Saturday, December 27, 2014


As we pulled into the driveway after returning from Tim and Yuli's I noticed Ritz, one of our ducks, walking toward the house from the front yard. I also saw what looked like a pile of garbage. My first thought was that it was Triscuit. Our other duck, because the ducks are never seen without the other right beside, but I was hopeful.
We got inside and got everyone mostly settled, until realizing that Koda, who, as a senior dog, has some bladder issues, had a few accidents and dribbles all through the house. 
So. Instead of getting kids in bed and doing some quick tidying for Tim and Yuli's arrival, we were sopping up pee and mopping all the floors. 
During all of this, I kept thinking about that pile of garbage in the front yard...that I knew wasn't garbage. 
I took a light out the front window and saw a little bit better, but still no sure answer as to what was out there. 
After telling Matt I was concerned that it was Triscuit, he took the light outside and had a look. I could tell by how long he stood out there that was something was up, and when he shone the light into the window back at me, I knew it was my duck. 
I went out to investigate myself after he confirmed it, and Ritz was standing at the door waiting for me. He stood there just looking at me, crying with a pitiful squeaky quack, and he let me pick him up. I brought him right into his enclosure after realizing that he was also attacked by whatever got Triscuit. He was bleeding from his chest, dripping onto his feet. 
I locked the enclosure and went inside to google "how to clip ducks wings". 
I went back out with him to make sure he was okay, and see if he would eat or drink. 
Tim and Yuli pulled in at this point. 
We told them what was going on, and Tim helped me cut Ritz's wings to keep him from flying out of the enclosure. Something that I debated for months, but now knew was necessary for his safety. 
  After he was settled, and the bleeding from his attack wound had stopped, I went back into the house to help Matt finish cleaning up after Koda. 
All the while, our company sat and watched feeling horrible for everything going on. 
It was actually a little bit funny, because what was supposed to be a fun, relaxing visit, turned into the complete opposite. I guess if you don't laugh, you cry. 
We left Triscuit's body outside for the night, with my Christmas spotlight on him, keeping watch for whatever we spooked away from him when we pulled in. It never showed up, so we came to the conclusion it must've been a dog. 
My poor duck. 
Now I'm doing everything I can for Ritz, making sure he doesn't miss his buddy too much. I feel horrible for him. They were hatched together, and never left eachother's side. I'm 100% sure that Ritz, being the more aggressive one, tried to protect Triscuit, and got attacked himself in the process. 

His wound is healed up now, and he's eating and drinking as usual. In the spring, I might have to get him a couple more ducklings to keep him company, but for now, he can have our full attention. 

christmas dinner

My mom hosted Christmas dinner for my dad's side this year. 
 She had a full house, and the food was amazing. 
Not many photos, and I should've got one of everyone sitting down to eat, but I blew it. What can I say. 
 Hailey and her Pappy. 
She has said on a few separate occasions: "he's my favourite guy".
 Aunt Jan teaching the kids origami. 
Aunt Jan's the best. She brought a plush bowling game and had them all in competition and even rewarded the winners with prizes and everything.
Her last letter to Hanna was in braille. How did she write in braille you ask? 
Oh, she just glued tiny little beads down on the paper. Separately. For the entire letter.
No big deal. 
 *total sarcasm*
That's why she's the best.

 Sweet Benny finally started getting back into the swing of things by the time dinner ended. 

Perfect dinner, Mom. :) 

After dinner we went for our holiday visit to Tim and Yuli's. 
We had a good visit and decided that they should just come back with us to get their visit in with us too!

...And then the craziness began... be continued

Thursday, December 25, 2014

christmas day - night

We headed home from the city in time to make it to my mom and dad's for our gift exchange. 
 I enjoy this night so much. We still do our home-made gifts for eachother, which is the best part of the night, and my mom and dad are so creative with their gifts!
 After the kids each opened up their gift, they were send on mission to "follow the string" for their together gift. 
It went from the living room, into the kitchen, up the stairs, back down the stairs, into the basement, back up and into the living room again.
 At the end of the string was a note saying "Pizza Night at Chuck E Cheese". 
Yaay!! I'm looking forward to that just as much as they are I think!
 My mom got a new pair of skis, after hers literally fell apart in pieces at the mountain last year.
My dad got some new biking boots. 
Now he wont look as geeky in his runners on his motorcycle. 
The homemade gifts were awesome!
Tim and Yuli made coasters with each families' photos on them. 
Michelle made hot/cold packs. 
Kristyn and Brian kind of cheated and gave everyone wine, brie cheese and then her homemade hot pepper jelly. Yum!
Dan and Shay made everyone a framed chalkboard, and Matt and I made up some bacon salt. 
Mom and dad went overboard on our couple gifts...but we decided how to spend it. More back yard renovating in the spring! 

