Saturday, April 28, 2012


Gracie surprised me today while we were all snacking on some chips after lunch. Hailey had a small chip in her hand and as she nibbled on hers, she'd go around and pick up the girls' crumbs as they landed on the floor. 
Gracie was watching her and said with a giggle 
"Hailey's a scavenger I guess, because she eats whatever she can find on the floor!"


Friday, April 27, 2012

11 months

I'm just a tad late for this one. On April 23rd Hailey girl turned 11 months old. 
I can't believe how fast the time has flown. It makes me sad because my baby is already so grown up! 
Even more so than I think she should be by now actually.
 She's a little smarty pants, and lets me know exactly what she wants, when she wants it.
The other day while I was washing dishes, she took all the juice boxes out of the cupboard, brought one to me, took the straw off, and pointed right where the straw would go in. That made me realize that I forgot to give her a drink with breakfast, so I quickly got her cup out of the fridge. She grabbed the cup, said a little "huh!", and walked out of the kitchen.'re welcome, little brat! :) 
 She goes into the shoe chest daily and takes out shoes that she would like to try on. Doesn't get them on her feet yet, but I'm sure it wont take long.
 She's still nursing. Only at night, but honestly, I'm not in a hurry to ween her yet.
 She claps her hands, waves bye, and is learning how to blow kisses! Right now she figures her mouth is on the side of her head we're working on that one.
 She is quite the character, and I've got my hands full already. 

I'm loving the stage she's in right now, but I've got to be so careful. She's funny and easy to read, but is so busy and figures she should be doing everything her sisters are. She was out there blowing  eating bubbles with them the other day, and loves it in the sandbox (where she can find nice, crunchy stones to chew on). She climbs up onto their little chairs for their table and stands on them, just to be told "no" I swear, and would climb the stairs constantly if there wasn't a gate in her way.

She's super sweet, and so pleasant. She's never crabby, and she is honestly just such a joy. 

I hope this is a long month. I'm not ready for her to be one yet! 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

this girl of mine

She is crackin' me up lately. 
She makes me shake my head, at the same time as praising the Lord. 
This child is talking up a storm. She's really starting to show me her sassy side, and I couldn't love it more!
Here's some of the things coming out her mouth lately:

Whenever Little Miss is bugging:

Whenever Little Miss is trying to follow her upstairs:
"No, Hay-wee! Stay down with Mama!"

Whenever Little Miss gets anywhere close to her while she's on the toilet:
"No! Go Hay-wee! I hate that!"

All the time:
"I don't want to!"

Also, all the time:
"Oh my gosh..."

In the morning:
"Mama, I'm starving!"

Trying to do something she's having difficulty with:
"Help me please, Mama?"  

She says anything she wants now, and it is so awesome!! I know, I recently wrote a post about how much she's talking, but every day, it's something new. 
I love it. 
She's really, something else! 

Monday, April 23, 2012

she's all eyes

She is quite the photography subject, let me tell you.

