Sunday, July 28, 2013

a much needed little hanna post

This old blog is being neglected lately. The reason I started it in the first place was to keep track of Hanna's progress, and I've been neglecting that as well. Maybe because she's doing so well. Again, I find myself taking advantage of that, most definitely.  

I've noticed lately that my most petite has a love for cooking. She has to be right in there when I'm making dinner every night. Even if it's just grilled cheese and smiley fries (which is what we've been resorting to lately). 
If we're boiling water, she's there (at a safe distance) and makes sure she lets me know when it starts boiling, and then she helps me clean up when all is said and done. She's a pro at putting the silverware away after it's been washed. I put the entire drawer on the floor, and she goes at it.
She also helps the best she can with laundry. She throws all the wet into the dryer as I hand it to her and then later, pulls out the dry and hands it to me to fold. 
 She loves the summertime. Probably because she stays nice and warm. If it's really hot and humid, she also loves swimming. She really swims in her little water wings. I bet if I took them off, she'd keep herself afloat. Those little arms and legs kick like crazy in the water. 
Food is turning into something she really loves. And it's not just pizza and meat anymore. She pretty much eats anything and everything. Sometimes she gets into moods where she doesn't like certain textures, but I'm no longer forcing her to eat. And that takes a huge amount of worry away.
 She came up with the idea to sleep outside in a tent a couple weeks back. Since Matt was on vacation, he took charge of that and made it happen. It definitely wasn't a rough "camp out", but just a tent stay, complete with pillows, movies, and goodies. 
Since it was her idea, I let her come with me to pick out the goodies. She asked for kool-aid and cheetos, so that's what we got. Gracie and Hailey approved of her choices when we got home.
As far as her vision goes, we're still not sure what she sees exactly. The difference now though, is she's older, and when she trips, or runs into something, she laughs about it and makes fun of herself. Her attitude is awesome.
She doesn't sit back very often, and gets right in there with everyone else even though she has to work so much harder. 
Yesterday my mom was working with her on spelling her name. They focused on the H. 
"Up, down, up down, and one across!" She'd say with a bit of a rhythm. After about 15 minutes of making H's, she was doing them all by herself. The best part was how proud she was. She learns quickly and has an extremely good memory. She only does well when she wants to though, so kindergarten is going to have to be very well thought out and planned this year to make her really want to learn. 
I'm not sure who is more emotional; Gracie, or Hanna...but Hanna is definitely more compassionate. She's a sweetie pie and makes sure she's the one rubbing the back of a sick sister, or saying "it's okay" with a big hug when something goes wrong.
 I couldn't ask for her to be doing any better than she is. 
She's an amazing little girl, and such a blessing.
Keep making us proud, Hanna girl. 

Sunday, July 14, 2013


Yesterday we were at my moms so Matt could finally get the wheels back on my jeep and we could bring it home and get the eye sore out of my parent's driveway! 
I took the girls swimming for a while and then we took a break in the air conditioned house. 
Ben fell asleep so my mom took him and I asked the girls if they wanted to head back outside. They all went flying out the door ahead of me. When I got out I saw Hailey lying on the ground at the bottom of the porch screaming, with blood pouring out of her mouth. She fell.
There really was a lot of blood. Usually that's how it works when there's a cut in the mouth, but we really couldn't even tell how bad it was.
My mom gave the baby up to my dad and helped me get Hailey cleaned up. When the blood slowed down we realized her two teeth went right through the area below her bottom lip. (Not sure what that's called!)
I took this picture this morning after breakfast, hence the dirty face. 
You can see that it's still a little oozy. She actually has two perfect little teeth marks right there when it's dried up. 
The worst part I think is the inside though. I looked at it today and it's quite a gash. It's healing good because it is inside her mouth at least. Poor girl. 
I think she's going to have a nice bruise on her chin for a while.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

bath time stinkers!

Tonight Hanna and Hailey were being even more rambunctious during bath time than usual. I had to keep giving them heck for getting out of the tub and jumping back in just for the fun of it. Hailey got a warning, that I had to carry through with, so she had to get out. 
Hanna just laughed at Hailey as I wrapped her in a towel, and then I watched her reach over the side of the tub and (purposely) drop the toy she was playing with. She then looked at me with a great big grin and said "Oh no...I dropped it! I better get it!" while she attempted to get out of the tub again. 
Hailey just giggled at Hanna's attempt to continue their little game without her. 

Little stinkers!

Happy 4th of July to all of my American readers!

Monday, July 1, 2013

happy canada day and ayden is here!

Canada Day is usually a day filled with sunshine, fun, and extreme heat! This year, Canada Day was rained out! Our usual trip to the fort was cancelled and even the fire works have been postponed. I think it reached 67 degrees, and it didn't stop raining all. day. long.
I figured I'd fill this post with photos from the other day. 
Ayden (Matt's little brother) spent a few nights with us, and the girls loved every second. So did I. He's a joy to be around. 

We made our way over to my mom and dad's to use the pool and Hailey found these play glasses. 
She didn't take them off! 
Bathed (in the glasses), changed (while wearing the glasses), and watching a movie (in the same glasses). 
  Hanna was tickled by everything Ayden said or did. She loves that boy. She would stare at him, until he looked at her back. Then she'd laugh like crazy, until he laughed, and she'd say "What's so funny?!" I don't know how many times they did this. It was so funny!
Little Ben.
Well, he's just around. :)

Gracie made it a point every night while Ayden was here to stay up as late as she could. She enjoyed every second with him, and wanted it to last as long as possible! 
We had a great time with him, and can't wait until he can come back!