Friday, April 29, 2011


I keep saying how busy we are around here, but haven't said with exactly what. I've been having a hard time finding the time to even sit down and write a short post.

Today I had an appointment at the hospital to check on the baby. They did an ultrasound to check how it's growing, and did a non stress test. I was told it's very common to have these regularly with the gestational diabetes.

Ultra sound went great! I'm exactly 36 weeks today, and the baby measured at 36 weeks, 3 days. They say it's (sounds terrible calling it an "it"!) approximately 6lbs 3 oz. So exciting!

Straight from ultrasound, we went to have the non stress test. If you're not familiar with that, it's just a simple, half-hour monitoring of the baby's heart rate. You have to push a button every time it moves, and the heart rate should go up if it's healthy. Baby passed with flying colours!

We have to have this test done weekly now until the baby is born.
Which is okay with me...I know they're taking care of us.
One issue I've been having that isn't affecting the baby at all, is a darn kidney infection...or so they think what is one.

When I was expecting Gracie, I was induced at 37 weeks because she was sitting on my ureter, causing my kidney to shut down. The most painful thing.
I started having the same type pain about a week ago, and had them check it out. They did an ultra sound, and sure enough I've got some inflammation in the kidney again. Same side. Obviously not as bad as it was with Gracie, because it was let go for too long that time.
I'm on antibiotics, and hopefully will feel some relief soon. So far, not so much.  

SO, right now I'm making my way to the city 3 times a week. Once for regular ob visits, once for endocrinologist visits, and once for non stress tests for the baby.

I've been staying at my mom and dad's at night and during the day since Matt works midnights. My mom's been a saint with helping out with the girls. She sleeps with Hanna so I can get up and out of bed multiple times to move without waking her up.  Not to mention the appointments she's been driving me to, and all the meals she's been making for me. She's been a life saver.
It's been nuts.

Due date for baby is now May 20th. If I don't go by then, he'll induce. That gives us 3 weeks.
I've been trying to get baby clothes and blankets washed, and I haven't been accomplishing much. At least we have the crib up!

So that's that! We're finally having some non-soggy weather around here, so it should be a nice weekend.
I hope everyone is well, and if you were affected by the tornado outbreak at all, our thoughts are with you!
Have a great weekend!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

happy Easter!

We decorated eggs at Matt's gram's, and both girls were totally into it! They had a blast!
Lighting was weird, so these pictures are poor.

We kept Easter treats low-key...and good thing we did! Grandparents and aunts and uncles spoiled these kids!
Matt and I left them a trail of chocolate eggs starting upstairs, going down, and leading them to their little basket with more chocolate and new pjs.

Apparently Gracie liked her pjs. :)

Around 11, we went to my mom's where she was having brunch. I look so forward to Easter brunch every year. There's a little over 40 people in all, including 9 kids under 5 who come for brunch. Gotta love a big family! Everyone brings something, and it's the best meal. Ever.
After hanging out and digesting for a while, we had to take off to make it to Easter dinner over at Matt's mom's. The meal was awesome like it always is, and we all got some Easter treats! The girls had a blast with Ayden (Matt's 6 year old brother), and were wiped out by the time we got home.
We had a great Easter, I hope you all did too!

Yes, they had to wear their rain boots with their pretty Easter dresses. They still looked cute if you ask me!
I hope everyone has a great week.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

holy cow catch up! (in pictures)

Oh my gosh, we've been so busy!
Among other things going on, we've been having lots of fun too! And I'm going to focus on that. We've had some nice days, so I've been trying to get the camera out more. I feel like I've neglected my camera all winter. 
This one's from last week. I love it.
And these ones are from yesterday! It was a beautiful day, and we took some time to clean up the backyard and cut the grass for the first time!
Gracie loves her sandbox. And that is a major understatement. She would spend every second of every day in that thing if she could.

Hanna's almost back to square one with the sand situation. She's not quite comfortable with touching it. Actually when she does touch it, she kind of freaks out...
But that's okay! It's been a while, and it wont take her long to get used to it again. She's already been in the grass barefoot, so that says a lot. She'll be having loads of fun this spring and summer. I'm excited to see how she takes off this year. 
We saw our first toad.
And rescued him from daddy's lawn mower.
See how green the grass is? I guess all that rain has paid off!


