Wednesday, August 31, 2011

spoke too soon

Well, Hailey got bad again last night.
I was up with her at about midnight, and she was having a hard time nursing. Couldn't catch her breath again. So I brought her downstairs and tried the cool air from the freezer. That didn't do too much, so I just walked and attempted to bounce her for a few minutes to see if she would settle down and go back to sleep.
After about half a minute of that both girls upstairs started screaming because I left them alone. Oh brother.
I called my dad and Yuli again and they were over within a few minutes. (Of course everything has to happen at night while Matt's gone, right?!)
We decided she wasn't bad enough to bring back into emergency, so we all went back to my parents house, and the girls slept with Yuli. I stayed with Hailey on the couch and she seemed alright.
My dad left for work around 4:30am, and almost immediately after that she had a nasty coughing fit that left her almost completely breathless. Keep in mind there is no vehicle that I could use to take her in if I had to at this point. I settled her down, and she went back to sleep.
Throughout the night she had little episodes of bad wheezing, but they tapered off. But eventually, by the time my mom got home, we didn't want to wait any longer. She was wheezing pretty heavy and it wasn't going away. We figured a 40 minute long car ride was too long at this point, so we called an ambulance. They were there in minutes with ventolin on hand, so I'm glad we called them. 
The doctor that saw her today was really surprised that the steroid they gave her on Sunday didn't seem to work, so ordered a chest X-Ray. That came back normal, and they gave her another steroid treatment. About 2 hours later he looked at her happy little self and sent us home once again.
He said that it's possible that she could have a trachea infection, but seeing how good she looked he said it was very unlikely. It would be a toxic thing and she would be really sick.
SO, we're home again. Matt's mom brought over a cool mist humidifier just now, so I think that will help big time tonight.
I think the stuffiness in our room has a lot to do with the trouble she had last night. The night she did so well, she slept downstairs with me, so I'm thinking that's it. We'll see how she does tonight! Wish us luck! 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

she's doing much better

Hailey had her follow-up appointment this morning at the hospital and she looked and sounded great.
The doctor told us that croup usually is really bad for three days with the third being the worst.
This day must have been Sunday.
He said now it should get gradually better although she'll have the nasty cough for probably a good week.
She's so young, so they don't want to send us home with any kind of medication, but he said if it got really bad again, to just bring her back into emergency. He can't see it getting bad again though.
She's doing much better, and she's very happy and talkative today, so that's good news.
Scared the crap outta me though.
(Not literally, thank goodness.)

Monday, August 29, 2011

late-night scare

Last night around 1am, Hailey woke up with the worst barky sounding cough ever. She couldn't catch her breath, and was making herself more upset which was making her even more breathless.
Luckily Yuli was over, and she stayed with the older girls and my dad drove us to emergency. (Matt works at night.)
Hailey has croup.
Poor girl.
There's so much going around right now with all the kids, I figured she would catch a little bit of something. I can't keep her quarantined.
I didn't think she would get so sick though. Babies are supposed to have such high immunities.
Anyhow, we got to the hospital and they took her in right away. They gave her an oral steroid which should last a couple days, and a breathing treatment right away. The steroid wouldn't start to work until about 2 or 3 hours later, but the treatment should have worked instantly.
It didn't do as much as they thought it would, so she also got an epinephrine breathing treatment as well.
She was happy during the whole scary experience which helped us (my dad and I) to relax a bit. She fought her sleepiness for a good couple hours, and finally fell asleep. The stridor (the barky sound when she breathes in) was controlled shortly after she fell asleep, and we were able to go home at around 7am.
Right now she's sleeping good, and quietly, so I'm hoping she stays that way. It's common for croup to get worse at night, so I'm watching her like a hawk and hoping for the best!
We have a checkup tomorrow at the pediatric clinic because she's so young, but I'm sure she'll come out with a clean bill of health.
I'll update tomorrow.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

the wedding

Steph and I were best friends all through grade school, then went to different highschools and drifted a little bit.
We've always kept a special place in our lives for eachother though, and I'm so glad that we were able to be part of her special day. It meant so much to me that Gracie was a flower girl. We were so happy to be there and it turned out to be a perfect day!
Matt's aunt lives {literally} 3 minutes away from the winery that the ceremony and reception were held. It worked out perfectly for us because they (his aunt and mom) kept Hanna and Hailey for us. We just had to keep checking in so I could feed Little Miss every couple hours.

So, now for wedding details!
Stephanie was gorgeous, which you'll see in the following pictures, and the weather was beautiful.
Here's some shots I got before the ceremony at her parents house.

Kristyn and I made the cake and brought it to the venue the night before, so as soon as we got there I snuck up to check on that before I did anything else. Here's our finished project.

It looked nicer the day of the wedding because obviously there were tablecloths...
this was taken when we dropped it off.

Then we got Gracie pumped for her big job.

She ran out of flowers half way down the isle during rehearsal, so during the actual ceremony she was so concentrated on picking up two at a time that she went too slow. It was very cute. She was the second girl out and the last little girl caught right up to her so they walked the rest of the way together.
Here comes Sophia. The first one out. She was a pro with this being the third time she was a flower girl!
Then come Vanessa and Gracie. 

Here comes the bride and her daddy.

After the ceremony we took off for a few minutes to check on the girls and Gracie had a photoshoot with her uncle Ayden. Yes, I said uncle. He's 3 years older than her. :)

Once Hailey was happy and full we returned to the winery to have more pictures taken!

I was lucky to get so many good shots! I cheated and stood behind the photographer for the posed ones.

It turned out to be a perfect day. I'm so happy for Steph and Steve and again, so happy we could be part of such a special day. Thanks you guys!

Friday, August 26, 2011

getting ready

  Gracie was one of three flower girls at my friend, Steph's wedding. Steph treated them all with a spa date the day before to get their fingers and toes painted in whatever colour they chose.
How special!
Gracie chose bright pink. Big surprise there. :)

coming up...gracie's big day

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

take 36....

I attempted to get a group shot of my girls the other day just for fun. If I got a good one I was going to put it up with their individual pictures on the wall.

Do you know how hard it is to have them all looking even in my general direction? Holy cow!
Hanna had her "cheese" face on almost the entire time.
Gracie wouldn't look at the camera, and when she did it was not her best camera face.
Hailey was just trying to figure out what was going on!

Here we go...

And finally, we got one!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

3 months

Holy cow, I feel like I'm writing these monthly posts way too often! Time is zipping by!
So, Little Miss Hailey.
What a joy you are! You're always happy and are very easy to smile. I've gotten you to laugh only a couple times, but come close very often.
You love being changed, and love having nothing on! You also love your baths and getting sprinkled with baby powder. I think it tickles you.
You're not too sure what to think about Koda.
You love the walker and actually go backwards already!
You love being on your tummy.
This is your 'thinking' face:
And this is my favourite expression of yours:
You have dimples when you smile big and I LOVE them!

We love you girl!