Friday, April 20, 2012

hanna's eyes...small update

I got a call from SickKids Eye Clinic the other day, and they left a message telling us that the doctor that Genetics wanted us to see would be in the next day. This gave us majorly short notice, and in the back of my mind I really didn't even want to go. 
(If you remember, we were really excited about not having to go back for a couple years!)
But I called up my mom, and she was super excited about it, so I had her come with me. Matt didn't have enough notice to take it off work anyhow, so my mom was up for the drive. 
I called the nurse back and had her confirm the date, and went over details about the exam. I told her about the disappointment that we encountered last time at the Eye Clinic way back in March, 2010, (yes, the last time we were seen! Hence why we were kind of anxious to go...) and asked her about sedation in case Hanna wasn't in the mood to co-operate. She assured me that the sedation would be done by herself, and as long as Hanna fasted we could sedate her if it was needed. I scheduled the appointment for 8:30am, so fasting would be simple, and she told me that someone would call later on to go over all the details with me. 
No one called.
Okay, whatever, I just assumed everything was at the Eye Clinic and all the same rules apply for the fasting. Nothing to eat or drink except water and apple juice. Yadda yadda yadda...
I notified Hanna's worker from the CNIB, and she wanted to come along as well to help us come up with questions for the doctor, and to learn more about Hanna's condition as possible. We love Jody, and she's been working with Hanna since she was an infant.
I sent Gracie to Kristyn (my sister's) for the night, and Hailey came along. 
My mom got to my house at 3:00am, and we met Jody on the highway.
I'm used to driving in Toronto now, so we had an uneventful drive, and we made it to reception right on time.
I went to sign in and...
ready for this?
they tell me that my appointment was for the 24th. They only do sedation on Tuesdays and someone was supposed to call to let me know. 
Yeah. Once again, a disappointment with the Eye Clinic.
I must say they were really nice, and got us in to see the doctor anyhow, but they didn't do the test they wanted to do because Hanna was awake. 
They told us that there was no visible change, but because of her nystagmus  they had a hard time getting a good look.
No change, is wonderful news. 
Retinal detachment is still a concern, and probably always will be, so it scares me. Even more so now because I had no idea that just being bumped on the head can cause it! Hanna is not the quietest, most gentle kid. She loves jumping, and falling, and running, and being crazy. Now I'm paranoid. Completely.
They want to schedule Hanna for a complete exam under general anesthesia in the operating room, so they can poke and prod around and check everything they can. Things like an acuity, light sensitivity, pressure, and just a good general look at the inside of her eyes. It would be a great exam to have done! The same one that we thought would be done back in 2010. 
Do I want to do it? 
It really is a terrible thing that I don't want to do it. I feel like it would be for our sakes, to know what we're dealing with, and it would be selfish to put Hanna through it. 
They already told us that there is nothing they can do about her vision. I don't see how it could benefit her at this time.  Is that wrong? Honestly. If anybody has any experience with this, I would love to hear it. I really don't know what I want to do. I'm so disappointed with the clinic, but at the same time, we found a doctor who really wants to know more about her eyes. It's the first time that's happened. 
What do you think? Is it something that can wait? Ugh. I don't know what to do. 
The doctor also told us that she can prescribe non-corrective lenses to Hanna for protection from debris that transition to sun protection outdoors, which would be pretty cool. 
But I bet our optometrist here would do the same thing for us.
 Bleck I just don't know.

On another note, just because it bugged me...the doctor also said to Hanna "You're too skinny! You have to eat more!" 
Shut up.
Aside from the booking mistake, and going home with pretty much the same old crap we already knew, it was a nice trip with my mom. 
I'm glad you came, Mom. Everything's always easier to take with you there. :)

Oh yeah, definitely worth mentioning:
Hanna was so well behaved. She's older now and understands what's going on. She did answer all their questions with a nervous "yeah" whether she agreed or not, but she was so brave, and clearly is turning into such a big girl. She was perfect for them.
Hailey was also a little angel, aside from one pretty nasty temper tantrum...
But they both did so great in the car for 5 hours, and were really great sports about being dragged around a busy hospital. 


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

gracie's dental update

Turns out that Gracie had two cavities on each side and not just the two in total. Matt took her about a month ago to have them filled, and he didn't have any luck. (I thought I blogged this, but apparently not!) They got the freezing and part of the drilling done, and she was really anxious, so the dentist quit on her. They referred us to a pediatric dentist in the city, who would probably end up putting her right out to get the work done. 
They wanted us to fork over more than $200 just for the consultation. 
Since we're ahem broke...I decided I'd try the dentist here, in our little town. I didn't really like the idea of having her put right out either, so I was going to make this work. This doctor has four kids of her own, so I felt pretty confident that she would be able to get the job done.
Dr. B was so great with Gracie. She showed her exactly what sound each tool made, and explained exactly (well, in a way that wouldn't totally freak her out) what she was going to do when the time came to use it. If she started getting upset, she would raise the chair right back up and ask her what was going on, and then had her giggling her way back down into the chair to finish the job.
The only tears she shed were during the freezing, but she was fine. My mom's "lucky necklace" and the "laughing gas" helped I'm sure too. :) 
She had one side done, and we'll go back in a few weeks and get the other side all filled in. I should have been with her during the first attempt, so it was my fault it was a fail. It probably would've been much easier if I was there. It makes me feel a bit less guilty now that it went so well this time around.


