Monday, October 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Hanna Girl

This morning I woke up next to my little birthday girl and gave her a kiss, making sure to let her stay asleep. We didn't even mention to her that today is her birthday because her party isn't until the weekend. I didn't want to confuse her. 
We know what today marks though, and it's a day to celebrate whether she knows it or not. 
Hanna came into this world at just 6lbs 11oz, and brightened every single one of our days since then. We didn't know at the time that she would turn our whole world completely upside-down and that she would change us. All of us, for the better.

Today she is four years old. A running, skipping, jumping four year old. A trouble-maker, and a sassy talker. She's going to have a Strawberry Shortcake party, because she asked for it. She is one amazing little girl who shows, even at just four years old that she chooses not to place DIS in her ability.

Since she is still a little medical mystery, the puzzle that just can't be solved, the unknown is scary. The now-we knows though, are clear and simple. This girl of ours is a very special, unique, strong, and awesome little thing, and she will always be my hero.

Happy Birthday sweet girl!!   

Friday, October 19, 2012

Spooktacular Event

My mom told us about a "Spooktacular Event" by our local Therapeutic Riding Center, and it sounded like the perfect non-scary Halloween event for the girls. We went straight from dance so we could make it, and it was worth it.
First, we walked around just to check out the place. I've never stepped foot in there, and it's a beautiful arena.
We walked through the barns and saw the horses, ponies, and goats all decked out in their Halloween gear. 
Check out the Cat in the Hat.
   Next door to him of course were Thing 1 and Thing 2.
I didn't get many pictures of the horses because I had to use the flash. I didn't want to spook anybody. There were so many cute costumes though. A few: Zoro, Batman, The Sheriff, and a clown.
 After we walked through the barn, we waited for the Headless Horseman to ride through the "haunted graveyard" for a little bit of spooky fun.
Then we went back inside and played some games. There were games set up all over. A couple activities the girls participated in were "freaky fishing" for a prize and they did their best to rope the "calf".

  They won a couple sweet treats, and then we finished the night off with a real horse ride.

Gracie wanted to ride the princess horse.
  Once they found a helmet almost small enough for Hanna, she gladly got on this fella.
 Hailey was close enough waiting on the other side of the fence with me. The entire time she yelled "Yee-Haw!" every time a rider came by us. She absolutely loves horses, but she's still not 100% comfortable when they get too close.
 I'm glad we found something Halloween themed to do that wasn't too spooky for the girls. This was a great way to spend the rest of our night.


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hanna catch up

It seems I'm finding it harder and harder to find time to write even the smallest post these days. 
I've got three busy little girls keeping me on my toes, and a little peanut keeping me pretty sick. Combined, they leave me feeling like doing a lot of nothing. 
 I've been leaving too much out though, and I can't afford to forget all of these moments later on. I'll regret being a big, lazy, sissy baby, so the blog neglecting stops now!

Hanna, who is the reason and star of this old blog, has been making so many gains, it's the new normal around here. I'm ashamed to find myself taking advantage and maybe not appreciating every little inchstone the way I should. 
The vocabulary she has and uses now is nothing short of astounding. Instead of repeating what we say, she adds to it, and has little conversations. Lately, the topic has been her birthday. Out of the blue she'll say "It's my birthday next!" or "My birthday's coming up soon!". When we ask her how old she's going to be, she responds with "Four!" and does her best to tuck her thumb in to show us with her hand. Today she said to me "Gracie's grumpy, Mama." Which indeed, she was. 
Yesterday she was having a rough tummy day. She was telling me that her stomach hurt, so I laid with her on the couch. A few minutes later she said "I have to throw up." Then proceeded to run to the bathroom and stood there with her head over the toilet. She waited a minute, and then said "I can't!". I did my best not to let her see me giggle to myself, but it really was one of the funniest things.
Later on we learned that all she needed to do was sit on the toilet for a few minutes, and she was just fine. :) 
We did see her gastroenterologist a couple weeks ago, and he still wants her to stay on the Prevacid. She does get sick maybe twice a month at the most, but now we know what causes it, so I feel much better about it. I may be a bad mom because I just can't bring myself to keep pizza from her, even though I know it could cause some discomfort. If you sat and watched the kid enjoy her pizza, you would surely agree with me. It's actually ridiculous.
He is concerned with her weight. She's been teetering between 21 and 23 lbs for well over a year, and we can't seem to beef her up. He told me to start giving her a high calorie diet. Start? This is a kid who ate whipping cream in her oatmeal as an infant to try to fatten her up. I still put an entire extra tablespoon of butter in her food for the extra fat whenever I can. I don't think it's something we can control. She's going to be a tiny little thing, that's all there is to it. All of the other doctors on her case seem to realize that, so I'm just waiting for this one to give it a rest too.

Jody came by today for her monthly home visit, and she brought a volunteer with her. Michelle is going to school to be an Occupational Therapist, so wanted to gain experience with some families that Jody works with. We're her first family, and she will be coming every other week to work with Hanna on a specific goal. She'll have a new goal every three months, assuming she accomplishes them in a timely manner. It will be so exciting to watch her focus on one thing, and accomplish every thing thrown at her, because I know she will. That's just what she does.


