-on learning about the process.

It was a fun day! The weather was icky, damp and cold, but it got beautiful later on.
Hanna wasn't loving the coldness, so missed out on a couple demonstrations because she was too busy tricking me into taking her to the (warm) bathroom.
I think they all had a pretty good time though!

Monday, March 14, 2011

talk talk talk!

Matt's Aunt Kimmy picked up Gracie this morning for the day to do some baking with her, so Hanna and I had the day to ourselves.
I had a couple things I wanted to pick up in town, so I ran upstairs to get us both some clothes.  When I came back down I found Hanna doing the laundry for me.
Well...putting the dirty clothes into the dryer for me.
I walked in quietly, and she was saying "thank you...good girl" after every piece she put in. It sounded a bit more like "duck-ooo...gud guu", but I knew what she was saying.
I had to get a couple pictures.
This is the cheesy look she gave me when I told her to smile for me.
Later on in town I figured we should stop and grab some grub, so we did the easy stop at McDonalds. I know she'll eat there, so I dont have to worry about her being picky.
We had our fries in a big mound on the tray, and she dunked hers into my ketchup, (which she doesn't like). She looked at it, and said "here you go" clear as day, while handing it to me.
I thought it was funny and chuckled out loud. She's really starting to talk a lot. It's awesome!

The weather's supposed to be pretty warm this the 40's, and Wednesday in the 50's! We're going on a field trip with Kristyn and her kids on Wednesday to see where maple syrup comes from, so it will be a nice day for it. I think the kids will enjoy it. Hopefully the grass will dry up soon and I can let the girls play outside. We're getting lazy being in the house constantly, and I want out!

Well, that's it for now! I should get my rear in gear and do something useful around here while I have no kids around! I think I'll tackle the upstairs bathroom. There's a door on the tub, and I hate it. With a passion. So I'm ripping it out.
Wish me luck!


This weekend was a busy one! Friday we did our usual routine, and went to Matt's gram's for dinner. She was snowed in, so couldn't get groceries...I brought her a couple eggs, and we had corn fritters for dinner. Mmmm!
When we got home around 9:30, I called up Yuli so we could start on our little project for the party my mom and dad were throwing the next day.
Last week she got her citizenship, so we all threw her a Canada party. Her and I decided to make the cake. Matt had to work overtime, so he went to work and we got started.
We didn't get it all done until about 3:30am, since we spent a lot of time waiting for it to cool off before decorating it.

The party was Saturday night, and it was a riot! We all decided to make it a dress-up/costume party, so everyone had to be some sort of Canadian figure. We had a bunch of lumberjacks, Canada goose hunters, and lots of red and white and tuques and flannel. My mom and dad dressed up as Indians. They had the best costumes I think.
 It was hilarious.
Kristyn's kids came as cowboys and cowgirls, and little Cameron was Don Cherry wearing a little plaid suit and tie with a mismatched plaid blazer.
Everyone looked awesome. There was a lot of effort put into it.
Our cake turned out pretty well.

Of course I didn't take nearly as many pictures as I should have. Whenever there's so much going on, the camera takes a break. And those are the times you want those pictures!
I'm also going to respect the privacy of my family too, so wont be posting any of my aunts, or uncles. It was such a great time. Poor Melissa (my cousin) was due to give birth last week, so figured she should get things moving with the Wii. 
 Yuli thought she was so bright sticking maple leaves all over her.
Even though they were oak leaves.
She got an "A" for effort anyway. :)
One of the best moments was when my cousin Steve came in a bit later with his fiance Cassie. Look at his smart alec get-up.
It was an awesome time, and if you knew our family, you would know that any time we all get together it's a blast. Everyone's kind of nuts.
Congrats again Yuli!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

a better day

Well, Hanna seems to be doing much better today. I think I might get some cranberry juice to be safe, in case she has a bladder infection or something, but I think she's okay.
Last night she got me up multiple times saying "pee pee!" while crying, but couldn't go when she tried. So I don't know.
She's happier today though, and not lazy at all, so I feel much better too.
The last couple days we've been extremely lazy. The kind of extreme laziness where I don't even brush the kids' hair or get them, or me dressed.
Today wasn't an exception. It's been craptastic weather. Rainy. Rainy. Supposed to be the same thing tomorrow and Friday too, so I'm trying to think of some different things to do with the girls.
Today we took out the Easy Bake Oven. Usually Gracie and I wait until Hanna has a sleep to take it out, but since Hanna was back to her (mostly) happy self today, aside from her new tantrums, we were happy to have a little extra mess to clean up.
Hanna thought Gracie was hilarious licking her bowl.
Michelle (my sister) made those adorable little aprons (in case you were wondering)...
I'm glad Hanna is having a better day. She had me worrying. All in all, when her day is better, my day is better, and a happy mama means a happier day for everyone!
I think we might spend one of these upcoming rainy days shopping for some clothes for little miss Hanna Banana. She's growing all of sudden and needs pants. Desperately. She can only wear the pants that have the adjustable elastic inside the waist band, but only if they're fitted...otherwise they just look horrible. So I'm not sure we'll even find anything for her. I'm looking forward to the summer when she can wear little three month shorts and newborn pants as capris! It's much easier!

