Saturday, January 4, 2014


My mom. 
She's such a crazy woman.
She worked on the kids blankets for months, (she made nine of them!) saying left and right that they were just "silly" and she's expecting them to be abused and thrown out when they're tattered and torn, making sure we don't take any extra action to take care of them.
Ha! Ha!
Every single child was completely thrilled with their very own personalized blanket. 
My girls use them every night when we're settling in before bed, and they definitely take care of them. 
She made Gracie a mermaid one.
 Hanna got a "dancing bears" one. The "dancing bears" is a musical Christmas decoration at my mom and dad's that turns on to play music, and the magnetic bears dance around while it all lights up. Pretty awesome if your name is Hanna. 
She waits all year long to take out the dancing bears, and then it's a really big deal when they go back to "sleep", My mom waits for her and lets her help put them away, so she's not traumatized when she goes over and they're not there.
Now, she can have them all year long.
*Note* The girl bear does have another ribbon on her other shoe. We have to attach it again. What can I say - the girl loves her blanket!
 Hailey got a pony one. 
She knew immediately which ponies Nanny included too.
"Buttertie" (Fluttershy)
"Pintie Pie" (Pinky Pie)
"Wowdee" (Rarity)
 They were definitely a hit, and will be kept forever. 
Thanks Mom.

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Jenn said...

Have I told you lately how absolutely amazing your mom is?