Friday, October 12, 2012

baby luke

I just had to share these. Michelle brought over her littles so we could attempt to get some pictures of Luke for his 6 month milestone!
These are some that we got. He is such a doll. Like, literally, looks like a china doll is some of these!


Monday, October 8, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's Thanksgiving already around my parts and there's so much to be thankful for. Keeping it short and sweet today, I'll limit myself to my top three. 
(not in any particular order of course)
My family. 
I don't have any bad memories when I think of my childhood, and I think that alone says a lot of my parents. I'm so thankful that I was raised in a big family, with tight morals and values. It shaped me to who I am today. 
I've always had friends in my brothers and sisters, and those are the best friends I could ever ask for.
My girls. 
They make every single day a good day. They are healthy and happy. They make me whole. 
He works his butt off every day so I can stay home with the girls. He supports everything I do, and shares my dreams, which makes us a pretty good team. 
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 
Now, we're off to have another amazing meal at my Aunt Tina's! 
Last night's meal was nothing short of perfect at my Mother-in-Law's. Thank you guys for a great night!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

lots of new and lots of good

Wow, I can't believe it's been so long since my last post. There's been lots going on, and I'm glad I can finally sit down, and share it! Without pictures this time unfortunately.

Let's start with Gracie.
She just recently lost her very first tooth! There's another on it's way out as well, and the way the kid eats apples, it'll be out in no time. I have to admit, I helped the first one just a bit to come out. It started bugging her because it was barely holding on anymore, so I offered to pull it for her. She said "Yeah, okay mama, you can pull it." So I quickly grabbed a Kleenex gave a tiny little tug and it was out. She covered her mouth, and screamed bloody murder. I don't think she really thought I was going to do it. It was pretty hilarious. The tooth fairy was pretty generous, for the first one though, and I think it made it all worth it. 

Hanna is going to have a birthday in a few weeks! I can't believe she's going to be 4. She already decided that she wants a Strawberry Shortcake party. I was hoping for Minnie Mouse, but she turned it down. 
She loves Co-op. She brought in her "baby glow worm" for show and tell this past week and apparently told everyone about it. I wish I could have witnessed it. According to a couple different moms though, it was pretty cute. 
She recently started cane training. Soon we will have an Orientation and Mobility specialist come to the house to formally train her, for when we're out in public. We've been holding off because we weren't sure she would be a cane user, and she's still at an age where hand holding is more than appropriate while we're out. We decided though, that it will be a good thing for her to have so people will recognize that she is visually impaired, and also for her safety in really bright situations, etc. I think it will be a good thing all around. 
Jody's also going to start coming out to the house twice a month to focus more on her fine motor skills. It seems this is the only area that needs focus right now. She's doing so well in every other area, but she's not as interested in drawing/colouring as I'd like her to be. Especially since she's going to have to start writing skills soon!

Hailey Hailey Hailey. Where do I begin with her? She's starting to talk quite a bit. Still not like Gracie was at her age, but she's pretty funny. She repeats everything and asks for things by name. She says "apple" and "bana", "help", "up" "down". She's a pro at "NNNnnno!" but just nods her head for "yes". She also nods her head if she wants to mooch some of what you're eating or drinking. I've realized she's a caffeine-a-holic already too. It's ridiculous. She's also quite the tough cookie. She holds her own with her sisters, and takes no crap from anyone. She's learned that sleeping in bed with me, Gracie, and Hanna, is much cozier than by herself in the crib. It was bound to happen eventually. 
It was nice while it lasted. 
She's also going to be a big sister! 
Yep! Baby number 4 is on it's way!!
This will be our last one, since three was kind of a compromise. I was actually pretty surprised when Matt agreed to have one more! So I'm about 8 weeks along now, due in May. We planned it so that Hailey and this one would be about two years apart, and they will be almost exactly! Hailey was born on the 23rd, this one is due on the 11th. We're pretty excited. 
After Hailey we weren't really sure we wanted more. Well, I was mostly sure, but Matt wasn't. I had pretty rough pregnancies, so he was more than happy to be done. It's not totally up to him though, is it? :)  I couldn't get rid of my baby things, and I just wasn't ready to be "done". At the same time, I felt like maybe we should count our blessings and just be happy (which we obviously already are) with our three beautiful girls. SO. We gave ourselves a timeline to work with. We decided if it happened by a certain date, it was meant to be, and if not, well, it wasn't. We were starting to get worried, but a month before the date we gave, we found out the good news! Of course we're all equally excited. And no, we're not "hoping for a boy" or "trying one more time for a boy". We want a healthy little baby. That's it. That's all we care about. So any thoughts and prayers on just that would be so appreciated.  

Lastly, we move on November 9th, whether our current house is sold or not. We're not in total panic mode about not selling yet, but we're sure everything will work out. We can't wait to make our new house our own, and Matt can't wait to dive head first into some major projects he has planned.We're slowly moving things into my parent's trailer to start the process, and clean out the storage area here. The date can't come soon enough!