Thursday, May 23, 2013

Hailey is TWO!

My baby girl is two. It's sad to see time fly so fast, but amazing to see how much she's grown up in such a short time!
This little stinker knows all of her colours, some shapes, can count up to ten (skipping 6), and is a serious little actress.
She also knows all of the "My Little Pony" characters.  All. Of. Them. You point to it, she'll name it. 
Princess Celestia, Cadence, Luna, Pinky Pie, Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, Apple Jack, Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, Sunny Rays Sweetie Bell, Rarity, Fluttershy, and Prince Shining Armour. Not the easiest names to remember if you ask me.
 She's sleeping in her own bed now. 
Well, with Hanna, on the bottom bunk. She doesn't start there either. I have to kind of, sneak her in after she falls asleep...but it's all the same to me!

She hates bugs. Even the tiniest of them. If there's an ant somewhere nearby, you know it, just by the look on her face.
 She's a daredevil! The other parents at our homeschool Co-Op are always laughing at how she runs down the toddler slide, or jumps from the top, while the other ones her age are so cautious, and some not even willing to go down at all.
She knows what she wants.
She gets up in the morning, and asks for "seerios!" (cheerios) every single day. If she needs a drink with it, she'll tell you either "jute" (juice) or "mott" (milk), and if you give her the wrong one, boy does she let you know. 
 She is pretty polite though, I must say. You always get a "pease pease" before, and it's always followed by a "tank you". 
If she's been bad, and gets "the look" from me, I get a "sowwy mama", which melts my heart every time.  
She's an energetic, little brute of a girl, and she's all ours!

Happy Birthday Hailey Baby!
We love you.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

we're still here

Wow. Here I am again playing catch up. 
I wish I had more time to just sit, and type, but we all know that those opportunities are few and far between! 
We've been busy with the our newest lovey, and cleaning up outside. We're super excited about being able to spend every waking minute in our beautiful new yard, which I have yet to post one single picture of.
Little Benjamin is so easy. He's so content. Maybe it's the calm before the storm? Or maybe he's just going to be a good little drama-free perfect little boy in a house full of little dramatic girls! 
Whatever it is, we'll take it. He's perfect. 

Hailey is turning two in a couple days. 
Two, people.
She is potty trained now...Hurray!
And she loves her new baby more than anything. She has to kiss his head every time he's in my arms, and her hugs are hilarious. 
She wraps her arms around him, leaving about 3 inches on every side so she's not even touching him, and makes a grunt and actions out the biggest hug ever. It's pretty much the cutest thing, ever. 
  Hanna's loving the new warm weather that's been showing it's face around here. She's my little sun soaker-upper. If I had a big rock in the yard, I bet she would sun bathe like a little lizard all day long. We're going to get her going on her bike this year. She asks every time we go for a walk, but I have to wait until Matt is able to come with us, to help me out a bit. I'm confident she'll get it this year though. 
 Gracie's been finishing up school for the year. She's very ahead, and has been done her curriculum for months. Our last day of co-op is next week, and there will be a picnic with all of our friends, so that will be a good day as our official last day of school. For now, we're just doing review to keep her busy.
She told me the other day that she wants to be a "bike trainer", and teach little kids to ride bikes without training wheels because she's "so good at it". It's all she does these days. Goes up and down the driveway on her little bike. I'm sure that's why Hanna is so anxious to get on hers. 

I hope all is well with everyone else!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

recital day

The day finally came for Gracie, Bryanna and Hanna's big recital. I've been prepping Hanna for it, letting her know she can do whatever she wants in terms of dancing or not. She decided she wanted to just watch. She still wanted to get dressed up into her recital costume, but she decided she wanted to "watch with her new baby". 
We managed to get front row seats, just for her, so could see Gracie and Bryanna dancing on stage. I asked her so many times during the show if she wanted to dance, but she was so happy to watch. She was the "WOO!!"er of our row, and would clap like crazy screaming "Yay girls!" after every performance. 

 Gracie and Bryanna did awesome, as expected. 

 I'm so proud of both of my little dancers. Good job this year, girls!!

Monday, May 6, 2013

and it's a....

Baby Benjamin was born at 8:45pm Thursday night.
I went for my routine non-stress test and bio of the little guy, and asked, since I was due to come back in the next day for induction, if we could just do it! They agreed, and we had a very uneventful, pretty quick, labour and delivery!
I managed to go all natural again, and I'm glad I did. I can stay in control the entire time, and it's so worth it at the end!

The girls were surprised (as were Matt and I) that it was a boy. Gracie said "I was expecting a girl, but this is much better!"
Hanna kept saying "My boy baby is mine..." 
And Hailey is tickled. She giggles every time she sees him.

  He was 7lbs 12oz. Much smaller than I was expecting, since Hailey was so much bigger as a GD baby (9lbs 13oz).
 He's a perfect little guy, and I guess we'll keep him. :)
Welcome to your little family, Baby Ben.