Saturday, November 30, 2013

letters are ready!

 They all have one thing they want the most, so I wrote (aside from Gracie's) while they told me what to write.

This is how they went:

Dear Santa,
How are you? Can I have a doll that comes with hair ties and curlers? 
Thank you! 
Love Gracie

Dear Santa,
Are you doing okay? I want a new play telephone this year please. Thank you!
Love Hanna

Hailey: (I helped with the P.S part)
Dear Santa,
Please bring me a big tutu for Christmas. 
Thank you
Love Hailey
P.S Please bring baby Benny something fun to play with too.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

santa parade

This year's parade was another awesome event, but COLD. 
Everyone was bundled as much as they could be, but those winds were wicked! I was so proud of myself for not forgetting my camera this time, which I do every single time I SHOULD have it. By the time we got to our spot and were settled in, I took it out and went to shoot, and then...
No card. 
It was a good time though. It kicks off the season and never disappoints. 
Hanna dealt with the marching band like a trooper. She usually doesn't like that part. Not sure why. This year though just me telling her that it was my favourite part made her think differently about it, and if she wasn't enjoying it, she kept it to herself. She's getting so big. Gracie's favourite part was the guy on stilts who kept dropping his juggling pins, and Hailey said she "lubs the gingerbwed man and tosty the no man". 
After the parade, Kristyn invited us back to her place for some hot chocolate and homemade bread and turkey soup. Who could say no to that?!
We stayed until Matt had to leave for work. It was a good night. Thanks again Kristyn for the eats and treats! 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


...And the Christmas lights are up! We're not wasting any time this year! Matt was a good boy and got up extra early today to take advantage of the nice weather and take out all the Christmas decorations. 
He got the lights up with Gracie's help as the ladder holder, and Hanna and Hailey were happy to help me sort through the rest of the totes. 
I lost an entire tote of decorations this year. It was my snow globe collection tote. All of the globes were packaged in their original boxes and packing, and were stored outside in a plastic tote. The water in the globes must have froze because every one of the globes were broken when I took them out of their packaging. The rest of the tote's contents were damaged with the water. :( 
Bummer. 'Santa' brought one every year and placed it beside the consumed milk and cookies the girls left for him, so we had six of those, which were the not-so-cheap Precious Moments globes. Not to mention all of the ones that were gifted to us from my mom-in-law. 
Sad day. 
We still have a lot of decorations though, and a lot of tacky little singing things for the kiddos. :)

It's all about them, in the end anyway, isn't it?

Thursday, November 14, 2013

a hailey post

My baby girl. She keeps us laughing and on our toes, let me tell ya.
She's upset here because she got in trouble for bugging the kitties. Still cute. :)
 Lately, she's been on a monster kick. A little while before Halloween she watched Powerpuff Girls with the older kids and decided she "don't wike powerputt gowls." They scared her for some reason. Of course shortly after, we did some trick or treating and ran into a couple houses decked out a little on the spooky side. Soon, skeletons, monsters and ghosts became an off-topic for my little miss. Gracie and Hanna will tease her and they play "monsters" or "ghosts" but do it all in fun, and get a kick out of how she responds.
She usually comes running to me, but now her "concerned" look, is more of an act, and she goes along with the game.
The other night we were saying our prayers at bedtime, and we made it all the way to the end where we said "Father, Son, Holy Ghost, Amen".  
Hailey was just staring at me, and all of a sudden she said 
I thought it was so funny. Obviously she was paying really close attention this time and caught onto the "Holy Ghost" part.
Silly girl.
 She's a funny little kid. 
If she finds a stuffed animal/doll or toy person that she hasn't seen for a while, she almost always becomes attached to it for a few days calling it her best friend or "favourite" friend.
She never calls Ben, "Ben". It's always either "Benny" or "Benjamin", and if she's told not to do something she always responds with a sweet "otay, mama" , although sometimes I need to give her "the look" first. 
Today I told her to put something down and she said "Fine. [insert sassy look here] I'll just eat my wa-wee-pop then." 
She's all about pretty and princesses, ponytails and clips but at the same time she's rough, tumble and gets a dirty face and messy hair like nothing I've ever seen. She's my favourite little 2 year old. 