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

just taking a quick second

to document a couple funny things Gracie's said over the past couple days.
There's a lot going on around here, but I had to take the two minutes to put these down.

After celebrating her birthday once, and explaining we were going to do it again a few days later, she says: "

"I'm gonna be five already?!"

I told her I was making grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch for her and Hanna, and she responded with:

"yeah because grill cheese is for grills (girls), and boy cheese is for boys!"

Oh how this child makes me laugh!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

wrapping up birthdays

We celebrated birthdays once again on Friday. This time with Matt's side of the family. We did the whole BBQ thing again, and of course cake!
This time around I made a simple Tinkerbell cake.
Tinkerbell seems to be the theme of gifts Gracie receives, so I think it was a good choice.
We also celebrated Matt's Aunt Kim's, his cousin Andrews, and mine, along with Gracie's.

I'll do you a favour and skip the very unflattering picture of me Matt took while blowing out my candles. :)
It was a nice little party.
This past week has been just nuts!
The last couple weeks actually. It seems my calendar has been full since the beginning of the month. Between birthday parties, and appointments, it seems we haven't slowed down!
Matt was laid off for a week, and gas prices are at $1.25/litre right going to the city at least twice a week for said appointments almost killed us.
But we're still here! Thankfully. And this week is a bit slower. We've still got two different appointments this week, but it'll be a slower pace...and that makes all the difference.

Weather around here is nuts! We had 80 degree summery weather last weekend, and now tonight they're calling for snow! Crazy crazy.
I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Oh yeah, and since we've been all about birthdays lately, I should send a birthday wish out to my cousin Lyndi because today is her day!
If you're reading this, Lyndi, I hope you have a good one!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


 was a busy day. Seven fifteen this morning, I got up with Hanna and got ready to go to my ob appointment.
Matt got home shortly after eight, and I literally said hi, and bye to him and left to pick up Kristyn. She came with me to my appointment and treated me to Cora's for breakfast, because it just so happened to my birthday. Too bad we couldn't eat any of the good stuff!! Kristyn's trying to eat (really) healthy, and I have (really) no choice, so we split a plate of fruit and a crepe with eggs and ham. We're definitely going back there when we can cheat a little.
My appointment went good. I actually lost 2 pounds because of the crazy diet I'm on, and when I asked my ob what he thought about the whole Gestational Diabetes thing, he said that generally, mothers with diabetes have better outcomes than typical mothers because they're monitored so closely.
He said there's a chance that I could go in early, if the baby's big, but so far, it's average that's good news.
He didn't seem concerned at all about any of it.

When I came home Matt presented me with my birthday present in a squeaky clean house (aside from the sink full of dishes).
The girls made me a perfect card full of stickers, scribbles, and Gracie's sweet little printed words.
Matt gave me a necklace, telling me I better not lose it because it's the nicest peice of jewellery I own now. :)

Matt went to bed, and the girls and I went for a nice long walk. Gracie rode her bike, and Hanna was actually happy to sit in the stroller.
I had a nice visit with my cousin, Jamie who stopped by and brought me some lillies, and then we went to my Nanny's for dinner!
My dad left me a hilarious message on the phone of him singing "happy birthday" from work. I wish I could keep it on there forever. It was perfect!
We played outside for a good while, and I started getting things prepped for landscaping in the back yard.
It was a crazy day!
It was a fun day.
Now I think I'm ready for bed though.
I hope everyone had a great day!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

happy birthday Gracie Lynn!

Gracie woke up this morning and said "Hey, my birthday's tomorrow, and today is tomorrow!" She was so excited to get the party started!
We spent the day getting the yard ready (picking up a winter's worth of dog droppings), and decorating the house. My mom and dad walked over around 3pm, Kristyn and Brian and the kids got here shortly after, and everyone else came for dinner around 6:30.
We had the first hamburg and hotdog BBQ of the year. And what a perfect day it turned out to be! It actually reached the 80's! The day started out in the 40's, and by 2pm it was 80. We got lucky for sure. 

