Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Now, just so we don't get ahead of ourselves here...
No, I did not take a picture of her poor little toe before cleaning her up, kissing her better, and covering it up with a band-aid.
No, she was not willing to have her picture taken after the incident.

These pictures were taken the day after Hanna had her hands on an extra large bottle of Pledge, while Matt and I were doing some Christmas cleaning. The bottle was dropped directly on her toe, actually cutting her toe open. It was almost directly on the joint, so it kept opening up when she bent her toe. Poor little thing.
The next day all she had to do was hit it, and it opened right up again (shown in the picture).
Poor baby.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

good mama

Hanna spent her birthday money on some dolls at Toys R Us that she came across. They came in a pack of three. Triplets. They move their heads, and talk and giggle. Kinda cute, but also kinda annoying when there's three of them, and three and of my own making noise all day long in my little house.
She loves these things. She carries all three of them around the house, and has told me several times "Hay-wee OUT" if she's in the walker, because she figures her babies should be in it instead.
Usually all three of them are in it together. When the swing was out for Hailey, she did the same thing.
She sings to them, covers them up, and puts them to sleep.
She feeds them plastic corn and brownies.
She even takes their hands and makes them "walk" beside her.

She's such a good little mama.

Friday, November 25, 2011

memory stick...

Gracie: (While handing me a memory stick) "So, this is a memory stick.    ....   Does it help you bemember things?"

Me: ".....  ?  .........Haha!!! Ha! Ha!! Hahaha!!"

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

6 months

I am honestly starting to get depressed here.
My baby is half way to one year old already!

Hailey Elizabeth is now just over 18 pounds.
She's sitting up very well, and loves it when her sisters act goofy.
She still loves her Farley cookies, and any pureed fruit. She's also taken a liking to granny smith apples.
She rarely takes more than one long (about 40 minutes) nap a day, which makes for a busy day for mama. She gets bored easily, so she has to be entertained.

She's already a little trouble maker.
I can't say it enough, Little Miss.
Slow down a little!

Friday, November 18, 2011

still doesn't quite get it...

Last year I quoted Gracie saying "Mama, can we make a cup of cheer?" while handing me a Christmas mug.

This year, she mentioned it again...but it was most definitely thought about much more intently this time around.
Today, exactly 2 days after the day she said the above, she asks me this:
"Mama, is 'cheer' another word for...'hot chocolate'?"

A little closer, but she still just doesn't quite get it. My baby's growing up!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Some nights are complete chaos around here.

Let's rewind to a couple weeks ago.

Gracie has been sleeping in her own bed for a good month now! She starts out in her bed, and comes in with us later on. Sometimes she even makes it all night! 
Anyhow, it was a normal night. I was up with the baby downstairs, and Matt tucked in Gracie and put Hanna to sleep. Later on (of course after Matt had already left for work) Hanna woke up in a screaming fit (I think she has night terrors). So, I made my way upstairs. I put Hailey in her crib and laid down with Hanna. My bedroom door closed behind me, and I heard footsteps running down the stairs into the pitch darkness. I thought to myself it must be Koda. So I just stayed quiet and listened. A few minutes later I heard more fast footsteps but this time back up the stairs. There was whimpering accompanying them this time.
I called for Gracie, and she walked into my room just yelling at me in a scratchy voice. Not moving away from the side of my bed. 
I was freaked out.
I snapped her out of it, and she started crying saying she wanted to sleep in my bed. I helped her up, and she just sat there, crying.
She said "my pants are a little wet." and I asked her if she maybe peed her pants (which is extremely odd for her).
She got more upset and assured me "it wasn't her". I got her up to change her (very) wet pants, which now soaked through my mattress, which lead to me going downstairs for cleaning supplies. The laundry room is just through the bathroom, and on my way in, I stepped in a huge puddle of pee. I told Gracie about it, and she had no idea what happened. She slept walked all the way downstairs (even though there's a bathroom upstairs with the light on all night FOR HER right outside her bedroom). 
The other girls awake and upset at this point, causing that much more craziness.
I scrubbed the mattress, cleaned her up, and my feet, brought everyone downstairs, turned on cartoons and called Yuli. She came and helped me out with the chaos. I slept at my mom's that night. 

