Sunday, January 19, 2014

have i ever mentioned...

...that I have the best parents. Ever?
I'll get to that in a second.

We've also been getting one of the best winters. Ever. 
A few weeks ago we got about 2 feet of snow dumped on us, but it was too cold to let the kids play outside. We're talking sub-zero fahrenheit temps without the windchill!
They got out a couple times to sled, but not for long. So the waiting for a warm up began. 
By the time a warm up did the rain. 
Soon enough, almost all of the snow was gone, and we had a sloppy mess. 
For a couple days.
Then. It all froze again!
My dad grabbed the opportunity, and took out my brother Danny's 3-wheeler he bought just for playing around.  He wanted to take the kids for the ultimate sled ride.
Of course I didn't get pictures, but Kristyn did! So I stole them. 
Thanks, Kristyn. :)

 The kids had a blast! 
Hanna, Payton, and Hailey were already inside when these photos were taken, but they all had their turns, and they all loved it! 

All the while my mom was inside, making dinner, and a giant pot of hot chocolate for the kids after they were done to warm them all up. 
Don't you agree?
 Best. Parents. Ever.


Jenn said...

Yep. I agree.

The. Best. Parents. Ever.

Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

So much fun! We haven't gotten any snow yet this winter!