 We just took the sandbox out 2 days earlier, and I'm glad we did! The kids played outside up until dinner time. We even got to take Fluffy Bunny outside for the first time since the summer!

After dinner we did cake! We actually did mine and Yuli's too, since mine is 2 days after Gracie's, and we hadn't celebrated Yuli's yet. But it was Gracie's day.
I made her a sandbox cake this year. Since the sandbox is her favourite pastime.
Everything's edible. I actually made my own fondant icing. All you need is a bag of marshmallows, and icing sugar. Crazy, huh?
I didn't get a picture of the finished product. I added a mound of "sand" and stuck a flag in it that said "Happy Birthday Gracie". It turned out better than I expected. I wasn't sure if I'd be able to pull it off at all.

She saw a bike at Canadian Tire that she instantly fell in love with. She has a bike already, but it was a hand-me-down one, and we were honestly stuck on what to get we got it.
All day she was riding her "old" bike with the crooked training wheels, and flat tire, and saying how she wishes she could have the one from "crappy tire". (her dad calls it that)
She was pretty surprised when she opened her last gift.
She had a great time.
I'm so glad because she's been talking about "being four" for about a year now. :)
One more party to go with Matt's side of the family.

Happy Birthday sweet girl!
You'll always be my baby.

Saturday, April 9, 2011


Hanna thought she was really doing something good....

...helping Gracie get a "peice" of toilet paper.

My children usually wear matching socks.
I swear.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

check out O'Bon!

I came across the O'Bon  website a little while back, and had to share what I learned about them.
They sell school supplies...but not just any school supplies.
I looked into the products, and actually received a few the other day! Let me tell you, I was so impressed with how attractive they are! I received their trademark pencils. These pencils are made from recycled newspaper. The graphite is literally wrapped into it. By being made from newspaper instead of wood, the production of the newspaper pencils don't damage the environment. And, since newspaper is more durable than wood, the graphite inside is protected better and lasts longer.

Seriously, check out these pencils. Look how much fun they are! Even sharpening them is fun. They're easier to sharpen than the average pencil, and you can empty the shavings right into the recycle box! I also found that they wrote really smooth! I'm not really a pencil user, but I found these comfortable.

 Usually when you see an environmentally friendly product, it is bland, boring, and usually brown or green. All of the O'Bon products have beautiful prints in wildlife, rainbow or newsprint themes. I, myself, love colour! 

Another awesome thing about these pencils, is that the glue used to wrap them, is completely non-toxic and water-based. Perfect for the little ones who still haven't graduated to markers. :)

Another product I got to try out is a sugarcane notebook.
There's 80 pages of white sugarcane paper, made from recycled sugarcane pulp. How cool! Nice bright white paper without having to cut down a tree. 

 I think more people need to know about O'Bon. This could be the future of all of our stationary products. I think they're doing a great thing.

Oh yeah, with every purchase you make, they plant a tree!

So check 'em out!
Those of you who are in Canada, there's a Canadian Distributor as well. That website is right here.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

glucose and birthdays

I told you all I'd keep you updated with the glucose thing, so here we go.
I met with my dietitian yesterday, and she set me up with a good meal plan. She has me eating 7 times a day! Small amounts mind you, but I think it will get me into a good routine for even after the baby is born.
I also saw a nurse who set me up with a glucose monitor, which I have to use before breakfast, and after each meal. I have to record all the results in a little journal. It'll give me peace of mind knowing my numbers at least.
The visit with the Endocrinologist was cancelled, so I go in tomorrow. I understand that he's just going to go over my chart, get to know me, and see me again in a week or so to go over my numbers and adjust anything we need to.

Gracie's Grandma (Matt's mom) and Aunt Kimmy took her out today for her birthday coming up. She was so excited to go. She picked out a dress yesterday and had to try it on to "make sure it still fits". She wanted to look like a princess, so we did up her hair, and she grabbed her shades, and waited by the door until they got here.
They're going to Build a Bear. She's never been there, so I'm sure she'll have a blast!
They also brought Hanna a big old pack of peanut butter cups, so she'll be happy to just hang out with those today. :)
In the mail today I got some pretty cool writing supplies. I'll have to tell you more about those later!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Oregon Project February 2011

A couple months ago we had Hanna's Oregon Project updated again. Very much impressed with her progress as usual! She's right where she should be if not a little ahead. (Aside from language, but she's doing so much better!)
Here's the report:



Child: Hanna O’Hara

DOB: October 22, 2008

Date: February 22, 2011

Chronological Age: 2 years 4 months approximately


94% Skills achieved for 1-2 yr. category and 62% achieved for the 2-3 yr. category; functioning level at approximately 2 years 6 months on the Oregon Project Skills inventory.