Another perfect night. 
The entire day was perfect. 
Full of family, food, giggles and joy, I think we had a beyond-perfect Christmas.

chrsitmas day - stop #1

We headed over to Gramma and Grandad's house for dinner, and gift exchange. Oh my...dinner was delicious!
The kids got completely overloaded with gifts.
Like every year! 
It's so much fun watching them unwrap every gift. They get so spoiled they don't even know what to do with themselves!
The Elsa wand. 
A huge hit! 
Elsa and Anna themselves. 
They act out the movie almost daily, so when they got the outfits...they were thrilled!

Ben spent another day out of sorts. Poor guy was so sleepy. The abuse of partying hard is a horrible thing on such a little guy!
I was so happy to my brothers-in-law enjoying the kids so much. They don't see them very often, so I think they all had a lot of fun with eachother.
We now have the entire My Little Pony collection from Build-a-Bear. Good thing they have a gigantic bedroom to fit them all in. 
We filled our bellies, warmed up by the fire, and rested up for our next stop. 
It was a perfect night.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve

Oh, Christmas Eve. It's my favourite day of the year. 
We usually have a lazy day in our jammies until it's time to get dressed for church. I love lazy days!
 After church we have a little bit more down time before heading over to my Nanny's house. It's a house full there. We sing carols around the piano, snack, and everyone exchanges gifts. We are very blessed to have such a big, close family.

 This year we stayed at Nanny's until about 1:30am. When we got home the kids were completely thrilled to see that Santa had come while we were gone! He ate his cookies, drank his milk, loaded up the tree with candy canes, and completely spoiled the kids; all while we were gone. Magical! 
 Every year I tend to skimp out on photos because I take video of everyone finding their special gift they asked for from Santa Claus. 
Gracie asked for a camera, Hanna decided to ask for a doll instead of another baby glow worm (thank you Jesus), and Hailey asked for doctor stuff to fix her animals. 
We asked Santa to bring a potato head for Ben, and everyone got exactly what they asked for. Spoiled, spoiled kids!
They also got a HUGE wagon that will hold all four of them, and lots of little extras. 
Poor Ben was so sleepy. He didn't want anything to do with opening presents or even playing. He just wanted to snuggle.
 Coming up next:
Christmas day at both sets of parents! 

Monday, December 22, 2014

my mornings...

I love them!
Ben is always the first one up, and lately it's been just him and me for a good half-hour before one of the girls staggers out to see what's for breakfast. 
 He wakes up so happy and just can't stand to stay in bed for any longer. He just wants to go!
 I ask him if he wants to eat, and he responds with "ya!"
Then, when I ask him what he wants, he says "Uhhhh...." and pulls something random out of the cupboard. 
 He'll eat anything, but he loves his cereal or oatmeal.
 I showed him just a few days ago that when he's done eating his cereal, he should pick up his bowl to drink the rest of the milk. He obviously gets a kick out of doing it, and thinks he's pretty smart.
  He kept looking up so I could get another picture.
 And how could I not?!
 He's a good little thing. I'm so lucky to have such a nice little alarm clock. He's a great start to my day. 

Saturday, December 20, 2014

annual party at mcguire's

The band party. 
It's something I look forward to every year. It's so much fun to watch the band play, and especially special at Christmastime. 
 This picture I had to include just because he looks too stinkin' adorable.
 The girls had a chance to sing at the mic. So lucky! 
 My dad's usually the drummer, so I couldn't pass up a shot of him singing.
 Matt had the night off work, so he was actually able to join us! He was the bartender all night...
Can you tell it's his dream to have his own bar one day?
I'm sure he'd even settle for a garage with a bar FRIDGE.

 Hanna talked them into turning on the lights so they could dance, and she got her wish. 
It was a really fun night, and no one started complaining about being tired until about 1:00am. What a bunch of troopers we have!
To end the post....I leave you with my girls! I think Hanna was a mic hog....
But that's okay.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

seasonal busyness

 The kids and I have been busy finishing up school before Christmas break, and making little Christmasy things of course!
 The dog food cans are for holding up the roof....
 They did a great job! 
They also made some ornaments from a clay recipe I found. They turned out so cute! I have no photos of the making of those since I was very protective of our finished products, but I did get one of Hailey making "popcorn" with the leftover scraps of clay.
This is our gingerbread family.
I couldn't resist buying it when I saw a little family of 6 with pets! So cute! The kids got a real kick out of making themselves.

We are definitely enjoying the hustle and bustle of the season!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

at the movies with nanny and pappy!

My mom saw that Polar Express was playing in the theatre in 3D, and decided that her and my dad would take all of the kids to see it!
Ten kids in the movie theatre - popcorn and everything! 
So spoiled!

Gracie and Hanna have only been once to the movies, and that was before Hailey was even born; so this was a first for Hailey and Ben. 
Ben even sat through the entire movie.
I think it was the highlight of the year for the kids. They absolutely loved it!!