Tuesday, August 27, 2013

big benny!

And, no, I'm not talking about Dora's Benny the Bull! My very own chubby little Benjamin had his first immunizations today. 
I always wait a little while because I think 2 months is just two soon to be injecting anything into! He'll be four months old on September 2nd, and he is already a whopping 16 lbs, 1 oz!
What a chunker! 
Check out his Popeye muscles!
 I have to open up those leg holes on the Bumbo to get him out! :)
He's a funny little guy.

 He loves the girls, and stays happy as long as one of them is always looking at him, or talking to him. 

He loves his bath, and recently started to really enjoy the pool; even though the water is freezing lately!

He's still just nursing and gets cereal and fruit twice a day. Today he had bananas for the first time, and couldn't get enough. He loved them!
Some days I'm spoiled, and he has a nice 2 hour long nap. Ever since I moved the bassinet into my bedroom, he sleeps like a baby! better than a baby!

He'll be on the move early I think. Keep in mind Hailey took her first unassisted steps at 7 months old to keep up with her sisters, and Ben's got three to get him going. 
 I'm trying to enjoy these easy days while he's still little enough to plop into something to keep him contained. :)

I'm enjoying him - every second. He is absolutely perfect.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

my messy big girls

glasses may help our hanna!

We just got back from a very informative optometrist appointment with Hanna. Matt stayed with the rest of the kids outside, while I went in with Hanna. We did it a little bit differently this time, and I picked up the dilating drops from the pharmacy before the appointment, and I administered the drops. I was the bad guy this time, so she could have a great visit with Dr. C; and she did.
Her pupils dilated nicely for him, and she co-operated like an angel. 
With Hanna's nystagmus, it's extremely hard for him to get a good look into her eyes. BUT. She's older now, and she does her best to keep still and looks exactly where he tells her to. She did awesome!
At her last appointment he noticed some far-sightedness, but most young children are to an extent. 
Hanna's is much more than that extent, and he is really leaning toward prescribing her some glasses! I'm not going to get too excited until we know for sure, but I can't even help to be excited about even the possibility. We were always told corrective lenses wouldn't help her case, so this is great news.
She's starting school this year, and I want her to start out right. If a little cute pair of glasses will help her excel, even a little bit easier than without, I want them. 100%
He also said that her retinas look "pretty good", but he wants to start seeing her every three months, just to keep a close eye on them. He showed us a short video on what it might look like to have a retina detach, and I'm not sure she would even notice until it was too late to do anything about it. She already has "shadows" that move along the back of her eye from the "stalks" in her vitreous, so if part of her retina did detach, it may just look like that shadow that she is already used to.
That part scares me, but he's keeping a close eye, so I'm just hoping that is enough.
Dr. C was totally thrilled that Hanna could make out some of the pictures on the display to test her acuity, but he still couldn't use the projector that he uses for the other kids. I said it many times before, but she shouldn't be able to see at all. He couldn't say enough how "HUGE" it was that she could see pictures in front of her. That goes without saying, we didn't get an acuity today, which is totally okay by me.
He also said that he met another young man with FEVR. (Hanna's eye symptoms best match this disorder). He is about 18 years old, and in law school. How neat is that?

We go back on September 9th to see if she will be getting glasses.  He's going to administer some cyclopentolate this time, which is just a stronger drop to keep her eyes dilated and stop them from focusing for a longer period, so he can test her long focus better.
We'll keep our fingers crossed and hope and pray that she'll have a shiny new pair of specs by the end of September!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Hailey's 2 year photo!

 I did a few different "sessions" with Hailey, trying to capture her personality and natural-ness. (I know, not a word.) but this one captured her the best, and I love the sun in her messy hair!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

the big wedding!

