Tuesday, June 25, 2013

june update

Wow. June has come and almost gone! We've been busy. Really busy.

Matt's been picking up a lot of overtime lately which is mostly why I feel like we've been so busy. It's great but also bad because we don't see him at all. He literally comes home, sleeps, sometimes can stay to eat, and goes back to work. This also means that my job got twice as big. Not only am I taking care of things inside the house, I'm also now maintaining the yard with a baby literally hanging off me. Weed whacking and lawnmowers aren't as easy to operate with a baby strapped to my front. 
We're making it work though, and hopefully I'll get better at it with time! I have to keep up because we're getting so many perennials popping up. It's like Christmas...we don't even know what's planted here yet, but there always seems to be something new!

My mom threw a wedding shower for Yuli, and it went really good. She made out like a bandit, and we all had a great time.

 I wish I got pictures of all the centerpieces. They were little edible beauty products completely made by mom...yes, we helped a little mom, but you were the mastermind. They were adorable.
Ben's growing like a weed. He's seven weeks old now, and a happy little guy. He likes watching the girls, and Gracie usually gets him smiling just by acting goofy. She took these pictures:

 He looks like a little man in his collared shirt!

Kristyn and I are still trying to get Painless Parties out there, and threw a party for a one year old this past weekend. My mom came along with Ben and did some shopping so she was nearby if he got hungry. The day started at 10am, and we got home about 6. It was a long day for all of us, but we managed. I wouldn't have been able to do it without my mom, that's for sure. 

 I've been enjoying the summer so far with the girls. Everyone's been good and healthy and no issues! We're liking being able to walk to my mom and dad's and now that the pool is open, we'll be going daily I'm sure. 

  That's what our month has been like. I hope July slows down a little bit, and then the big wedding will be here in August. I'm hoping to lay low for at least a couple weeks, and just enjoy the pool with the kids. 
When the days are busy, they go by too fast, and when the days go by fast, my babies grow fast! We don't want that!!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hanna's tummy-super short update

Hanna and I took off this morning to her follow-up with Dr. Z..
He still wants her to stay on her Prevacid, but he was really excited about her weight gain. 
Back in February she weighed 23 lbs, and today she is just over 25. I think that's the most gain we've seen in such a short time, ever!
Great news!