Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

I hope everyone had a great Halloween! We did! We always get together with my sisters' families, and Melissa and Chris and their little ones. My dad took us on a hayride around the neighborhood (relatives' houses) and the kids got more treats than they know what to do with!
Matt designed and sewed his own Swiper the Fox costume by hand. (Just thought that was worth mentioning.)

I was hoping to have the big group picture to include, but it's on Kristyn's camera! Darnit.
Happy Halloween!!

Definitely worth mentioning...
Hanna said "Trick or treat!!" and "Thank you" at every single house this year!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

halloween party

My cousin Melissa and her husband Chris threw an awesome Halloween Party for all the kids. They have 2 littles, and then there were my two sisters' and mine. All together there were 10 kids.
Melissa made some really awesome dishes for them. There were hotdog octopi, fruit and marshmellow mouths, blood punch with eyeballs and spooky shaped sandwiches! She did an awesome job.

 After lunch the kids got to decorate their own pumpkins to take home, and cupcakes for dessert!
The babies just hung out. Not sure what Evy is doing here. :) She is just over 2 months older than Hailey, so they had some fun grabbing at eachother.
Thanks guys for the party! We should make it a new tradition, for sure!

Friday, October 28, 2011

just us girls

So, we had a crazy couple weeks, but things are looking up. I felt like I was losing all sanity there for a couple days.
Hanna not eating is enough to drive me to a loony bin. But as of last night (thanks to my mom) she's been eating normally again.
Anything's a treat coming from my mom, so all she had to do was offer her potatoes with butter.
Why did I move out...?
"Hugs!" is what Hanna said while squeezing her baby. Good thing Hailey doesn't have teeth yet!
Hailey's 100% back to herself. Her smiley, happy self.
                                Yes, that's a bit of "pukey" below her lip. :)
 We got some Zhu Zhu pets from Gramma. Ayden (my 7 year old brother-in-law) just grew out of them, so we got the whole slew of 'em. Silly little things, but the girls love them!

 There was a great deal of joy added to my day just from helping the girls try to figure these things out. Which piece went where, why some of the hamsters make cow noises...
 Laughing at the silly things being said. Mainly by Gracie.
Hanna made me giggle when she told Hailey "don't touch!" when she tried to grab a hamster from her.
The simplicity of all of them playing on the floor together made my day.
 This little girls' grown-up grin made me remember how lucky I am to have three beautiful, healthy girls.
We had fun today, hanging out, just us girls and the Zhu Zhu pets.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

appointments and getting better

Hanna had her follow-up appointment with her GI doctor today.
He was (frustratingly) in a hurry today. He didn't even sit down with us in the room. He walks in, asks how she's doing, walks out the door while he's still talking, comes back and gives me a couple suggestions, and walks back out as he's telling me to come back in a couple months.
No measuring, so weighing, didn't even say hello to Hanna.
He did tell me that her very slow digestive motility is causing her acid reflux, and the Prevacid that she's on is probably not going to do the job until she's on it for a while. He ordered her a six month supply, and to see her back in December.
So, that makes me feel better about the couple vomiting episodes she's had lately.
She been an extremely fussy eater for the last few days, and it's driving me nuts. The kid doesn't have anything on reserve for those non-eating days, so it worries me. I think all kids go through some sort of fussiness at mealtimes, but with Hanna, I hate it.
Hopefully she'll get her appetite back very soon.

Hailey's feeling much better. Because of the adrenaline treatments she got, she was extremely fidgety, and wouldn't sleep. She had dark rings around her eyes, and just looked horrible.
Last night around 11pm, (when she should have been asleep) she was playing - which was a great sign! She was all smiles and had normal colour back in her face.
Today she's the same. Happy! She's got a raspy little voice, and her squeals barely make their way out, but she is all around better, and you can see it in her eyes. Hurray for the croup eviction!
Tonight she learned how to drink from a straw! What a big girl she is.

Monday, October 24, 2011

the evil croup

It's back full force in my baby girl. 

Last night me, Matt, and of course the girls went over to my parents' house to visit with my brother, Timmy and Yuli. My parents went up North for a few days, so it was the perfect opportunity to get together and play Rockband without disturbing anyone trying to sleep. :) Yuli picked it up for dirt cheap, and we wanted to try it out! We were looking forward to it all week, and Gracie proved to be a really good drum player!
Shortly after we got there though, Hailey's dry cough that's been around for a couple days turned into a high pitched bark.
I spent most of the night with her outside sitting on the porch swing in the cool air. It helped for a while, but not enough. Around 1:30am, we called an ambulance, just to be safe.
After 3 adrenaline treatments, 2 steroid treatments, and 3 X-rays, we were able to go home. It was about 7am at this point.
The doctor scheduled an appointment for 11:00, so we went all the way home and came back 2 hours later.
X-rays came back clear, but he ordered us some steroids for at home. It's pretty sad that she's only five months old and has had croup twice! Apparently it's rare to even occur in kids under 6 months old. 
Thank you to Yuli for coming out to the hospital with me to keep us company so Matt could stay back with the girls. So appreciated!!