· Hanna touches fingers and toes on request.

· Hanna places objects in, on, and under on request.

· Hanna engages in role playing or symbolic play.

Goals to include:

· Continue practicing puzzles, 3 piece inset puzzles to start.

· To continue with her self-concept development knowing her age and gender.


89 % Skills achieved for 1-2 yr. category, and 25 % achieved for the 2-3 category; functioning level at approximately 2 years of age.

· Hanna refers to people not present (“mama”).

· Hanna uses nouns (“puppy”) and verbs (“go”)

· Hanna will put two words together (“ready go!”)

Goals to include:

· To continue to label everyday objects in Hanna’s life consistently and simply, put desired objects up out of her reach and have her gesture or initiate sound or sign before you give her the object.

· For Hanna to use modifiers in language (big)


79% Skills achieved for 2-3 yr. category, functional level at approximately 2 years 10 months of age.

· Hanna demonstrates understanding of adult approval and disapproval.

· Hanna can identify her own personal possessions, such as her shoes.

Goals to include:

· To say her first and last name

· To express feelings, both positive and negative.


47 % Skills achieved on 2-3 yr. category, functioning level at approximately 2 years 6 months.

· Hanna can imitate drawing a horizontal line.

· Hanna will point to a requested Picture in a familiar book.

Goals to include:

· Continue to work on using different art mediums, paint, play dough and markers for Hanna to imitate different shapes and lines.

· Encourage Hanna to fold paper, start by folding in half.


73% Skills achieved for 2-3 yr. category, functioning level at approximately 2 years 9 months.

· Hanna can drink from a glass.

· Hanna takes off pullover shirt and pulls pants up and down with little assistance.

· Hanna can turn a handle type faucet on and off independently.

· Hanna can brush her teeth independently.

Goals to include:

· To continue working with Hanna on self help dressing fasteners (buttoning, zipping) and putting on coat and socks.

· For Hanna to get her own snack from a designated low kitchen cupboard. You could have some teddy grahams or cheerios in a container she can easily open that is an individual size serving. If she comes to you hungry for a snack, you could encourage her to get this for herself with your supervision.


83 % Skills achieved for 2-3 yr., functioning level at approximately 2 years 8 months.

· Hanna independently explores familiar rooms in her home and grandparents home.

· Maintains a sustained search for a dropped toy.

· Hanna independently manipulates objects to discover their properties.

Goals to include

· For Hanna to name 3 body parts when their function is described.

· To continue to identify objects as rough, smooth, hard or soft.

· To explore a story box of tactual items that coincides with a story book.


54% Skills achieved on the 2-3 yr. category, functioning level at approximately 2 years 6 months.

· Hanna can place objects in/out, dump, push and pull and stack.

· Hanna uses fingers for finger plays and counting.

· Hanna turns pages of a book one at a time.

Goals to include:

· To continue working on stringing large beads.

· To put fitted lids on bowls or pots.

· To srew and unscrew threaded objects; lids and jars.


75 % Skills achieved on the 2-3 yr. category, functioning level at approximately 2 years 9 months.

· Hanna catches a rolled ball.

· Hanna can climb up and slides down toddler slide.

· Jumps from 8 inches height.

Goals to include:

· To pedal a trike.

· To jump forward direction 5 times.

Hanna’s Skills Inventory can be updated in 6 months time to track her progress and establish new goals, approximately August 2011.

There's so much I can already add to this list that she's doing since February. name a few:
Putting her own boots on.
Zipping her coat once it's engaged.
Doing somersaults.
Hanging her coat on her hook.
Jumping forward.

She surprises me every day with something new that she's doing. She's amazing.
Thanks, Jody, for doing Hanna's assessment once again!