Monday, November 11, 2013

playing catch up (with mostly pictures!)

It's already the second week of November, and I still haven't even touched on Halloween! 
 We carved our pumpkins, and Gracie even did her own this year. No help from anyone, aside from opening it up and taking the insides out...which was pointless, because she only drew on it. 
Oh well.
I had the brilliant idea to punch holes into the tops so Hanna and Hailey could put "hair" on the pumpkins so they could actually help this year! It took them about...37.3 seconds.Total. But they helped!  So that's good.

Trick-or-treating exposed all of us to extreme cold and wet conditions like every year on October 31st. It never fails. 
But. We all had fun, and the kids got a years supply of candy. 
I had a pretty "queen with wings", a ballerina and Little Red Riding Hood. Red Riding Hood was the only costume that Hailey didn't think was "scary" and would wear.

 I decided to spare Ben from dressing up because he was under the weather with croup, and stayed back with my mom and dad. 
The night was a success, and I'm glad it's over. 
It's a lot of work! 


Next we go to November 2nd. When my little man turned 6 months old! 

 Look how well he's sitting up already! Such a big boy. He's got 2 teeth, and is working on the 3rd.

Since then, not too much has happened. I like uneventful. It's the way to be, if you ask me.

Our kitten now has a name. Gracie came up with Lucy. She's a darling, and puts up with a lot. 
 And, just because I think this one is so cute, I figured I'd include one of miss Hanna to finish up this quick post.

Monday, November 4, 2013


There's so much going on, which means there's a lot to document, but it also means there's not much time to do the documenting!
Today I wanted to write about Hanna's should we call it...
her new learning chapter. 
She has a new worker with specific goals and is working really hard to help Hanna accomplish them. Her name is Maurice, and she is an Independent Living Specialist. She is so great with Hanna, and expects a lot from her, which is why I think I like her so much! She also happens to be blind, herself.  It's an understatement to say that she is an inspiration.
She's the one who will teach a visually impaired or blind person to cook, or to set up a new apartment, etc. I was thrilled when I found out she was coming out to see Hanna. 
Her first visit was mostly just so that her and Hanna could get to know each other a little bit, and for her to see how ready Hanna was to start learning braille.
 We've been using a pre-reading braille book which consists of raised illustrations of animals, plants, etc. and also simple shapes, and braille cells.
Here are a few examples:

Using concepts like "left and right" and "rows and columns" is going to get Hanna learning braille before we know it! It's so exciting. 

Today was Maurice's second visit with Hanna, and she told me that she's very excited to see how Hanna will be doing. She already knows the positions of the 6 dots in a braille cell, and told Maurice a few times on her own, which dot was missing (1,2,3,4,5, or 6) in the cells, pictured above. 
After she told Maurice which number was missing, she was told to make the identical dot combination on her own little 3 dimentional braille cell like this one.
 She's hasn't got that part of it down yet, but she will! Right now it's a fun finger strengthening activity if she just pushes down all the dots and then back up. 
Next week they will be using playing cards, learning the different faces of the cards, and matching them using the braille on them, as well as the pictures. She's hoping to play "Go Fish". 
You can see how she expects a lot from Hanna. Just the way she talks to Hanna and the language she uses is so great!  
 "Ok, now go wash your hands, and come back and we'll do something else." 
"Look at me when your talking to me."
"Speak up. I can't hear you."
"See! I knew you knew that one. One more, then we'll do something else!"
She's tough on her. But not too tough. They both laugh after Maurice tells Hanna after bringing an object right up to her face "We don't want it on your head! Use your hands to help you see it!"
Maurice has lived with blindness, and there's no better teacher for Hanna than her. I can't imagine anything but good coming from her visits. I'm so happy we have Maurice working with her, and so very glad that she is happy to be working with Hanna and sees so much potential in her. 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

picture of the day

Well, I was attempting a catch up post, but I can't seem to get the right amount of time to do it just yet! I had to put a picture of my favourite little man though, because he was not feeling very good, and this one shows how much better he's feeling today! I love this one.