Monday, August 25, 2014

African Lion Safari

My mom wanted to give the kids one last hurrah before school starts, so together we came up with the idea for a day trip to The African Lion Safari. The last time we were there was when Gracie was just a baby, so it was a great place to go!
 I could've cropped Hailey out of this picture, but I thought it was so funny!! I'm not sure what the look is about, but she was having a good time. I promise. 

Anyway, we got there around lunch time, and decided to drive through the reserve first. My mom threw some doughnut pieces onto the windshield so we could get some up close action.
 Not sure why we were surprised, but it was disappointing how much Hanna missed out on. She couldn't make out very many animals at all.
We did make sure she got nice and up close and personal with the baboons though. That was worth it for her - thanks to the doughnuts!

 It was looking at her right in the eyes. So cute!
 Even the stripes on the zebras or spots on the giraffe weren't obvious and she actually called the giraffe "a dinosaur". At least she could make out the shape. She was even faking being able to see most of them. We made sure everyone was quiet so she could tell us what was outside the window and after looking really hard, she would respond with "um....I see....a......lion kitty". When really it was a mountain goat. 

 We made it out of the reserve to make it to see the elephants in their daily trip to the pond! They walk trunk in tail down the street to the pond where they hang out for a bit, and then return. 
All of the kids loved them, and yes, Hanna saw them, and proved it when she told us that there were two babies.

 My mom treated us all to soft ice cream cones, which are always HUGE and such a treat!! 

 Don't let the photos fool you. My mom and I ate a lot of ice cream.

 Next up: elephant rides!!!
What?! No one was expecting this one. My girls are I got to ride Jenny, the biggest elephant in the park. Very cool. 
We were so spoiled!
 They have an awesome splash park, with about 4 different areas for different age groups. Everyone enjoyed the water because it was so hot.

 Gracie loves the water. This was one of her favourite parts of the day, after riding Jenny. She was very nervous in the reserve because there's signs everywhere saying "dangerous animals! keep windows closed!" 
She made sure those doors were locked, and gave us heck if we opened the window to let Hanna see a little better past the dirt and glare on the windows. (In the safe areas of course.)
But. We decided to go through one more time to see if we could get some more animal action! This time I stuffed some chip crumbs on the windows and in the mirrors. We're rebels, what can I say.
 Everyone got a kick out of the baboons. Including me, which explains all the pictures. They were so active! 
Luckily we noticed that Ben opened the back windows before a little monkey hand could grab Gracie. She would have had a fit!
 We even got visits from the babies.
 About right here is where I realized that my idling engine was overheating - so we got out of there, pronto.  Wouldn't wanna be stuck next to this guy for very long.

We hit up the gift shop for some souvenirs that they took way too long to decide on, and then, we hit the ricky road. 

Of course my mom stocked up on snacks and goodies for the car ride, and everyone was mostly happy and sleepy for the ride home. 
Thank you Mom! 
I think it was a perfect day, and some priceless memories were made. 

*Note* The van turned out to be perfectly fine, and we made it home with no troubles at all.

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Anonymous said...

Aww! I'm glad everyone had a great time! Even though Hanna missed on some views is good to know what she can and not see, it shows that even with as little sight as she has she's doing and great job! And so are you lady! Best mom ever! ;)