Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thursday - our last day

We decided to check out late, and stay at the pool as long as we could since the girls loved it so much. 
This is the day Hanna mastered swimming on her own (with her water wings). Gracie was even brave enough to try to learn to swim without hers. She was a little bit too brave, so I made her put them back on. :) 
We had a great day in the cool air - below 60 degrees, but the sun was shining, and the pool water was warm. It was a nice last day.
After finishing up with souvenir shopping, and last minute snack stops, we hit the road around 3:00pm.
We made a stop at McDonald's to let the girls get out for a while and run around. Then drove straight through until about midnight, to Chattanooga Tennessee where we spent the night.

Now I'll leave you with a video of my big girl swimming!


I always love hearing Gracie's little voice in videos and such. So darn cute.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wednesday - Disney World!

Disney World is something I think you have to do at least once with your kids. We are lucky, because we had the opportunity to do it now. The girls are so young, we would have never taken them yet. But when my parents asked us to go, we jumped at it! What two and three year old wouldn't love to go see Mickey Mouse?
Maybe they wont remember it, but they will be thrilled.
And they were.
Almost as soon as we got there, we saw Pluto! The girls weren't shy at all and ran right up. Gracie was into the hugging, but Hanna was a little more hands-off.

Almost immediately after, we got to see Daisy Duck!

 Daisy got kisses from Hanna.
Not too sure what Gracie was thinking though...

The wait time for every ride we went on, was as long as it took to walk to the end. It was amazing. The longest was probably 10 minutes.

We did Buzz Lightyear...
and then saw Pooh and Tigger!

We had to do the tea pots. (Sorry Kristyn.)
Gracie loved them! This was the first "fast" ride that she's really been on. My dad isn't a ride person, especially a spinning ride person, so it was a big deal he went on these.
I went with him and Hanna on the slow teapot, while Matt, Gracie and my mom went wild in the one next to us.

Then we were off to the Winney the Pooh ride.

Gracie wouldn't appreciate me telling everyone about this, but after the Pooh ride, guess who came along, bouncing skipping through the park.
Right in Gracie's direction.
Tigger of course!
And I betcha you can't guess what happened next.
They had a collision!!
Gracie saw hoola hoops, and took off toward them without seeing Tigger coming from behind.
Tigger bounced Gracie.
He tumbled right over her, knocking her onto the ground with him.
We keep telling her she should be proud of that because not everyone gets bounced by Tigger...but she gets totally embarrassed every time we mention it.
I got pictures of the aftermath.

Yeah, she was screaming in those.
Not sure if she's a big Tigger fan now.
Poor guy. How hard do you think it was for him to not say anything?
Just for fun though, look at the pictures again. There's a lady getting it all on her iphone. I wonder how long that will take to get on youtube. Titled: "Girl gets run over by Tigger"

Moving on...

Dumbo ride was next. Gracie said "Daddy's afraid to go on this one, so I'm going to sit with him."

That's about the best picture I have of this one! My mom, dad and Hanna were below us, on the next elephant with the camera.
Gracie wasn't a fan of the Snow White ride. Too much witch.
Hanna loved it though!

Poor Hanna was asleep for the carousel. Turns out it was Gracie's favourite.
We could have just taken her to the mall!

It's a Small World was another favourite. Hanna danced and clapped along the entire time. Gracie thought the "dolls" were cute.

The Swiss Family Robinson Tree House always impresses me. You "climb" all the way up this artificial tree that perfectly resembles the one from the movie. It's crazy.

Gracie was able to ride her very first roller coaster in Mickey's Toon Town Fair. Hanna, my dad and I all had to sit this one out. Hanna was too little, expectant mother's shouldn't ride, and my dad, well...he was just glad to stay back.

We got to walk through Mickey's house, and then Minney's house, but I think the best part was when we got to meet Mickey!
I think us adults were more thrilled about the whole thing to be honest.
We followed the signs to meet Mickey in this big tent, but nobody else was there, so we didn't know what to expect.
We got to a roped off area, and a man let us into another hallway. We had to go through a door that was guarded by a woman, and then she let us into another room, where Minney and Mickey were waiting for us! It was very cute.
We felt pretty special.

 Below: In Minney's chair.
We hit up every single ride the girls could go on, and did every little show. Hanna absolutely loved the 3D magic show. It was really neat because we know she was even seeing the 3D illusion. I caught her trying to reach up at nothing while she had her little 3D glassses on. Pretty amazing.
Gracie was hilarious in this one because she's never done anything 3D before. Within the first minute she almost jumped out of her seat, and then ducked and dodged every little object that appeared to come toward her. It was pretty funny.

I could post pictures of everything we did, but it would literally take me all night.

The girls had an amazing time, and I'm so glad we were able to go. Thanks again, mom and dad. It was awesome.

Now I can't wait to go back!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday - at the beach

Today was calling for rain and possible nasty storms, so we figured it'd be best to spend at least some of the day at the beach, and save Disney World until tomorrow.
My dad found us a really nice, quiet beach. It was a nice, sunny day, so we brought our lunch, our mats, and buckets, and started searching for some pretty shells!
The only problem... was incredibly windy!
We stuck it out though and had a really nice day.

We saw a bunch of these guys.

 I tried to capture how windy it was in this next picture. We were literally being sandblasted.

 We walked for a while looking for a better spot to sit and play, but we never found it. It was just too windy. It was a nice walk though! Eventually we came to a little lagoon area and Gracie was able to build her sand castle. Hanna didn't like the wind at all so went with my mom and dad over to the play area that was more protected from it. Eventually we all joined them.
After a while we made our way back to the condo, just a little while before the big storm hit.
We ordered pizza, and stayed put for the rest of the night.

Gracie found some pretty awesome shells that she's very anxious to show "Binny" and Austin.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday - Day 3

We spend another day at the pool today.
The girls love this pool! It's like a giant bathtub. It's so warm.

Gracie finally jumped into the water on her own off the deck, and Hanna mastered swimming on her own with the water wings!
Hanna also learned two new words today.
"ready" and "go!"
And it's super cute when she says them. :)

We saw our first lizard today too! We've been looking for them and thought maybe it was the wrong time of year to see them.
But they proved us otherwise.
We saw them all over, after that!
Jody and Tim (old family friends) also dropped by today. They were actually catching their flight back home from their vacation just a little while from where we were staying.
We all hung out at the pool.
Gracie eventually wanted to check out the little play center area they had, so I went over with her while Matt and Hanna continued to swim.

Oh, and did I mention the weather was beautiful?
It was.
All day.
We really weren't expecting a lot. We would have been happy with 60's.
We went out and checked out some souvenir shops, and ate at the Olive Garden! I think it's everyone's favourite place, and we don't have them back home. Awesome treat!
Awesome day.