Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hanna's phrases

Hanna said to me today while she handed me a piece of chewed sour candy:
"Ew...Mama, this is too spicy!"

A couple more kind of funny things she's saying now are:

"Why's the light dim, Mama?"

Gracie: "Hanna, come here!"
Hanna: "No! You come here!"

"Okay, okay!"

Trying to get her off the toilet:
"No no no! I tell you when I'm done!"

Every day she says something more. So so awesome to witness. 
Also, very entertaining!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Letters to Santa

Yes, I'm one of those parents who wants to keep the magical and innocent belief of Santa Claus alive as long as possible in my girls.
Gracie finished up her letter today, and can't wait until we get to the Post Office to mail it out. 
I asked Hanna what she was going to ask for, and she said "hm...a bed!"
So...we're still working on her. 
Here's what Gracie asked for:

  Last night was the big parade, and the first year that all three girls were awake for the entire thing. It was a great one, and lasted over an hour. 
We got decked out in snowsuits and mittens for the occasion, and Kristyn had everyone over at her place afterward for chicken and dumpling stew and hot cocoa! Mmmm!!
Thanks again Kristyn!!
It was a great night, and a great way to kick off the Christmas Season! 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

update (again)

Well, we've been busy, to say the least. 
We're all moved in now, with only a few things left at the old house. We had a successful open house this past Sunday, so hopefully we'll get our buyer out of it. Cross your fingers for us!

Pictures are coming of the new place. I promise. We're still really organizing, and cleaning up. The girls are loving exploring in the yard, and planning what they want their room to look like! I can't wait to get moving on re-decorating, although it's not priority right now. We just want to get settled. 

I finally got Hanna's 4 year pictures done too! Assuming I can find one good one out of the bunch I took the other day! We have to do our Christmas card photo still, and I just feel so behind with everything. 

School is going great. Our session at Co-op is almost done, having just one week left until next session starts in February. It's been the best thing for the girls. They have met some really great kids, and I've gotten to know some really nice moms and dads. 
The main reason I signed us up for Co-op was for Gracie's sake, but I think it has been just as beneficial for Hanna. I have seen great gains from her. From what the other moms and Kristyn are saying, she stands right up and talks about whatever she brought for show and tell that day, and participates in every activity being done.
The first few weeks she wouldn't last the entire day, and would come to the nursery with me and spend the rest of the time with Hailey and I. The last couple weeks, she's been all on her own. Kristyn wasn't even there this week, and she did great! She was brought up to me at one point because she had to use the bathroom, but willingly went back to her class when she was done, and I didn't see her again until dismissal. I'm finding the other kids are so good with her too. They think she's so cute because she's so small. Gracie picks her up all the time and I'm noticing that some of the other kids have started doing it too. It cracks me up. There's always someone hugging her, or there to hold her hand when walking up or down the stairs. She's got lots of little buddies, and I'm so thankful!
I'm really happy with Co-op anyhow, and so glad we decided to join! 

Dance, on the other hand, has been a huge disappointment. Hanna's not getting nearly as much help as she should be getting, and it's not fair to her. Last week the owner wasn't in, but I plan on talking to her this week and making sure that I see some major changes. 

WiFi wasn't hooked up here for a while, but we have it now, so I have no excuses for not writing. More updates and pictures are on the way! 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

moving week

Well, Halloween came and went. Do I have pictures? No. 
You'll just have to believe that I had one very cute black cat, a beautiful little "princess witch" and a happy little bee. 
They got more candy than they know what to do with, and they all slept very good that night. 

Since then, we've been busy! We move on Friday, so we've been packing, and doing laundry like crazy. I'm finally starting to feel normal again. I was really in a ridiculously extreme fatigue mode. But now I'm ready for the move! I can't wait. 
Our house is still not sold, but no big deal. It will sell. Now it'll just be easier to keep clean! The girls are excited to be living closer to my parents, and I'm excited about having brand new built-in kitchen appliances!  Yay!!

I'll have pictures this weekend of the house. I'm sure we'll want some "befores" for eventually some "afters", so I'll make sure to take some!  

Aside from the house craziness, Hailey's got another case croup. She's older now, so it's a little bit easier to keep it under control. She doesn't panic as much. It hasn't been slowing her down too much either, but I hope she's over it soon. It's a scary thing for a little one to have. 

We got our first pictures of May baby too! We have a confirmed due date for May 11th 2013. Today during our ultrasound, it proved to be an active little gal/guy.  

Hopefully my next post wont be too far behind!