Monday, February 27, 2012

the mind of a four year old

My Gracie goose. What a funny girl. Throughout the life of this blog so far, I've quoted her many times. I'm so glad I have the funny little things she says documented. 
She's growing up so fast, and I'm already missing all the little "mis-sayings" and innocent misunderstandings.

The other day she was sitting with my brother, Timmy who just so happened to be eating chicken. 
Gracie looked at him, and you could tell she was really thinking. She said to him "Hm, isn't it funny that you're eating chicken, and Aunt Pattalynn has chickens?" 
Timmy just looked at me, kind of puzzled, and said " you think I'm eating one of Aunt Patti-Lynn's chickens?"
She giggles and says "No silly! It's just the same word! Chicken you eat, and chicken animals"

We honestly weren't really sure how to react to that. There comes a point where you just assume they know certain things. I thought this was kind of funny.
The only kind of meat the kid will eat is chicken, so if we're having pork, we call it chicken. If we're having steak, we call it chicken. As long as she knows it's "chicken" she'll eat it. If she knew that "chicken" was actually a you think she'd eat it? 
Me neither. 
I think we'll let her learn this one in her own time.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

9 months

I can't believe I'm writing this post.
My baby girl is getting so big!

I've been learning quite a bit about this kid through the past 9 months.

She is the happiest baby. She loves watching and giggling at her big sisters, and tries her best to be right in all the action.
She really enjoys baths. She doesn't mind being splashed, and is a good sport if water gets in her eyes.
She doesn't like being dressed. I think she'd rather do without clothes altogether.
She crawls around like a champ, but is still really working on walking.
She's taken 12 steps on her own a few times now. We can't seem to get past that number though.
She's still only got the two teeth - and one of them is a sweet tooth.
She's slowed down in growth and is thinning out a bit, since being on the move, and eating real food. :)
She's a mama's girl. Won't sit with daddy if I'm in the same room.
She knows how to turn up the volume, open the door and remove the girls' silly songs CD from the player, and does it every chance she gets. I don't think they've gotten to track 3 for a few weeks.
 She's extremely ticklish. Especially her feet.
She almost always falls asleep in the car.
She loves sitting in the front of a shopping cart.
She probably will never put another piece of dog food kibble in her mouth again.
She's got a few "smart-alec" looks that completely crack me up.
She gives kisses. Only to select people.
She's a babbler, and will repeat sounds like I can't believe.
She loves Koda. Until she gets too close.
She always undoes her shoelaces before I can even get them done up.
She loves the stroller.

She gets into everything.
She lights up our days!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

the scenic route

I love our van. It's not new, or in perfect condition.
It seats all of us comfortably, and so far has treated us well.

We have been neglecting it. Not by choice really, but because timing has been wrong - money wise.

If you remember when we moved out of my parent's house, it was a huge deal to me to be close to them.
We found a house just down the back road that leads directly to their house. It takes a total of about 3 minutes to drive there in the car.
The problem? This road is not kept up. During the crazy mild winter we've been having, the road took some abuse through constant freezing and thawing, and now is covered in pot holes and ruts.
Since our van has been in desperate need of new tires, it actually got to the point where we couldn't drive safely down the road anymore.
It wasn't the end of the world or anything...we just had to take the long way around on the paved road. Adding about 4 more minutes to the drive. :)

Today, we get new tires. Finally.

We can start to take the scenic route again!
(And I don't have to go into panic mode every time it starts to rain while driving with the girls!)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

picture of the day

You may notice that this child is in her highchair in most pictures. When she's not in the chair, I don't have time to take pictures.   :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

Kristyn (my sister) threw together (beautifully) a Valentine's Day party for all the kids.
There were treats exchanged and games played, and it was awesome to let all the kids play for a while and let the sugar run it's course before going home. :)

I'm the one responsible for those burnt cupcakes.

It was a fun time for sure.
A game they played went like this:
There were two bowls on one side of the room filled with smarties, and two empty bowls on the other side of the room. The kids were separated into two teams - boys vs girls. They had to empty their bowl one at a time, by grabbing a teaspoon full of smarties and bringing it across the room without spilling any, and putting it into the empty bowl. Whichever team emptied their bowl first, won. Get it?
Well, we were pretty impressed when Little Miss Hanna was one of the most interested kiddos there! She watched a couple times, and Kristyn walked with her once, and before we knew it, she was on a mission!

Not the best pictures, but you get the idea!
She did a great job too! Keeping them all on her spoon some of the time!
Amazing, doncha think!?
She's incredible.

We had fun watching these two littles.

That's Evie. She's my cousin, Melissa's little one. She's just over 2 months older than Hailey!

The kids all had a blast!

Thanks for the great party, Kristyn!


I look forward to any appointments that have to do with Hanna's eyes. I don't know a whole lot about what's going on with her eyes, so every time is a bit exciting for me.

