Wednesday, May 30, 2012

day trip

 My mom came up with the idea to go out with my two sisters, myself and all the kids while the guys were at work/sleeping off the night shift.
My aunt Patti-Lynn even came along, which made it even more special.
There's a local zoo (you may remember it from this post a couple years back) just about an hour and 1/2 away, and we figured that would be the perfect place.
We each packed something different for our picnic (which was the best picnic I've ever had), and we hit the road as soon as Matt came home in the morning.
 It was a soggy start, and rained up until it was time for lunch. Turned out to be perfect timing for our picnic!
It would've been a bit too hot if it was sunny all day, so it turned out perfect.

 Hanna loved the ducks. This is right before she hit meltdown.
She had to use the bathroom, and since the main bathroom was all the way at the entrance, I decided to bring her to the port-a-john.
Bad idea.
We stepped in, and the "waste" was floating almost as high as the rim of the seat, and it was soaked from rain getting inside. She was traumatized!
She ended up holding her bladder, and eventually wet her pants. She got so upset about it, it totally ruined her entire day.
I felt horrible!
Bad mom moment. 
Everyone else had a great time. 
Hailey's not so sure about animals. Really surprises me! She was a bit on edge the whole time, but she was good. Just didn't get too close.

 All the kids were so well behaved, so we finished the day at the splash pad and park. After that, everyone was more than ready to get into the car and sleep.

On a side note, Hanna did finish the day off well, and enjoyed the swings at the park. That made me feel a bit better...

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Gracie's thoughts

"Mama, is today tomorrow? Because Auntie Kimmie said that tomorrow the strawberries will be ready to eat. Bemember? And she said the night of the day before today some would be ready before the other ones. Right? So, the night of the day before today already happened! We can have some now!!"

Thursday, May 24, 2012

a tad bit vain

After I put Hanna's hair up into a couple clips this morning I said:
"Oh, you're so pretty!" 
And she came back with:
"Yeah, I am."
So funny!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

little miss turns one!

Okay, so the day is here, and it came way too fast!! Little Miss Hailey is one today. I've included a picture from every month since she was born in order since last May. Random points throughout don't necessarily match the pictures.
Hailey girl,
 I feel like this was just yesterday.
You came in quite a large package weighing 9lbs 13oz, and your sisters couldn't wait for you arrival.
You immediately fit right in, and now we wonder what we ever did without you.
 You have always been a good baby. Easily entertained, very content and happy.
Your sisters have always been just tickled to be around you. Still are. You're automatically included in everything they do.
 Despite getting you on the toilet early, I think you'll be a little stinker to potty train. We're going to start on that very soon.
 You took your first steps at 7 months old and were a pro by 9. Bound and determined to keep up with your sisters. Now you're running and trying to jump.
 You love attention, and will do just about anything to get it.
 You're doing a lot of climbing right now. Drives me nuts.
You can easily get on the couch now, and love taking down my picture frames!
  I've had to put certain toys away because they sit high and you think you should be on top of them.
  You love stack towers and have a preference for the horse out of all the animal toys.
You're surprisingly better with a fork than you are with a spoon.
 You're not a big fan of Daddy right now, and have a fit if I leave you with him for a short while.
 You light up a room with those eyes, and your goofy expressions and purposeful exaggerated waddle keep everyone laughing.
 You can really shake your tush when there's music playing, but it puts you to sleep in the car.
 You've decided that you should make your "stink" face almost every time I take the camera out.
It's impossible to be in a bad mood around you. Your happy demeanor and silliness could turn anyone's mood around!
You are just everything and more than we could ever imagine, and we're so thankful for you. 
Happy Birthday sweet girl!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

random happenings

Lots of happenings going on around here, but not too much documenting!
We're all well, and happy, and enjoying the summery weather!

Hailey's birthday is in just 3 days, and I can't believe it.

Hanna's being sassy as ever, and Gracie...well she doesn't stop talking. 
We saved a baby bird the other day. Spoon fed him, and brought him to a wildlife rescue center. Gracie was proud.

We got wood today to build a "new" deck out back. 
Adding to the old, and getting up some sort of protection from the sun. Gotta protect these girls. They live out there!

Gracie picked some "wild flowers" on our walk the other day, and they're sitting in a vase on my counter. 

Yesterday I turned my sink on to wash the dishes and a giant earwig crawled up the side. *gag*

Bought Hailey's birthday present online today. LOVE it, and wont show you guys until the day she opens it. 

Finally found Hanna some shoes that fit her, and are also incredibly cute. Three pairs actually!

Gracie learned to "pump" a swing.

Hailey learned to say "puppy", "bubble", "down", "done" and her favourite "no".

Hanna held her bladder for more than 12 hours yesterday. Yeah, scared me too.

My dad bought me some vanilla from Mexico on his work trip. Mm! The real stuff!

Yuli is in Colombia and I'm pretty sure she's having an amazing time.

The girls are keeping me busy these days. Between them, and the gorgeous weather, this old blog is getting neglected.
And that's about it, folks.

Hope you're all well. 

Monday, May 14, 2012

the stink face.

I love it.
She now does it on command.
Cracks me up!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

recital night

Gracie and Bryanna (my niece) have been waiting for this night to come for so long, and it finally arrived!
The girls did awesome up on stage in front of a very large crowd! We were all so impressed!
We were sitting pretty far away, so I didn't get good pictures at all, but we got a video, so we can live with that. 

They had so many people come along and watch too, which made it that much more special!
Matt's mom and step-dad, and brothers Ayden and Brenden, aunt Kimmy and Gram, and on my side: my sister Michelle, my aunt Patti-Lynn, mom and dad, and of course all the kids. 
Everyone was so proud. They did so good!
Gracie's already talking about next year's recital, so I think we started something. :)
We just have to decide if we want Hanna to join her this year! She was just too young last year - by a month! My only worry is that she won't be able to follow instructions well enough visually. We'll see what they think at the school, and make our decision on their willingness to maybe give her a little extra attention. 
Until then, we're going to enjoy the rest of the summer with Friday nights free! Hurray!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

birthday pictures

Since Gracie and my nephew Sawyer's birthdays fall pretty close together, we decided to do their yearly photos together at the same location - just seconds away from Sawyer's house!
Here's a few of my favorites from the shoot.

 I may end up doing Gracie's one more time, but I thought these turned out pretty cute. 

Friday, May 4, 2012

a couple 'a them days

We had two 'a those days. The ones when the sky is blue, the sun is out, the air is warm, and everyone is happy and slathered with sun screen. It was record warm for this time of year (89 degrees!), and we loved it!
These are the days when I have my camera out, taking pictures of just about every single moment.


 I was so happy to have Michelle (my sister) come by with her littles, to enjoy it with us!

 So very thankful for those kind of days!