Little Miss is okay now and is sitting on my lap as I type this. She should be sleeping, but hasn't done hardly any of that since last night. I'm blaming the meds. She's a little irritable.

Poor girl. I've never seen her as upset as she was last night.

I think she's happy to be home now.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

5 months

Oh my gosh.
I can't beleive my baby is already 1 month away from being half way to a year!
Time has gone by too fast, and I want it back.
Hailey is a little joy. She's always happy.
Even when she's fussy you can get her to crack a smile.
She's been doing a lot of sitting lately. She's nice and round, so she sits quite well. :)
She's still a great eater, and a great sleeper! The past couple nights she's slept until 7am. That is unheard of around here.
The sleeping history of the other girls doesn't really even exist because they did not sleep.
They ate all night. In bed with me. Not once did either of them sleep in the crib. Hailey is quite a (nice) difference!

She flips from back to tummy, tummy to back all day long. I think she'll be a crawler. She scoots like an inch worm when she's got enough space to do it. Her little bum comes up, and she pushes her feet to move across the floor or playpen.

I can't say it enough, girl. Slow down!! You're growing up too fast! 

Saturday, October 22, 2011

3 years old already

Today is Hanna's actual birthday.
3 years ago she entered this world as a little 6lb 11oz bundle of joy.
Now she's a just-under-3-foot, 20-pounder.
A funny little girl.

I woke up this morning and gave her an extra kiss and thought about how far she has come, again, one year later.

She's running, jumping, pedaling a bicycle.

She's talking.

She knows all her colours. All of them.

She's learning letters.

She's a smart little girl.

She's got something about her that makes anyone fall in love with her instantly.

Her smile can light up a room.

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl.
We love you!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Hanna!

We celebrated Hanna's birthday with my side of the family tonight. It was a great party!
I did a rainbow/candy party for Hanna since she knows all her colours now, and I thought she'd get a kick out of it.

She loves when everyone sings to her. She gets the biggest grin on her face. Once again, she didn't blow the candles hard enough. She knows exactly what she's doing, but just can't get them out!
All the gifts she got were so thoughtful and perfect for her.
We ended up getting her a big art easel. It's got a black board on one side, white board on the other, and of course a nice big area for paper. I think she'll get a lot of use out of it. It will end up being great for all three girls I think.

We did Matt's birthday as well (better late than never) with everyone. One funny moment was when he opened a gift card from my parents. It was attached to a bottle of coke (his favourite). The gift card was for Canadian Tire, but we call it "Crappy Tire" by habit. After he opened the gift card, he says "oh thanks a lot you guys! There's a 'Crappy' gift card in here!" It was funny. Like he was calling the gift card crappy. (In case anyone got lost there...)
It was a good party.

Thanks to everyone who came and made Hanna's birthday such a special night! She had a blast!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Tonight we packed the kids up and headed 3 minutes down the road to my mom's where we've been carving pumpkins every year as long as I remember.
The past two years, we've done it with my brother, Timmy and Yuli.

Last year Hanna was totally freaked out by the look of the inside of a pumpkin. This year she was right in there saying "hellooo" into it to hear it echo. I love looking back every year and seeing how far she's come.
Gracie had a great time drawing hers and having Daddy carve it out for her. She wanted nothing to do with the "goopy stuff" though.


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

hanna's party #1

As I mentioned the other day, my special little middle child is going to be three years old already!
Tonight we had a celebration with my in-laws! It was also Brendan's (my brother-in-law) birthday today, so we celebrated that as well. Happy sixteenth Bren!!
Since Hanna loves Pablo from Backyardigans, I decided to do up a Pablo cake.
Don't laugh.
I had to draw it freestyle.
She loved it, so that's all that matters isn't it?

When we started singing Happy Birthday, she got all embarrassed...

and tried ever-so-hard to blow out her candles.
She was blowing perfectly, but she wanted to get too close because she wasn't blowing hard enough. Matt ended up blowing them out for her, but we know she could've done it!

These next pictures have poor quality. The lighting was really bad.
Waiting patiently for gifts.

The first gift she got was money.
She was so excited about getting money to pick out a gift! :) She stood up, and said "dat YOOU!!" (thank you)

She actually did the same thing after every single gift.
I got a kick out of her. She was so excited.
She loved her little Strawberry Shortcake playsets she got.
Her Gramma and Grandad got her a snow suit that she was even excited about! She even tried on the mits and hat. (And they fit!)
After she opened her last gift, she stood up, said "dat YOOU!" and started going through her stuff saying "where's my money!"
Silly girl.
One party left! That one will be on Friday with all the kids on my side. :)
She's not quite three yet. Not until Saturday!