Friday, December 28, 2012

little princesses

Hailey is such a little brute, but she's so girly at the same time. She's always walking around in little high heels, or sticking as many crowns on her head that will fit. 
She keeps us laughing. And she keeps Hanna laughing. 
I walked into the kitchen to Hanna laughing hysterically because Hailey was trying to put crowns on her head. Hanna just took the abuse.

Funny girls I have.  

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Finally, some snow!

Well I guess all the wishing and hoping for snow worked this year! We had a nice blanket of snow on the ground by the end of boxing day this year. Could have been a day earlier, but we can't asked for too much I guess, can we?
Here's a shot of our backyard out the bathroom window this morning!
  Kristyn's kids came over already to get out with my girls on the hill with their toboggans and I'm sure there will be a lot more of that! It's awesome because if it's just the older kids going out, we can just watch right out my window from the warm house. :)  
Matt went out with them the first time so he could go down with Hanna. It's a pretty steep and treacherous route for such a little girl. 

Now let's bring on some more snow! 

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Evening

After hitting the road one more time to come home from Matt's parent's, we headed to mine
Everyone was there just waiting for us to show up so we could start all the fun! 

 My mom wrapped up a big box filled with individual presents for each of the kids to open, in no particular order at all. The girls thought it was pretty funny when Cameron opened up a baby doll. These gifts were to stay at her house. What a great idea! We all have more toys than we know what to do with at home, so what's better than having them open presents that stay at Nanny's?! It was perfect. Those toys kept them busy so everyone else could start giving out some gifts, and then they opened their main present. My mom made each of them lap trays for the car. Custom made to their individual likes. It was so thoughtful and perfect. Of course Hanna's had a big light at the top to illuminate everything.
   Everyone's been passing around colds and flus, hence the reason for the toilet paper roll in the basket in front of my sister. :)
 It was a fun night, and a great extension to our Christmas. This is only the second year that we've waited until Christmas Evening to celebrate at my mom's. We used to go straight from my Nanny's on Christmas Eve at about 1:30am. This kids are just way too (understandably) out of it, we had to do something different, and this is perfect! 
Thanks mom and dad for everything. You did too much again this year - like always. 

Christmas Day

Santa Claus worked hard all night to make sure that the girls woke up to exactly what they asked for and more under the tree. Of course he adorned our tree with cherry candy canes as well, hanging off the branches.
Hailey slept in her crib all night, and I slept with the girls to make sure I didn't miss them waking up to the big surprise. I waited and waited for them to wake up, and finally around 10 they decided it was time
I yelled for Matt and grabbed the video camera and caught all the magic. Unfortunately because I got video, I didn't get pictures!! 
That's okay, the video is priceless.  

We hung out and played with our new things until about 1 pm, when we packed everyone up and headed to Matt's mom's. We literally walked in the door and started opening presents! We all got expremely spoiled, and then even more spoiled with an amazing turkey dinner. 
everything looked so pretty I had to get a picture before it was all cleaned up.
 We had a really nice visit, and Samantha was home too, so it was a nice treat for all of us to be together!

    Thanks guys, for an amazing Christmas dinner, and everything. Like always, it was absolutely perfect!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

This year is pretty neat because Hanna  knows what Christmas is all about now. She was saying all day "we're gonna open presents for baby Jesus?" At one point she said "Happy New Year Baby Jesus!" Made me laugh. But she understands that Santa Claus comes to give presents because it's baby Jesus' birthday, and she even asked to make him a cake at one point. It's pretty neat every year to see how much she's grown.
Every year Christmas Eve is spent at my Nanny's (my grandma's) house. We've got a nice big family on my mom's side, and everyone comes out to sing carols around the piano, and open gifts until all hours of the night. This year we made it back home a little bit before 2 am, to get ready for Santa Claus to come to our house!
My favourite part of the evening of course is singing carols!
Uncle Dave plays piano, and we all get a big book of carols. We don't stop til the book's done!
This is the best I could get of all three of them before we left for church!

 The kids had a blast too, and they were all troopers for staying up so late. This is the beginning of some very mixed up little kids through the holidays who don't get nearly enough sleep! It's so worth it though!

   I look so forward to this night all year long, and it's so worth the wait! Thanks for another amazing Christmas Eve Nanny!

getting pretty

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Festival of Lights

I've been waiting for a wind-free night to take the girls to see the festival of the lights in town. There's two separate parks that are totally decked out, and we try to go every year and do our round. 
The girls love it. 

  We were too late to make it into the Gingerbread Warming House. It seems we are every year. 
Oh well. I don't think the girls even realize anyone's allowed in since we never make it! They don't know what they're missing I guess. 
They would've walked around in the cold all night if we would've let them. But eventually we had to drag them all back into the van.    It's these simple outings that make this time of year so memorable for us. 
Until next year, lights. 

Friday, December 14, 2012

had to share

Call me crazy, but I think shots of little ones on toilets are just too cute. This one I had to share. 
 We're going right into tough training after Christmas when everything settles down. She should be easy. She already tells me sometimes when she has to go - and there's no way I'm changing two kids when the baby comes in May!
For now, it's a start that she's at least sitting on it now!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

putting up the tree

We're falling behind again on everything, but mostly keeping up with the blog! 
We got our tree up finally, after Matt picked one out for us. I cleaned up around the house, put out some treats, and he chose one that looked like a good size. When he got home, we turned on the Christmas tunes in the background, and let the girls go to town on decorating.
  We had to do a little bit of fixin' when they were done, and re-locate some ornaments to spread them out evenly around the tree. :) 
They did a great job though, and they all participated this year! 

Saturday, December 1, 2012

CNIB Christmas Party

The girls and I attended the annual CNIB Christmas Party hosted by the Lion's Club again this year. Last year was our first year, and I don't think we'll ever miss it in the coming ones. 
Matt stayed home this time to attempt to clean up the yard a bit, and get stuff into the shed before the rain came. We're still in the massive clean up and organizing stage of moving. 
Anyhow, lets get onto the pictures! 
Zoo 2 You came by again, and of course was a hit. Hailey was so funny because she's not overly sure of any animals, but was willing to get right in there and touch the reptiles. Sometimes I think she regretted it. 

 After the animals were taken away, the kids were told that if they sang Christmas songs loud enough, Santa Claus would come out and visit. Gracie was very willing to get right up on stage and sing.
 And it worked!!

 Hailey wasn't a fan...
    The party was lots of fun, and we were so glad we could make it again. We're grateful to be part of such an amazing organization filled with amazing people who take such great care of our kiddos!