Tuesday, September 18, 2012


When I was thinking about homeschooling the girls, learning about Co-op was what pretty much sold me on the idea. 
I didn't want them to miss out on the classroom setting, and also I think that they need someone other than me to listen and answer to. 
Since Kristyn is also homeschooling, we looked into the Co-op and loved what we learned. We were even more impressed when we actually attended for the first time yesterday.
Gracie, Bryanna, Hanna, and Cameron are all in the JK/SK class, and Austin is in the grade 1/2 class. After two periods of class, they all get together and have gym.  
The day starts promptly at 8:45 for morning announcements and ends at noon for lunch. You can choose to bring your lunch, or just go home, which is what we did.
Every parent has to teach in a room, or stay in the nursery with the babies. I chose to stay in the nursery since there's no way Hailey would stay with anyone else, and Kristyn was one of the teachers in the JK/SK class. This works out awesome because she can also help Hanna if she needs a little bit extra, and just being able to keep an eye on her made me feel better!
When the kids go to gym Kristyn and I get an hour break. I wasn't really keen on this, since that meant that I didn't know what Hanna was doing, and she was also with a bunch of (much) bigger kids doing rowdy games and activities. I'm not very comfortable with this, so I'm trying to work out an alternative for her. I think it may be just a bit too dangerous. 
Aside from the gym thing, I loved it! We already met some really nice people, who we already have some obvious things in common, and I was so impressed with how organized everything was. 
In every class there's a main "co-ordinator" who is pretty much in charge of the lessons and activities in the room. The other parents are there pretty much as teacher's helpers.
It takes place in a church, but is set up just as a regular school. It's grades JK-12, and there a a lot of kids enrolled. With two floors and many many classrooms.
The nursery looks just like a daycare with separate attached rooms for napping with cribs and playpens, and the kindergarten room was decked out to the nines with a dress-up corner, crafts area, and carpet time.
I  think we all felt very comfortable in there, and everyone knows that everyone is there to take care of each other. It's understood that if any child is misbehaving, he/she will be stopped up by whoever is in charge, and that's just how it is. On the other hand though, if there is a sad kid, whoever is in charge takes the time to figure our where the mom or dad is, and takes the child to them. There's no forcing kids to stay in a room if they're uncomfortable, which is also very important to me.
Gracie's already counting down the days until we go back. 
This "semester" goes until Christmas break and then we have a chance to change up our classes again until the summer. 
It'll definitley be part of our weekly schedule being our only schooling on Mondays. So I get a day off once a week! 
I'm sold on the homeschooling now, and feel much more comfortable with the idea knowing that they will have their classroom time, and be just a little bit out of their comfort zone. 

I'm hoping to get some pictures next week!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

our before-we-knew-we-were-moving project

So, a few weeks back Matt and I decided that we were just a little bored and tired of the deep narrow closet under the stairs. It was a pain in the rear to find anything, and, well, we just wanted a change!
Keep in mind that this we made this move...
 literally 4 days before we put our unexpected offer on the new house. 
So our fun project turned into our "crap-we have-to-get-this-done-fast-project".
It did turn out pretty cute. Here's the after pictures:

 The bummer is that our potential buyers will probably come in and say "well, that's the first thing we have to fix."
I think it turned out cute!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

We got it!!!

We got the house! Well, I should call it OUR house! 
Only because of the help from my amazing parents were we able to do it. Closing date is November 9th. We have until then to sell our house, and get everything down the road and into our new place! We're so excited to be able to move into our permanent home. We already have some major plans to make it all our own, but I'm sure it will be a constant project which we're looking so forward to! 
Thanks mom and dad for everything! Not sure why you want us as neighbors, but we're so grateful!!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Thomas Marshall Does it All: Guest Post!

Recently, my friend Jessica, over at Thomas Marshall Does it All, posted a request for for parents of visually impaired or blind children to write a guest post on her blog. I thought that was an awesome idea because don't we all learn so much from eachother's experiences?
Make sure you check out her blog. She's lucky enough to be the mom to adorable Thomas Marshall. I can't tell you enough about how amazing he is. You'll have to read it all for yourself and follow to make sure you keep up with all of his constant gains!

I did reply to her request and she sent me a questionnaire to fill out. The finished product, all about our Hanna, is right here!
   So go it out!