Friday, September 30, 2011

its been a few days...

...since I updated!
Since Hanna's had her mineral treatment at the Wellness Centre, she has been more regular in the bathroom department, and her "waste" I'll call it, is much more "normal".
I'm hoping to see some weight gain soon too.
Keep your fingers crossed for us! It seems to be working, so I'm going to keep doing what we are.

Gracie's had two dance classes so far. She's doing great, and loves it. Tonight will be her third class. Hanna's gotten upset already because she couldn't go in the dance room with all the other little girls. Next year we'll make sure that she's right in there too!

Gracie's been all about "yesterday" and "tomorrow"s lately. We'll be talking about something that will be happening tomorrow, and when she gets up in the morning, she asks "so, mama, is today tomorrow?"
Cracks me up every time. How confusing is that for a kid?

Hailey's doing great! She turned 4 months already on the 23rd. Not sure about any measurements, but the child is big.
She's a bag of potatoes to carry around. I think she's teething too. She's drooling and chewing like a new puppy. Everything goes into her mouth. I think she's going to be a handful by the time she's crawling.

Here's a picture of my pretty-in-pink princesses! (Just because.)

Monday, September 26, 2011

barium swallow

I got the girls up nice and early at 7:00 to make it in time to pick up Matt from work, and get to Hanna's appointment at the hospital for her Barium Swallow at 8:15.
No one was ready to get up.
Everyone was up late the night before singing ABBA with Yuli on karaoke. Yuli and I have a weekly tradition of singing karaoke every Sunday night after my mom's big dinners, and this week was no exception.
Usually we can get the girls to sleep though, and this was the wrong night for them to stay up.

We got to our appointment after driving through a torrential downpour on the expressway, and Hanna willingly drank maybe 1/4 of the amount of barium she was expected to. I had to force the rest with a syringe. Oh joy.
The first X-Rays were taken while she drank, and then one about 1/2 an hour later.
Another one about 1/2 hour after that.
She was perfect for all of these pictures and followed all the directions from the techs.
We knew she would need another one taken about an hour, maybe two, after that, when it finally reached her small intestine.
So, every hour, until - get this - 2:00 my poor girl had to have another X-Ray taken. The barium was moving so slow, it took us all day!
At about 1:00 Matt ended up taking Gracie (who was extremely bored and tired and bad at this point), and Hailey to his mom's just 10 minutes away. He got to go to bed for a little while since he worked all night, and I stayed with Hanna to finish the test.
The radiologist reading the films thought maybe she had an obstruction because her large intestine appeared inflamed, and the barium was moving very slow. So he was very thorough and took as many pictures as he thought he needed. I was okay with that, and just hoping for the best.
Poor Hanna was just getting annoyed at this point. No food or drink in her system since midnight the night before, tired from being woke up, and on top of all that, being made to lay flat with a giant contraption being pressed on her tummy multiple times. I felt bad for her. She ended up falling asleep and waking up on the X-Ray table for the last picture.
She was happy when I told her we were all done, but I wasn't impressed. It was too late at this point for her doctor to even get the results. We would have to wait until the next day to find anything out. Especially after hearing she may have an obstruction, I was concerned!
I asked the technician if there was anything we could do, and she informed me that all of the reports and films that were done that day could be burned onto CD and brought with me to our doctor.
So we did that. And turns out, Hanna's tummy is just fine.
She's just literally - full of poop.  :)
He gave me some stool softeners to get things moving a little faster and some prevacid in case she has any more vomiting issues. I think the vomiting is from being backed up, personally.