Now I'm off to do some serious snuggling with my happy Hanna!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

a little "off"

Hanna's been a little "off" the last couple days. She gets broken-hearted over the smallest of things, and she's been reacting strangly to certain activities.
Like earlier today, she put one of her baby dolls to sleep in the dollhouse. I eventually moved the doll into the stroller while I was cleaning up.
Later on, we went back to the dollhouse to put one of the figures for the dollhouse to sleep in the bed, and she noticed her other baby was missing.  She got a huge lip, turned around, and cried the most pathetic little cry until we found her baby doll again. Then she took it in her arms, and sang it to sleep.

 The other night her and Gracie were laying in their bed, and I figured I'd see if they'd actually go to bed there. I plugged in the nightlight, and thought they'd  get a kick out of having some music play while they sleep. I turned on some mobile lullaby music, and Hanna got a huge lip, and just screamed. This was a terrified cry. It actually scared me, because it was such a scared cry. Really weird. I hope she's feeling alright.
Since she's such a medical mystery to everyone, it worries me when she's not totally perfect. I really am paranoid I guess. She only peed a total of 3 times yesterday, and right away I think there's something wrong with her kidneys.
She's getting older too, so it could also be totally normal for her to be going less.
I'm sure she's fine...I just don't like seeing her "off".
She's always such a happy, and energetic little thing. Maybe she just wants Spring to come. :)
I'm sure we'll see a difference in the next couple days.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

congrats yuli!

Today was a big day for Yuli...she officially became a Canadian!
For those of you who don't know, Yuli is a great friend of mine, my brother's girlfriend, my mom and dad's tenant :), and originally from Colombia.
We decided to not make a huge spectacle and refrained from painting our faces and bodies red and white and doing the wave when she was called up.
Everyone made it out to the ceremony except Danny (my brother), so we all went out for breakfast/lunch afterward.
This was a very special day for Yuli, and we're so grateful we could be there to celebrate with her!
Congrats again Yuli! I know how much it means to you!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

she made it!

Thanks for your concerns about Gracie being only three, and very young for a sleepover. You should know though, that Kristyn is my sister. :) No, I would never just let her stay at a friend's house overnight. I don't even let the kid go to a friend's to play by herself. But family, that's different. And trust me, it was a big deal for me.

Anyhow, she made it the entire night!
She woke up around 5:30 this morning, woke up the kids and went upstairs and snuggled in with Aunt Kristyn and Uncle Brian.

I'm very impressed...and actually, really surprised!
It's good to know now that she can handle it. You never know, when I have this baby, she may end up having to stay with one of my family members without us, and it's relieving to know she'll do okay. 
Once again, proving to be a big girl.  

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

big girls dont cry

But Gracie Goose is still a little big girl, so she's allowed.
I just got back from dropping her off for her first sleep-over at Kristyn's house.  She was beyond excited when Kristyn asked her today to stay over there. She packed up her pj's, her sleeping bag, her pillow pet, and her favourite little stuffed friend "tu-tu the turtle".
Kristyn purposely waited for Brian to be home at night (he does shift work) just in case she needs to bring Gracie home in the middle of the night. I hope she's able to stay, but she's a mama's girl. And she's very emotional when she's tired. She was recently (yesterday) heard saying with tears in her eyes "I miss my purple sock" while choking on the words.
We'll just have to wait and see how she does. I'll be sleeping with the phone anyway.

Since we were talking about cars...or not...I had to get gas tonight when I brought Gracie out. All I had was a ten dollar bill, so I pumped it up and hopped back in. I don't even look at the gas prices anymore, because they're so insane, and we need what's the point in fretting over it.
The other day though, I noticed the price.
A litre!
I know I've got a lot of American pals that are probably reading this, so here's what it would cost in gallons.
Isn't that just crazy?!
Oh well.
I guess my ten bucks wont go very far....

Speaking of dollars though, we're getting more than I was expecting back from our income tax return, so I'm super excited about that! Yay!

Anyway, here's a  picture of my big, old-enough-to-go-to-sleep-overs girl!
Yes, she's wearing her Florida goggles again. :)
Have a great night!