Sunday, May 25, 2014

happy birthday gavin

Today we helped my little cousin, Gavin celebrate his tenth birthday.
Since ten is a big deal, they had Zoo 2 You join. We've been lucky enough to see them several times because of our CNIB Christmas and summer parties, and the owner recognized Hanna right away. He was almost favouring her too much! 
He brought every reptile over to her first to make sure she got a nice close look, and she got to hold everything he brought out. 

  It was so nice, but I felt a little bit bad for the kids that have never had the chance to see the animals taking a back seat for Hanna. 
 I'm always surprised with how much Gracie enjoys the snakes! She loves them!
 Hailey still is a little bit unsure of the reptiles...

 And Ben...Well, he didn't like the baby rats. One was placed on his leg, and he picked it up and threw it. Complete with a disgusted look.
This was right before he threw it. :)
Of course the kangaroo was the highlight. The party took place at my uncle's sod farm, and I think the kangaroo thought he was really going to go somewhere with all of the open space. He took off running, and had to be carried back. It was pretty funny watching everyone chase after the poor guy. 
 Everyone had a great time, and we' re so thankful that we were able to make it out! 
Happy Birthday Gavin!!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Happy Birthday Hailey!

Today marks the day that my baby girl is no longer a baby. She is now three. 
Of course, she'll always be my baby, being the last of my girls. She's a special little thing. 
She's a good girl, but busy, and is usually trying to get what is out of reach. 
 If I don't hear her, she's getting into trouble. Today, while Hanna was on the toilet, and I was making lunch, she went in and decided to give her a haircut. 
Brought a stool to the counter, took the scissors out of the basket, and cut Hanna's hair. Just a little on each side as if she knew exactly what to do. If I didn't see the hair on the floor, I wouldn't have even known what happened. 
If she spills her drink, she will put her entire hand in it, then try to make hand prints all over the table. I caught her on one foot making footprints on the wall with her other dirty foot not long ago.
 She may be trouble, but she can brighten my most miserable mood. 
The kid makes me laugh!
She asks questions about everything. 
If I'm looking through a magazine, and there is a picture of a kid, she will ask "Mama? What's his name?" 
Or even if she knows what something is, (like my salad) she will ask me what it is, and move in nice and close to my face and just stare right into my eyes until I respond to her - and that is her way of asking me for a bite.
 She's my healthy eater. 
She's always loved vegetables, and will choose a piece of broccoli over a chicken nugget in a second. She's the only one of the girls who prefers milk over juice.
 My Little Miss is very "involved" in the process of getting dressed. 
She has to be pretty. The only chance of her wearing jeans, is if I can make her believe that they make her shirt look even prettier. 
Even her pajamas have to be just the right pair. 
Even though her favourite thing is being pretty, as fast as she's dressed, she will get dirty. Whether it's jumping in the puddles, or spilling a drink she stole off the counter, she somehow pulls a tomboy, and a princess at the same time. Not to mention the amount of bumps and bruises she's had outnumber Gracie, Hanna and Ben's combined.   

I love it when she comes into my bed in the middle of the night, and even more when she greets Ben with a very loud "Oh! Good morning Benny Boo Boo cutesy wootsy!" before he's even awake.

This morning I wished her a big "happy birthday" when she snuck into my bed, and she got the biggest smile, and responded with "Yeah! Happy birthday to me!"

You truly are my sunshine, sweet girl. 

You have brought so much laughter and smiles to our every day. 

Today marks the day you technically aren't a baby anymore, but you will always be my baby girl. 

Happy Birthday Hailey Elizabeth! 

Sunday, May 18, 2014

we have kittens!

Lucy, our cat came to us unexpectedly in the Fall.
My brother, Danny called me up and asked if we could take in a kitten that was abandoned in a field, and he was sure it wouldn't survive. 
How could we say anything but "of course!" ? 

When she got older, we scheduled her to get spayed. 
Being crazy busy, they got us an appointment for about 6 weeks later.
The same day I made the appointment, Lucy darted out the door, and we were sure she found a mate.
We figured we'd wait and see. What were chances that one night out was going to make her a momma?  
Apparently, the chances were huge.
By the time her appointment date came, she was almost definitely showing. I called them up, and asked to give us another couple weeks, just in case. By then we'd know for sure!
Sure enough, I had to cancel that appointment too. 
Now we were getting her a box and blankets and making sure she was ready for her delivery. 
Since she's so young, I had a horrible fear that she wouldn't know what to do, and not take care of the kittens when they were born. 
Boy, was I right.
I woke up yesterday morning to find two freezing cold kittens on the floor in the entrance way.
I had no idea how long they were there, and assumed they were dead.
I just watched to see if there was any sign of them breathing, and there was none. Then I heard a sound. 
I scooped up the one that looked like it had a better chance, and started rubbing and warming it up. A few minutes later I had a mewing little rat! 
I did the same with the next, and had the same result. Our next mission was to get Lucy to care for them.
We set her up in her box and I tried to get her to clean them up, but no luck. 
She wasn't keeping them warm, and they were too listless to find her, so I had to keep them warm myself. 
A couple hours later, she finally showed some interest and she started cleaning them up, and let me do whatever I wanted with her. I put the kittens under her legs so they would be warm, and eventually they started to nurse. She became a good little mama.

A few hours later, she had another. This one didn't make it. 
I think she knew it was gone when it came, because she showed no interest at all. I also tried to revive this one with no luck. 

The two kittens were doing great, but we kept a close eye on her. I still didn't exactly trust her. 

The next morning I checked on them early, and to my surprise, there were now three kittens! She had another one through the night. This one was perfect. Clean, fluffy, and eating. 

 They're all doing great now, and Lucy has perfected motherhood. 
I'm a proud grandma. Ha Ha. :)

Now, we're going to just watch these little ones grow, and hopefully find them new homes! 
Wish us luck on that one.  

Friday, May 16, 2014

my "helper"

Every morning when there's a full dishwasher full, all it takes is the clang from the first spoon being put away to get Little Mister in a full speed run to the kitchen.
I guess he just figures it's his job to help me. 
Usually his "helping" involves throwing of dishes and standing on them, but it keeps him out of trouble, so I'm all for it!
And with this face, how could I stop him!?


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

at the farm

If I had the space, I would have my own little animal farm. I think it's important for kids to be comfortable with animals, and quite honestly it really bothers me when they're afraid of them. We've been lucky enough to have a lot of exposure to different animals and my girls are comfortable with interacting with them. Whether it's the ponies at my mom and dad's or the reptiles and exotic furry friends at the CNIB parties, they've had their share of experiences. 
This past weekend, I jumped at the opportunity to join the rest of the family in celebrating my Aunt's birthday at her farm about an hour and half away. 
The girls were so excited to see all the animals, including a lamb who was born premature and was bottle fed. Her name was Hannah. :)

 We had a great time, and I think Gracie wanted to move in with the pigs by the end of the day. She loved them. 
I think the highlight of the day was chasing those poor sheep though, and Hanna getting stuck in the mud and losing her boot during the chase.

 One thing is for sure, they all slept good during the car ride home!