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

birthday wrap up

We wrapped up birthdays this weekend with a mermaid party for Gracie! The Birthday Song was sung to me too, but obviously the party was her sake. :)
I made her a cake and Kristyn came over to decorate for an "under the sea" party! 

 Hailey had a little accident a few days earlier, and the culprit? Puppy, Luna! Hence why we call her Luna-tic.
:) That's why she looks a little beat up...

 Kristyn was joking for weeks that she was going to make me ruffle pants as a joke because we were talking about how silly they were (for kids). She made an adult version! Hilarious. Only because I guessed my real gift: Courage Mountain DVD! It was my favourite movie as a child and I've been saying for years that I wanted a copy of it. It's been my mom's mission, and Kristyn beat her to it. She found it on EBay. Apparently I'm really good at guessing very random gifts!

 This one's just for good measure. 
You know, just to show how awesome her tripod grip is on that spoon!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

pictures of the day

 Like how I was a cheapskate and re-lit the cake she made me? Don't worry, she gets a real cake for this weekend's party!

birthday girl

Today marks 5 years since we welcomed Gracie Lynn into our lives.
Sassy and stubborn, sweet and thoughtful, this girl brings it all to the table. 
She is an amazing big sister, and tells me (often) that "it's hard work to be the biggest sister." 
She's quite the helper in the kitchen, and would wash the dishes every night for me if I let her. 
 She has an abundance of knowledge and song lyrics in her cute little head, and shares all of it - at least once in a single day through conversation. 
She is extremely busy, and doesn't slow down until her head hits the pillow at bedtime.
She is a blessing that I couldn't live without. 
Today we celebrated her birthday nice and early when Matt got home from work at 8:15. We sang her Happy Birthday and let her open her gifts. 
Hanna drew in a card she picked out and gave her a dress-up set that we picked out together. She was so excited to give it to her!
Matt and I got her a basket for her bike and roller blades. She couldn't stand in them at first, but by the end of the day (she literally didn't take them off) she was even trying to do "tricks".
What a kid.
Happy Birthday Gracie Lynn! You make me so proud every day.


Sunday, April 8, 2012

the girls meet baby luke

 Easter Sunday was the first day that the girls got to meet their brand-new baby cousin, Luke Micheal. We would've seen them much sooner, but we stayed away since everyone was so sick. We didn't want any of them getting what we all had!
I was a little camera happy when Hanna held him. She was just too cute. So careful and quiet, and full of gentle hugs and kisses. She was so thrilled to be able to hold him all by herself.   

 Gracie was all upset earlier in the day because during the meal (when she couldn't get up) she saw them come in, and wanted to see him more than anything. She was so happy to finally get a turn while he was still sleeping. 

He's a cutie, huh?

Easter Sunday

We started the day by going to church, and went from there to my parents' house for Easter brunch! I look forward to this meal all year long.
Pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage, ham, fruit, hash browns, and I could go on! It's amazing.
Everyone brings a little something, and it's usually a bit hectic, with all the littles running around, but it was such a nice day.

I found some super cute matching dresses at the JC Penney online store, and I couldn't wait to get the girls into them! 
We tried to get a shot of all three at least looking...

 That'll have to do. :)
All the kids looked so spiffy! 

 Sawyer and Payton weren't there for very long, so there's no pictures of their cuteness today. I'm always lacking pictures of everyone. Not sure who wouldn't appreciate being on the public blog, so I try to keep it simple. 

My aunt Patti-Lynn made cupcakes for all the kids, and Hailey obviously enjoyed hers.

Miss Attitude.
It was a great day, and so nice to have (almost) everyone there! I few of my cousins weren't able to make it, but it was still a house full of amazing family. Job well done, Mom.
Later on that night we went to Matt's mom's for another dinner. It was probably some of the best chicken I have ever had! 
Happy Easter everyone!
Coming up next post:
The girls meet Baby Luke! (My new nephew. Yes he now has a name!)
Picture overload to come.