Monday, February 25, 2013

Vacation...wrap up

Our entire trip was filled with total relaxation. We spent all of our days at the beach, at the pool, or leisurely walks down John's Pass.

One of the days at John's Pass Kristyn, Brian, their kids, Matt, Yuli, me and our kids all boarded the Pirate Ship.
It was pretty cool. Pretty much a party boat that centered around the kids. The "pirates" told stories, had treasure hunts, and even a dance party for the kids right aboard the boat, while the parents got complimentary wine, beer and soft drinks. 
I think the kids enjoyed themselves, so it was worth it. 

Poor Gracie wasn't feeling the greatest on the boat. She was throwing up a couple nights before and wasn't quite herself. There was a mystery bug we're thinking maybe started with Hanna on the way there. She had a rough time in the car and really had the runs. Since she's not the biggest fan of public washrooms, it was a pretty stressful time. She just wouldn't go, and when we finally stopped in Georgia for the night, she finally went. It wasn't a good ride.
She wasn't throwing up, but when Gracie started, it caught everyone by surprise in the middle of the night. The next day she spent mostly sleeping, and by the day after, she was getting better. My dad gave her his anti-nausea bracelets he keeps for motion sickness, and they seemed to help too!
The next day was Yuli's last day staying with us. She was flying out to Miami to see some old friends, and then she would fly home. 
Turns out she got the mystery bug at the airport and on the plane. We felt so bad. Hailey was sick at that point too. 
The next day we were pretty much stuck in the condo because Hailey was so sick. A fever accompanied the vomitting, and it was best to keep her in. My mom and dad took Kristyn, Brian and the kids to Disney World this day, (they took us a couple years ago) so it was an okay day just to stay in and relax anyway.

This photo shows the view from the condo. We saw so many dolphins right from our balcony! What a treat!  
My parents and Jody and Tim. Family friends that stopped by while they were on their vacation! How nice!!
My Aunt Tina and Uncle Chris gave each of the kids some spending money for the trip, and did they ever have fun spending it!
 Gracie had to have this mermaid doll as her souvenir. Hanna, with the help from my mom, found a light up pill box. A pretty little thing with a mirror inside. She picked out her favourite design, and a tiny little ring (a toe ring was all we could find small enough to fit her) inside, and she was so excited. She calls it her ring box, and has to show everyone. She had some money left over so she also bought a mermaid doll. Just a smaller version. She calls it baby mermaid Hanna. 
We helped Hailey pick out a little something too, of course, and they were all happy. Thanks Aunt Tina and Uncle Chris!!

Matt got sick the day before we left, but surprisingly was okay for the car ride home. Thank goodness. 
We had a great trip, and it was a nice getaway with my amazing family.
Thanks mom and dad, for making the trip possible for us, and for everything else.  

Sunday, February 24, 2013

more beach pictures

The following day was another beach day. The sun was out much brighter, and the kids all stayed out in either the pool or the ocean all day long. 

"Wanna see me go under water, Hanna?"

 I'd say it was perfect day.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

beach time

After the race, we headed back to the condo. The girls finished up what they needed to do, and caught up with the rest of us later on. 
The beginning of the day was just us again. (Matt, Brian, mom, dad, me, and all the kids.)
We took advantage of the warm weather and headed straight down to the beach! 

 Hailey was hilarious. She didn't like walking in the sand because it stuck to her feet, so she stood completely still. The waves would come up and her feet would slowly start to be buried, and she would not even try to move. She almost fell over every time a new wave came, but she would not budge.
 She loved the waves though.


the big race

The next day we drove back out to Orlando with all the kids, nice and early so we could see the girls finish their big race they've been training so hard for. 
We made up "TEAM TIFFANY FOR LEUKEMIA" shirts for everyone to wear to honour our cousin who has been fighting leukemia for some time. 

 I was so glad we could make it to see them afterwards, even though we managed to miss them going through the finish line hand in hand. (There were over 20,000 runners). 
It meant a lot to them that we were there, so it was worth it.
Way to go girls! You made us all proud!!

Friday, February 22, 2013

vacation...the drive

Our much needed vacation finally arrived, and we were so excited to get to Madeira Beach where my mom and dad were renting a condo for the week.
We all (mom, dad, Kristyn, Brian, the kids, Matt, Yuli and I and the girls) left at 3:00 am hoping to beat some of the nasty weather coming our way. 
 Matt, Yuli and I and the girls followed closely behind my dad's SUV since he knew where he was going.

 It was a white knuckle drive for a while, but we made it safely to our destination. We spent the night in Valdosta, GA which was nice and close to Orlando, where we needed to drop Kristyn and Yuli off for the big Princess 1/2 Marathon in Disney World the next morning. 

 We took our time in the morning and enjoyed continental breakfast at the hotel. 
We continued our drive until we got to Orlando, where we dropped off Kristyn and Yuli and walked around their fancy Disney resort they were staying at for the night.
The rest of us took off and continued our drive even further and finally got to the condo in time for dinner. The condo was gorgeous, but the weather was a bit crappy. It was an early night for everyone to prepare for another early morning drive to get to the race to see the girls at the finish line. be continued