Tuesday, July 26, 2011

7 links

When I was visiting Sugar's blog, Grateful Mama, I was reading through her latest post called "7 links". It's a fun way to bring up old posts and great for new readers to see some of your older stuff. When I got to the bottom, I realized she nominated me to do it too! How fun! So here I go!

1) My Most Beautiful Post

Hm...this is hard! I'll probably have to choose I'm thankful for that, It was posted on Thanksgiving, but I'm thankful every day for these things.

2) My Most Popular Post

According to my Blogger Stats page Hanna's Story has the most pageviews. Doesn't really surprise me because Hanna is a very special, unique little girl!

3) My Most Controversial Post

Um...I really don't have any controversial posts. I don't think! Moving on...

4) My Most Helpful Post

Well I'm not sure any of my posts are very helpful. So, I chose birthday girlsMaybe if someone is looking for birthday cake ideas, this could help them out! Haha...
 I was pretty proud of that cake. :)

5) A Post Whose Success Surprised Me

I'll have to say a good cause and easy way to help. This was my Canine Assistance charity post, and I'm so glad we could help somehow!

6) A Post I Feel Didn't Get the Attention it Deserved

This is one of my first posts, so I'm sure many people haven't read it. one important tip talks about what I learned when researching for Hanna. I found it extremely helpful in our case.

7) A Post I am Most Proud of

Oh man, I dont know! I'm proud of all my posts. I'm not a good writer, in any way...but I'm proud of the life I have, and that reflects in all of my posts.
So, now I have to choose 5 blogs to nominate to do their own 7 Links post! Don't feel like you have to do it. I'm going to list 7 blogs that I think deserve to be visited. These are a few of the many that I enjoy reading and keeping up with.

Sammy at Cherished
And of course, make sure you check out Sugar Magnolia over at her blog Grateful Mama. Thanks for nominating me...it was lots of fun!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

crazy thing

I woke up yesterday morning and noticed that Hailey's finger was turning purple!
I looked at it closer, and saw a hair wrapped around and around so tight on her finger it was cutting off circulation.
I have never seen that happen before, and can't quite figure out how she managed that!
She's always got a handful of my hair when I'm holding her, but how it wrapped around like that, I can't figure out.
This is a picture we took today of the mark it leftStill showing after a full day. 
See, on her middle finger?
It was so tight even, I could barely get it off. Honestly, I kind of panicked!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

2 months

Yup, our littlest princess is already 2 months old!


I wont know any accurate measurments until her two month checkup, but I'm sure she's over 12 lbs now.
She sleeps great at night (sometimes a four hour stretch!), and plays hard during the day.
She's a very pleasant, a little very high maintenance, and very smiley baby.
She's brought a lot of extra joy into our little home, so I think she's a keeper.
The only negative thing I have to say about her, is that she's growing too fast!
Slow down baby girl!

Friday, July 22, 2011

beating the heat

The past week has been insanely hot. Dreadfully hot. Like...disgustingly hot. Very thankful for the summery weather, but could do without temps in the 100's and humidity making it feel like 120.
we've been doing good to beat it!
We've done lots of this:

and this:
and this:
We're having a great summer so far.
With all the swimming we've been doing, Hanna's gotten pretty good, and pretty brave.
She loves it.
She wears only her water wings now, which is brave compared to Gracie who must wear a ring too!
She floats on her back,

on her tummy,
and occasionaly gets freaked out when swimming over things at the bottom of the pool. Like leaves.
Gracie's always loved the water. She's the one who cares about the temperature of the water the least.
Temperature wasn't something to worry about this week though. The pool was almost not refreshing. Bath water really. We even brought Hailey in, who loved it just as much as her big sisters!
I hope everyone is enjoying the heat - and beating it as much as us!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

take-off-the-hay day!

Like every year, it was one of the hottest days. There was lots of help though, so it went really quick.
I couldn't help this year, so I stayed inside with Nanny and Hailey.
My camera got passed around though, and there were some good pictures taken of the action we missed! 

 It's hard work, but it's always a fun time.

Friday, July 15, 2011

"the tomato kind"

So today I had one of those "bad mom" moments.

