Friday, August 15, 2014


I'm not sure I mentioned it before on the blog, but Yuli has been teaching the kids Spanish during the school year. 
 We go once a week to her house, and she does an hour of Spanish with them. They all love, it and catch on so fast. It's actually incredible. 
Well, she's been planning a fiesta for them since summer started, and since her brother, Santi was coming down to visit her, she waited for him to get here first. 
She finally had it today, and she did such a great job!
The kids were so spoiled and had such a great time. 
They played multiple games that included both the big kids, and the little kids together, so it worked out beautifully. 

Here's some photos from the day.

 Ben just enjoyed watching everyone! He's got a "heeeey ladies!" look about him here.
 Hailey still wasn't feeling really great, but of course she felt good enough to play musical chairs, and the pinata at the end! 

Thank you Yuli, for a great fiesta!!

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Anonymous said...

Que bien que todos mis sobrinitos disfrutaron de la fiesta. Con mucho cariño para ellos.
I hope you got some of that lol.
I'm glad you got some shots ;)