Anyhow, we have a great optometrist. He seems to be the most interested in Hanna's eyes, and the only one who's even been willing to see her for the past 2 years. I was just hoping this time would go a bit more smoothly than her appointment with him 6 months ago. And it did!

I took the two big girls, and Matt stayed back with Hailey. I figured we wouldn't be too long, and since he worked the night before, he was happy to just hang out at home.

We got to the office, and Gracie was so nervous about the eye drops. She tries to be quiet about it though for Hanna's sake. She knows it's harder on Hanna, and she really does make her feel better in these kind of situations.
She was so relieved though, when he said she wouldn't need the drops! He got a good look at her, and since she knows all her letters and colours she was able to breeze through the exam easily. She got a good report. I wasn't surprised.

Hanna's turn came after Gracie's, and he was actually able to just talk to her and she stayed focused enough on him that he got a good look even without the drops.
He wanted a better look though, and we did eventually get the drops in her eyes. She wasn't the happiest camper, but got over it quickly.
She is farsighted, but apparently, it's common for kids her age to be a bit farsighted. He said as far as the physical appearance of the inside of her eyes, nothing has changed. GREAT news! He said everything appears to be the same as the first time he looked, when she was just 10 weeks old! Still no sign of retinal detachment, which is the biggest thing.
He also said that for the tiny bit of vision she actually has, she is doing extremely well with it. We all knew this, but it makes it that much better when you hear it coming from a professional. :)
Glasses aren't needed at this point, but if she remains as farsighted as she is, it will probably be a good idea to get her a pair to help her use the little bit of vision she has.

They each got a couple stickers, and we were out of there!
Another good appointment!
We're on a roll.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

the dreaded dentist

For everyone really, except Gracie. She's been looking forward to this appointment for months.
I know I've never liked the dentist. The loud tools, the spotlight directly on your face, the accidental facial spa, the hands in your mouth...all of it just makes me cringe.
We had our visit, anyhow, and all of us have to go back! I'm so disappointed. Especially for Gracie. The dentist warned us last year that she had some pretty deep pits in her back molars, and it was almost inevitable that we'd have to deal with a couple cavities. Sure enough...two very symmetrical cavities. One on each side, on the same tooth. Darnit.
I'm confident she'll do okay with just the general freezing, and cartoons on the TV for her. I just hope it doesn't ruin the dentist for her forever.
She also is a bad grinder in her sleep. It's gotten to the point, that her little top front teeth are almost at the point where the nerve is exposed. They may last her, but more likely we'll have to get those little baby teeth wiggled out and hope that while they're gone, she gets out of the habit.
Poor kid.
Hanna had her first visit today too! This was just to kind of introduce her to everything and show her what it's all about. Gracie went first, so that helped a lot.

She was a little uneasy, but listened and did everything the dentist asked. It helps that we have a really good dentist. She's awesome with the girls. Hanna did a great job.
She's got an under bite, which apparently will get more and more pronounced as her jaw grows, so we'll probably have to deal with an orthodontist for her in the future. Not looking forward to that!

Little Miss came along and watched. She's always here...just always behind the camera!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

daddy's girls

I thought it was kinda cute today when Matt took Gracie to Wal-Mart with him while Hanna was having a catnap on the couch. She was all decked out in princess gear, but he didn't make her change. He actually helped her to get the long dangly earrings on correctly, and helped her find some fancy shoes to wear.

They came back and she had brand new light up sneakers on and she was so excited. While they were at the store, Matt tried calling me to ask what size shoe Hanna wears because we all know, she would have to have a pair of these light up shoes too!
I was on the phone, and missed his call, so naturally, he came home empty-handed.

Hanna was awake when they got home, and obviously noticed Gracie's shoes instantly.
Matt took her upstairs, dressed her into her princess gear and off to the store they went. Faster than she could say "dite up teoos, too!"

Thirty minutes later they were home and we spent the rest of the night watching their version of Stomp and quite the light show to accompany it.

What a good daddy he is.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Happy Anniversary to us

Six years ago today, Matt and I, and only our immediate families drove on over to the nearby chapel. There was a 15 minute long ceremony, and then we were married!
I wouldn't have done it any other way. It was quick, easy, and we paid for it with change we were saving up in a jar.
We went straight from the chapel to the airport, and flew to Disney World for a week.

It was perfect! We were both 20 years old - too young to even have wine brought to our room. We had an amazing time, and I will never forget it.

We celebrated our Anniversary tonight with a simple trip out to dinner in the city. Just us.
We had two whole hours to ourselves, and I even enjoyed an alcoholic beverage. Wow.

Happy Anniversary, Hunny.
I still do - even more every year.

Thursday, February 2, 2012


So I snapped this picture today, and remembered that I took a similar one a few years ago! Look how they're even leaning to the same side! Gracie was about 10 months old.
Aren't they cute!?