Matt had his brother, AJ over and they were working on re-building AJ's bike, but they needed to go to my mom and dad's so they could work in my dad's workshop. I took the girls over there too, because, well...we just wanted to go visit.
Matt decided to BBQ up some hotdogs. Regular beef hotdogs. Hanna ate hers fine, but Gracie - who is a crazy ketchup fanatic, and very picky eater - was crying saying hers was spicy. I kept telling her there was no way that it could be spicy because they were plain old hotdogs, and I would never give her anything like that! It got to the point where she wouldn't even try to eat any more, so, losing patience with her, I dunked a peice in the ketchup on her plate and stuck it in her mouth.
She then says with tears in her eyes "now it's even spicier!". At this point I knew that there was obviously really something she didn't like about these hotdogs. I sent her away after scolding her, and took a bite myself to finish up her plate.
I noticed right away that it was definitely spicy. But it wasn't the hotdog. It was the ketchup.

Picture courtesy of: Amazon.com

Timmy (my brother), and my dad love their hot sauce, and had a bottle of this in the fridge. Matt (yes it was Matt's fault),  :)  didn't notice the different label and poured some on Gracie's plate.
I felt so bad!
I called Gracie back into the house and assured her that it was Uncle Timmy's hot ketchup and now she could enjoy her hotdog. She says to me , this time with heartbroken tears in her eyes, "yeah, I want the tomato kind."

Sunday, July 10, 2011

special gift from a special family!

My friend Jenn and her family sent us an awesome gift from http://framethealphabet.com/, to celebrate the birth of Hailey! It was so nice of them, and made us feel so very special! Although I don't have a picture of the frame itself, I have one of the girls enjoying the bubble wrap from the packaging it came in!
Thank you so much Jenn, for the thoughtful gift and making us feel so special! It really means so much!

Friday, July 8, 2011

goals and accomplishing them

I like love to have different goals for Hanna, because I love watching her accomplish every one! Today I let her paint with Gracie. Usually this is a Gracie-only activity while Hanna has her nap, but since she doesn't nap very often any more, we figured we'd let her join in on the fun. I used puck paints for her first time. Nice and messy. :)
One goal in the Oregon is to fingerpaint and make vertical, horizontal and circular motions.
She did every one after watching me once. With a brush.
I also caught her putting the lids back on the markers later on while colouring. (Some of them anyway.)
I remember when it was a huge deal when she could get the lids off!
She's come a long way with her fine motor skills. That's really the only thing she's needed to work on. That, and language.
SO, our main goals lately are language related.
She talks. She talks a lot.
But we have to get her to at least try to articulate certain sounds. She's lazy. She begins most words with the "d" sound.
For some things, you can understand exactly what she saying like:
"I did it"
"dont touch it"
But when she says "Koda", it sounds more like "dada",
and "outside" sounds more like "doudide".
"Thank you" is "dat you"
etc, etc.
So that's the goal now. Get her to work more at her words. She will get it!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Gracie and Hanna...

...love their new baby sister!
 She's not holding her nearly as tight as it looks, I swear. :)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sunday, July 3, 2011

perfect way to end the weekend

My mom and dad always have everyone (my brothers, sisters, and their families, and us) over every Sunday for dinner. This weekend they were up North, but we (who could make it) had a BBQ over there anyhow. Matt and I picked up a bunch of ice cream and fireworks for the kids, and it was a great ending to our Canada Day long weekend.

Take a look at all these dirty, ice cream kids!
Gracie was ready for the fireworks...
hence the headphones.
Remember, she's terrified of them.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Canada Day!

Today we celebrated Canada's Birthday by going into town for the ice cream festival! A popular kids TV station was doing a show there as well, so we figured we'd check out everything going on.
It was a hot day, but the girls were champs and braved the heat all day.
Hanna wasn't quite brave enough to ride the ponies like Gracie did.

We browsed quickly through the concession stands, and made our way to a nearby park that was much less crowded and busy and walked for a while.

Once it got too hot to stand anymore, we took off and went to my mom and dad's to take advantage of the pool!

Eventually almost everyone ended up over there.

We hung out until we had to take off to Gram's for dinner.
On our way home, we made perfect timing to watch the fireworks in town. We stayed a good distance away (for Gracie's sake) and sat in the van in a nearby parking lot. Not exactly an ideal way to watch fireworks, but since Gracie's terrified of the bangs, and afraid they will actually hit her, we figured it was better there.  :)
Happy Canada Day!