I was actually very impressed with this doctor. He had such terrible reviews, but I really like him. He told me "please get your prescriptions filled here." instead of in our town. He works with a pharmacy, so just calls the prescriptions in and it's much faster. 
Turns out, he actually talked to the pharmacist, and had Hanna's prescriptions filled for free. He also asked if he could follow-up with Hanna. I told him that our doctor in town is more convenient for checkups, and he assured me "No no, he will still be her doctor. I just want to follow-up. Please bring her back in in a month. I'd like to follow up with the GI/bowel/growth. She's very interesting. Then you can kiss me goodbye if you like!"
I think it's nice that he's taking special interest in her. I was very pleased with the visit actually. 
Even though the day was headed in a very dreary direction, it turned out really good. I'm thankful for the doctors and nurses who worked for Hanna today, and all our family who helped, and left messages on our phone to "just check in and see how things went". We are very blessed.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

hailey's baptism

Today we had Hailey Baptized, and it was a beautiful day.
We decided to have an open house for our families after the 11:00am mass was over, so we had lunch. Of course everyone offered to bring something, so we had a really nice spread!
This is the first Baptism we've had at our new house, and I was kind of excited about decorating and getting ready to have company.
So Saturday night and Sunday morning we prepared.
Hailey wore the same little dress that each of the other girls wore, except she filled it out better. :)
I'm always disappointed with pictures at the Baptisms. Of course I forgot to bring the camera to church being in such a rush getting everyone ready to go. But even when I tried to get pictures at the house, they just didn't turn out! I think I'm going to have to put her back into her dress for some good pictures.
Here's one that was taken after her little bonnet and cape was off, and she was more than ready to be out of the dress all together. And that's the best I got!

Kristyn and Yuli came over Saturday night to help decorate. Didn't they do an awesome job?

Congratulations baby girl.

"The blessing of the Lord be upon you..."
-Psalm 129:8

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Today my mom and I brought Hanna into our local Allergy Wellness Center to have her tested. We've heard some interesting stories and figured we'd find out for ourselves how the program works. It would be great if allergies contributed to some of the growth troubles. We figured it wouldn't hurt to try.

And it literally didn't hurt.

This center does allergy screening different than most. It's done through one single acupuncture point on the finger. The potential allergen is exposed through a signal, and the nervous system's response is recorded on a computer.

Hanna was exposed to 153 potential allergens today.
Her nervous system reacted negatively to 97 of them.

Top of the list was sugars and MSG.
Also high on the list were many vitamins and minerals and other foods such as milk, eggs, and wheat. Another one we had no clue was bugs. Bee stings could be a bad thing for her. I'm glad we have a heads up on that one!

The best part about the test was it was totally non-invasive. Hanna was actually pretty entertained by the whole thing. We were pretty excited to see so many allergies come up. Only because these are things that her body has been rejecting and could be part of the reason for her poor growth.

So, what next?

We do treatments. A cold laser non-invasive light therapy device is used that carries a “balancing” frequency or energy. The light is applied at specific acupuncture points. Apparently allergy symptoms are the result of energetic imbalances. By applying a balancing frequency or energy at specific acupuncture points they can re-balance a person to the "allergen".

I don't know. Sounds a little crazy to me, but I will take it! I'll try anything. If she can get treatments and rid her of some of these things, maybe her little system will start to work a little more normally. Maybe she will start to absorb the good things that her body needs. Her digestion definitely isn't quite right, and maybe this could help. We'll try not to get our hopes up, but it's worth a try. If these treatments don't seem to help, then at least we know what things aren't agreeing with her.
What I'm really not sure is how we'll be able to take so many things out of her diet!

I have so much more to learn about this homeopathic way of treating and testing, but I think it's pretty darn interesting! We have another "treatment" next week, so I'll be sure to update again.

We're still waiting on the appointment for her barium swallow as well. Poor Hanna. She's a busy little girl lately.

She does have some fun things coming up too though! We have a CNIB playgroup this Friday at the Snoezelen Room! We're pretty excited about that. We haven't seen any of the other kids all summer, so it'll be great to see how everyone's doing, and maybe meet some new families.