-I hate Matt working midnights.-

Now, come back to present time. I'm laying here in a dark and quiet bedroom with all three of my baby girls.
About an hour ago, I was downstairs saying bye to Matt with Hailey. The other two girls upstairs asleep.
Hanna started crying, so I came upstairs and instantly smelled vomit.
She got sick while she was asleep.
I put Hailey in her crib and she played in there for a few minutes while I scrubbed the mattress, again.
I flipped it, and went downstairs to get newly washed sheets from baby puke the night before.
Hanna screamed the whole time, which led to Hailey screaming, which led to Gracie waking up down the hall and coming in to tell me in her most whiniest voice ever "I wanna sleep with you....but I need my Tinkerbell blanket!!"
Give me a break already!
I responded with, "yes, bring your blanket because I don't have any clean ones anymore. Also, bring your pillow because mine have both been puked on as well."
Keeping up with laundry is ridiculous around here. I swear I have to wash bed clothes daily for one reason or another.
I got the girls in a clean, dry bed and picked up the baby because she was really screaming at this point and, of course, now I had to go to the bathroom!
Sitting there, and Little Miss pukes nice orange sweet potatoes all over me and the clothes I just changed into after cleaning up - yes you know it - puke.
Now I'm sitting here, on the 12 inches of bed Gracie left for me, a skinny arm under my back, and a baby across my stomach.
Ah, the joys of parenthood.

Did I mention that I hate Matt working midnights?

Friday, November 11, 2011

pictures of the day

I haven't changed very many dirty diapers lately, believe it or not! Only wet ones!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

the best hand-me-downs ever!

A few months back (yes I'm extremely delayed), I got these in the mail.

They came from Jenn 14 hours or 1300 kms away!
Sweet Addie helped her mom clean up some of her favourite Lelli Kellys and send them off to us.
How special is that?
Gracie's feet are just too big, and Hanna's too small, but they will sit in the closet until she can wear them.
Thanks again, Jenn. It truly made us feel so special to have these shoes sent to us from so far away! Even just that you thought of the girls means so much! We're blessed to have such amazing long distance friends.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

this and that and girls updates

We've been busy around here doing not too much of anything!

I finally got a new phone that I've been pretty excited about. It's one of the fancy smart phones and it's taking me a while to figure out how to use the thing!

The girls were playing with the dollhouse accessories and dolls on the floor the other day. Gracie was playing fairies with her dolls and told me that they were on their way to "dry island". All of a sudden, she looked at me, serious as ever, and said "mama, dry island exploded." I couldn't help but laugh out loud because, honestly, it surprised me! I said "How did that happen!?" and she says "It got too dry because it was hot and it just exploded. The ponies had to run and run until they found a new spot and this one's tail was on fire. It's okay now, but she was scared."
I don't know where she came up with that!
Crazy kid. She's still loving dance class and is always showing us new moves!
Here she wanted me to take a picture of her and "her pets doing tricks".
Just a side note here...
These little guys came from Jenn Henderson. Remember, when I finally got to meet her on our way to Florida? They love their little dollhouse pets, Jenn!

Hanna has been good, and happy lately. She's eating good and hasn't had any stomach upsets which is awesome! At the allergy clinic, we've had to have her treated for gluten 3 times so far. It hasn't been working, so hopefully when we go in this week there will be at least some change. We're trying to avoid as much gluten as we can, but it's hard when it's either her eating gluten, or not eating at all. My mom even made some special gluten-free waffles for her. (Thank goodness for my mama.) She took a bite, and spit it out. Wouldn't even eat the regular Eggo waffles after that. I got her to eat one the other day, but I told her it was a pancake, so she wasn't expecting her regular waffles that she loves. I added a bit of chocolate on it, and smothered it in butter and syrup. That time she ate it. I just have to trick her, because she's a smarty pants!
Speaking of smarty pants. She now knows the following letters. She will point them out when asked, or tell you the letter when you point to it.
A, B, E, H, I, M, N, O, T, U, and Y!!!
Pretty good, huh!!!!???
If you call her name from across the house, she responds with "what?!" which I thought was pretty darn funny.
I caught her knocking dolls down the stairs the other day saying "awe meen!" (Her version of awe MAN.)
She's a funny kid.
I recently took her 3 year photos! Here's my favourite.
Hailey's been cracking me up too lately. She's getting so big so fast. She's about 18 lbs now. Still hasn't had her 4 month shot because she was so sick and I was advised not to. I think I'll just bring her in when she's 6 months, and delay that shot a couple months too. Here's a couple of her from tonight. Funny funny girl.

I hope everyone's well!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

picture of the day

Gracie was teaching Hanna how to write her name.