Wednesday, February 5, 2014

braille and others

The three girls are outside playing in the massive amount of snow we got - again, and Benjamin is asleep - in his crib. 
I have a homemade iced-coffee at my side, and General Hospital on the TV. I don't remember the last time I was able to sit to watch TV in the middle of the day like this.
I feel really....weird! 
Anyway! What a better time to give a good update! 
I'll start with Hanna's Braille.
Maryse is coming every other week and she's covering a lot in her hour when she's here working with Hanna.
Hanna knows all of the numbers of the dots in a braille cell, which means she'll soon start to learn the alphabet.
Until then though, she'll continue to practice the numbers, and begin to learn money - the different coins, the difference in the look and feel of them, and their value. 
They're also working on strengthening Hanna's fingers and hands. She wants her tying at least a knot on her own by the summer. Think she can do it? 
I do.
 We've run into a little bit of silliness from her while Maryse is here. Like, she'll purposely give Maryse a wrong answer with a big smile on her face, or keep repeating what Maryse is saying, while holding back laughter. She gets bored, and Maryse does a lot of the same things over. And over. 
I don't really blame Hanna for getting tired of it, but repetition is how she will learn, and she can't start to be defiant. So right now, my main mission is to make her realize that it's only for a short time, and somehow reward her when they're done. 

We've been actively using her cane lately, to get her used to it when out in public. My mom was taking her to the Early Years Center before Christmas, and she was doing a great job with using the cane then. It's hard to remember to bring it with us, but I bought some nice, shiny stickers, and she decorated it up, which I'm hoping will help make her a little more willing to use it.  

Well, my alone time only lasted a few minutes - as expected. :) 
I took a couple minutes and made them some hot chocolate, and then realized I had a picture from last year that I could redo this year, so I did! Here it is:
 My girls are growing up! 
And my table has even more "memories" engraved and stained onto it!

Happy Wednesday!

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Erin J said...

Bleh. It really annoys me when teachers of kids with disabilities teach them really boring "pre-whatever" skills and then repeat them ad nauseum until the kid is bored to tears. Just jump into the alphabet already! Challenge their little brains! They are capable of SO much more at younger ages than the teachers seem to think. Makes me crazy, because they just fall farther and farther behind due to low expectations. She'll learn dot numbers as she learns the alphabet because it will make sense why we use them! I wish you could light a fire under her teacher!