I hope everyone's having a great week. I really do appreciate all the comments for my Hanna girl! Thank you!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

dangit - part 2

Okay, so we saw the GI specialist today and he decided not to do an ultrasound, or a scope (thank goodness). He's making Hanna an appointment at the hospital to have a barium swallow done. This is just where she drinks some nasty liquid and they do an X-Ray. He's looking for a bowel obstruction or a volvulus (bowel became twisted). If he doesn't find anything, we have more tests to do. He also said we should probably do some allergy tests as well just to rule things out. We already had these booked, so that'll get done soon too.
Hopefully we can find an answer to this. I'm tired of having so much unknown with this girl.
Thanks for all the concerned comments. It really means a lot knowing everyone's thinking of my Hanna girl.

Monday, September 19, 2011


If you've been reading the blog for long you probably remember this post. That was the first time Hanna randomly vomited with no known cause. Ever since then, she's done it once in a couple months, turning into once a month, and this past week, three times. She's perfectly fine up until a few minutes before she does, and back to normal right after. We were thinking it could be a food allergy. When it started happening more frequently though, we decided we should take her in to have her checked out. You just don't know with this girl!
We brought her in to see our family doctor today, and he referred us to a pediatric GI specialist. He will have an ultrasound done tomorrow and we'll see where we go from there. I'm hoping he doesn't have to do a scope. 

I'll update tomorrow after that appointment. 

Friday, September 16, 2011

dance class

Gracie and Bryanna had their first day of dance today!
Gracie was counting down the days from I don't even remember when. She was so excited the day was finally here!
She kept looking at the clock. She knew that at 4:00 we were going to start getting ready.
"Mama! The little hand is at the 4 and the big hand is at the 12! That means it's 4 a clock!"
So we got ready, and off we went.

We all had to gawk through the lobby door window, so the pictures aren't the best. 

Gracie and Bryanna are the ones with the pink ribbons and leg warmers on. (I think Gracie's legwarmers are upside-down. Oh well.)
They started with tap, then ended the class with ballet. There were 8 girls in total, and they already made a couple new friends! I think it will be a great year for them.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

park = therapy

Wow. There's a lot going on around here. A lot of family matters, and not much time to blog.
Kristyn and I took all the kids to a local park for a few hours today. It was a beautiful day, and a perfect one to just get away. It turned out to be quite the obstacle for Hanna, almost a therapy session, so I figured I'd post about it.

This play set is awesome. It's in the shape of a giant pirate ship - all wood. The kids had a blast.
Shortly after letting the kids run free though, I quickly realized that this was going to be a danger zone for Hanna.
This particular play set had many many different levels and steps. Hanna has a very hard time seeing different levels when everything is the same colour. With wood,  it's even worse. I don't know why, but it is.
Almost immediately after she made it to the top, she tripped on a single step up to the next "level". Shame on me for not paying attention. Sometimes I forget she has such limited vision, because she does so well with it.

I took her hand and did a walk-around the entire set with her, showing her where every step, railing, and ledge was. She quickly learned that there was a railing at just about every set of stairs, so that helped big time.
Kristyn stayed with Little Miss so I could stay on top of Hanna duty.

The hard thing was when it was just a single step down, there was no warning and almost every time she tumbled.
I know it sounds kind of bad. Me letting her go on this thing if it was such a hazard. But I couldn't just not let her play with the rest of the kids. This is how she learns. She didn't once get hurt, she just became more conscience of every little thing around her. Plus, I was right there.
Gracie actually helped a lot too. She was sure to tell everyone not to jump on the "rope" bridge while Hanna was crossing, and even held her hand for a good part of the beginning of the day. I even heard her tell another little girl who came to play that Hanna has special eyes.
Eventually Hanna started going on her bum. Just be safe.

She had a great time, and Gracie even talked her into going down the tunnel slide. This is a big deal. She hates those things! Usually panics.
But Gracie called her from the bottom, she hesitated for a second, and then, off she went!

Later on she started getting tired, (and probably annoyed with all the trick steps) and made her way over to the swings.

We decided to let Hailey have a little fun too, and share the baby swing with Hanna!

