Tuesday, June 26, 2012

quick catch-up!

I have  couple minutes right now while everyone's eating lunch for a quick little update, so here it goes!
The party on Sunday went great! I was able to do just a little of promoting our new little business, and our names will be in the paper next week, so that's all good! 
I think everyone was pretty impressed with the party, and the location (Steph's house on the beach) was an obvious perfect place for a beach party! 
Here's a few pictures of some of the details:

 Thanks again, Steph for letting us help out!!! 

The girls are great! Everyone is keeping busy. Mother Nature is giving us a break from the wicked humidity (thankful for that since our air conditioner is one the fritz). It's supposed to be back up to 95 by the end of the week though!
We've been spending the hot days at my mom's in the pool, and then coming home to hang out in Hailey's new little inflatable one from Gramma!
Hailey is starting to really talk. She has a handful of words that she says all the time like "Gracie" "Hanna", "puppa" (puppy), "juice", "please", "thank you", and "uh-oh". She also copies a lot, like today for lunch she said "chicken!".  :)
Hanna has an addiction to Special K. Yeah, the cereal for dieters. Why couldn't she like something like Lucky Charms, or Captain Crunch? You, know...the fattening ones!
Oh well. What can ya do.
Gracie is loving swimming. It's all she wants to do, ever, and she's been bugging me to take them to the beach. And get this. I just realized a couple days ago, when my neighbor called that we have beach rights! Who knew? So we're going to have to take a walk on down to "our" beach soon! 
 ...aaaannd, time's up! 
I'm outta here!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

picture of the day

busy busy!

Well, it's been insane around here! Aside from living at my mom's for a few days because our air conditioner was down, and planning a giant party without my business partner (I hope you're enjoying your peaceful vacation, Kristyn!), we've just been on the go non-stop!
I'm looking forward to some down-time next week. Our canopy finally came in for our new pergola that Matt built, so I'm anxious to get that up. 
The girls are all great. Hailey's driving me up the wall with all her "no!"s and climbing, Hanna has been talking everyone's ears off, and Gracie is missing her cousins. (They went out West for a couple weeks!)
I've got so many pictures I want to get up, and just can't find the time! 
Wish me luck on the party this weekend. It's going to be a great advertising opportunity for our party business we're trying to start. The local newspaper is even going to be there! I've been busy making brochures and business cards, and thinking of promotional ideas, on top of all the party stuff that needs to be done. Oh man.
Just for fun, and because I thought I was so clever, check out our Father's Day art we made for Matt this year!
Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Gracie decided that it would be fun to put on a show for me to capture in mid-air with my camera. It was quite entertaining. 
She was jumping off one of their little chairs, and I just found it so funny because she was laughing so hard between each jump. I don't know how she managed!
Check her out. What a goof!

Hanna got in a few jumps too!! 
 Hailey was mad at me because I wouldn't let her and her very full diaper jump off the other chair. She had fun watching though.

Happy Wednesday!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

busy summer

We've been pretty busy just enjoying our summer so far, and I haven't taken much of any breaks at all to update. Hailey really keeps me on my toes until the minute she falls asleep, which means I'm spending lots of time these days chasing after her, and less time sitting down and posting. 
Frankly, I wouldn't have it any other way. Eventually the old blog will be my hobby again, but for now, my babies get all the attention. 
Since we all love pictures, here's a few, just for cuteness' sake.
I'll have to try to sit down and put together a real update very soon!

I hope everyone's enjoying the summer so far!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Hailey's birthday party

I've been looking forward to Hailey's party for weeks, and we finally had it!
My sister and I are trying to start a "party planning/styling" business, so our kids are getting spoiled when it comes to birthday parties. We have to get a portfolio going somehow! There's no better excuse than a first birthday to go all out, so we did! And we had so much fun!
I love the colours pink and yellow together, so we decided to go with a "Pink Lemonade" theme. Check out that couch. Isn't it adorable? That was her present from us!
 I love this one. The kids were doing "a parade" around her. Hanna's really moving!

 Matt finished our deck and pergola just in time for the party. He did an awesome job. He's becoming quite the handy-man.

 I saw a ruffle cake on Martha Stewart's website and had to make one! I only wish it wasn't so big. We had so much leftover!!
My girlfriend, Steph did all the photos of Hailey displayed in the tables. She did a cake smash and co-coordinating colours and props for our party!
 Can you believe that we made the ruffles for our backdrop by putting regular old crepe paper streamers through a sewing machine?! There's such great ideas on the Internet!
 We made my girls' mini gazebo into a "lounge" for the kids. It's usually orange and yellow. We got a pink shower curtain, more streamers, tulle and ribbon, and prettied it up!
 Matt made us the lemonade stand. 
So cute!  :)
Time to do the cake!

 Hanna wanted so bad to blow out that candle!


 We had a simple BBQ dinner and everything turned out nice. It was a bit windy, so it was tricky keeping all our decorations in place, but they kept quite well considering. 
I'm sure the birthday girl didn't care much either way.
Happy Birthday sweet sweet girl!!