The day for my brother Timmy and Yuli's wedding finally arrived on Saturday. We've all been helping in some sort of way and it's been keeping everyone pretty busy. 
I think we were all happy that day was finally here and it was now time to party!
The day started at 10am, and went steady from there. 10:00 was our hair and makeup appointment in town. All of us girls met there, aside from Yuli who had hers done later on at a different location.
All of the little girls (Gracie, Bryanna, Hanna, Payton and Hailey) were excellent. They loved getting sparkles in their hair, just like princesses!

Haha! This is your fault, Kristyn. If you would've just made a normal face, I wouldn't have to do this to you! :)

 After we were all beautified, I went home with everyone just for a short time to get them all dressed. I fed little Ben once more, and then we took off to meet up with Yuli and the rest of the girls for some photos. I can't wait for the professional ones to come in. They will be awesome.

 After that, we headed to the ceremony. 
All of the girls did an amazing job, and did exactly what they were supposed to do. 
I'll have to post more pictures of the ceremony and reception later on when the rest of the pictures come in because I couldn't get any since Matt and I were both standing, and I was dealing with kids at the reception. :)   I don't even have a good picture of the bride and groom!
It was a perfect day though, and I can't think of one single thing that could have been improved. It was perfect!
Congratulations Timmy and Yuli!!
Now I quote a line that's been used more than once at our family weddings, first used by my brother, Timmy:
"To love, laughter, and happily every ever!"

picture of the day

My biggest and littlest!

Monday, August 5, 2013

post-wedding craziness

The past week there's been a lot of pre-wedding craziness leading to my brother's wedding, which I'll get into next post. I figure I'd mention our post-wedding craziness first, and do things a little bit backwards. 
If you've followed the old blog for long, you probably remember Koda. Our big 90 lb white shepherd. She has separation anxiety and has shown it it many ways, mostly being destructive.
Since she's so destructive, and we can't afford to replace more than a screen door right now, I decided to tie her at my mom's so she could be with the other dogs, and at a place I know she's 100% comfortable while we were out all day and night for the wedding. 
At the end of the night, around 2am, I pulled in at my mom's to get Koda to bring her home with us. 
The problem?
She wasn't there. 
And neither was the stake she was attached to. 
I brought everyone home and jumped back into the van. There was no way she would make it through the night if she was attached to the chain, and stake still. She would strangle herself getting caught somewhere.
I drove down a nearby road and there was no sign of her, so I headed back home. I called her once more from the driveway, and heard her toward the beach. 
I called my mom and dad's to see if someone could meet me out there since I didn't want to head into the thick bush by myself in the middle of the night. 
I got to the beach and called her again. This time, she sounded closer to my house. 
She was somewhere in the middle. (The forest.)
I picked up my dad, (We just got back from a wedding, people. He couldn't drive...so keep that in mind here), and we headed out into the bush. Me, still in my bridesmaid dress and flip flops, and both of us, each with a tiny flashlight. 
At 2 am. 
We kept calling her to try to figure where she was. We got to a point where it was so thick, my dad said he would go himself and to wait for him. I shut my flashlight off and stood in the pitch dark just listening and praying that Koda wasn't struggling more after hearing us come towards her. She was obviously caught somewhere, and her crying got quieter as my dad got closer. 
When he finally got to her, she was shoulder deep in water and mud, completely tangled. She couldn't move a foot, or even lay down, or she would've drowned. 
I called to my dad and knew he had her, but didn't hear her running ahead, so I thought she was in rough shape. 
I just waited. 
Koda came out a few minutes later, just fine, and then my dad, with one less shoe than he went in with. 
My daddy, the hero. 
Koda is fine, but I think a little bit traumatized. 
She's never pulled the stake out of the ground before, and we're thinking maybe she was scared of the nearby fireworks because she does get pretty nervous around them. 
All I know is that she's lucky to be alive, and I'm so glad we went out there. 
My dad walked home with only one shoe, and a whole lot more sober than he arrived. 
It was a night I'm sure we will both always remember. 
Love ya Daddy-O!

My dad is not a heavy drinker, and only enjoyed himself at my brother's wedding. No judging, people.