She wasn't very happy about barely being swung, and being used as a baby prop in the swing. :)

Everyone had a good day, and the kids even got to go down to the beach for a little bit. I found it as quite a challenge for Hanna which is why I'm focusing mainly on her.
I'm always amazed at how quickly she "catches on" in new situations. She's very brave, and a good sport when it comes to taking a few tumbles. She complains for a second, and then gets right back up so she doesn't miss a beat of what everyone else is doing. Then, after a short while of learning the 'zone', she's getting around just as well as everyone else. She's an amazing little string bean, and I'm so proud she's mine.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

hailey's 3 month pics preview

 Ever since I had Hanna, I've been taking my own pictures of the girls. I always do a newborn, 3 month, 6 month, 9 month and 1 year photo, and then yearly after that. Well, this time I got an offer to have a photographer come to the house and take some photos for free and I even got a free 5x7 out of it. How could you say no to that? Well, he got some pretty cute and goofy pictures of my littlest, and I had to share just a few. I have to save my favourite ones for later because he took those proofs back for now, until I get my real photos in. These ones are just proofs as well. 
I actually took pictures of the pictures just to show you.
You're welcome.

So, instead of just getting my free 5x7, of course I spent a small fortune on pictures...
How can you have pictures of your baby dangled in front of you, and not buy them!?

*NOTE* Hailey is not sitting yet. The photographer had a trick to get shots of her sitting. Unrealistic. Hence why they're not my favourites. :)

Sunday, September 4, 2011


Every Labour Day weekend we try to take the girls to the local fair.
There was so much going on this week, with the family, we weren't sure if we would make it. We entered in Fluffy, the bunny just for something fun for the girls to do, and really wanted to visit him.
Turns out Fluffy won Grand Champion! We had to see him! Since we could only put one of the girls' names on the application, we put Gracie's since she's the oldest. She will be the proud owner of a trophy after the ceremony in the winter, and even gets some sort of a money prize. For now though, she gets to show off her big ribbon.

He was happy to see us. I think he wanted out of that teeny cage!

After visiting all the animals, we went for a walk around to check out all the rides. We dont usually bother with the rides but we figured we'd treat the girls this time.
Hanna went on her first 'roller coaster' ride and loved it! Laughed the entire time.
Gracie had to go on the ferris wheel, and they did the swings. That was plenty. To finish off the day we threw some money down the toilet let them play a game and even got some cotton candy. Spoiled! 

It was a nice last "hurah!" for the end of summer. I hope everyone had a great weekend.

Friday, September 2, 2011

back to normal

Hailey that is. Thanks for all the nice comments on the last couple posts. Hailey is doing just fine now.
We've got the humidifier going strong 24/7 upstairs, but I'm also going to be sleeping downstairs with her when I can while Matt's off for the long weekend...just to be sure. 
She's barely got the cough anymore and she's a happy little thing.

The older girls had a bit of something too, but they're fine now as well. Something was going around, that's for sure!

Hanna's starting to talk a lot more. It's not like she doesn't say anything, it's just that we can't understand what she says!
I heard her loud and clear the other morning though when I handed her the peanut butter toast I made her for breakfast.
She looked at it, pushed it away and said in a little British accent "no-oo...", walked over to the microwave and said "pie!". We had chicken pie the night before and she loved it...
When I told her that we didn't have any left she looks at me and says "pizza!".
The kid knows what she wants, that's for sure. I'm not sure where she got the accent from in her "no", but it really is the cutest thing. 

 She still uses D's a lot for her non-D she says "da da doot!" for something. Not entirely sure what, but Gracie swears she's saying "duck duck goose". Gracie responds to her with "no, Hanna, I dont want to play duck duck goose right now."
It's pretty hilarious actually.

Speaking of Gracie, she's going to be a trophy holder pretty soon. We're all pretty excited about that. Tomorrow I'll get into those details with, of course, some pictures!