Saturday, July 26, 2014


Hanna has been working so hard on her speech skills, and she really is a lot easier to understand, but some days...oh my. I can go crazy trying to figure it out.
She loves going to bed at the end of the evening and makes sure before I close that door, that I didn't forget prayers. If I do, she yells out "But Mama! What about prayers?!" So I go back in, sit down with her, and she talks to God like he's a good friend. It usually goes something like this: 
"Thank you Lord, for having a good day, and my good family, and my baby glow worm, and the kitties, and for makin' us healthy and for waking up in the mornin' and having a bagel. Amen!" 
The other night, just as we were finishing up prayers, she says to me, "I don't want baby glow worm tonight, I want a drough-dit."
  Okay, what? 
I tried every combination I could think it could possibly be, with one being a troll tick. 
I got a few laughs out of her, but mostly, she was frustrated! We both were! Finally she sits down and says 
"No! It lights up. It has one colour. It doesn't play music. It's a tttit!"
Finally, I said "Okay, it's a (*instert 't' sound here*)....what letter does it start with, Hanna?" I could tell that she was trying so hard to put a sound in front of the "t". 
She says "It's a "s" word!"
So I figured it out....a stick! 
Good job, girl. She explained it in detail, so I could figure it out. What a big girl she's getting to be. 
Such a smarty.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

bits and pieces

Summer's getting away from me, and so is the blog. 
I don't take the camera everywhere I go anymore, which is such a shame, and I'm going to change that. 
I like to remember all of the expressions and little details of every day we have here, and I'm letting them go by as fast as the minutes in the day.
It's going to change. 
I'm going to be back at blogging ALMOST every day (err..night), so be ready to get tired of us! I was reading one of the books I printed up from the previous years of blogging, and it was so neat to have almost every day documented under a hard cover to look back on whenever I want to. I have to keep up with it, so I'm going to try desperately to make that happen. 

We finally have all of the animals (aside from Koda) permanently outside. 
The litter box is out, and there's no more bunny stinking up the entrance way. They have a nice home outside that Matt did a great job building for them, and I am not going to miss them being inside! 
Although, I'm not too sure the kitties are very happy about it...
 Matt's shutdown begins tomorrow and I'm so anxious to get everything done outside. Landscaping and tidying up are much in order. I've been getting a lot done on my own, but only so much can get done while trying to keep Ben out of trouble. 
He is a handful - to say the very least. 

We got them a pretty awesome summer treat. We figured since we have so much to do, and no time for travel or road trips of any kind, we'd get something fun for the yard to keep them all out of our hair while we work. to add a little bit of a "fun" factor to make up for it.
  There's a sprinkler up where Gracie is on the tunnel, and turns the slide to a water slide and goes into the little pool at the bottom. Hanna - who doesn't like to get wet, likes to stay in the jump house! It is perfect!! 
It can go away quickly and blows back up in just a minute, so I think it's great! 
Today when I turned it back on, this little  guy was waiting for some little kids to torment. 

So that's that. A quick little update. 
Almost daily O'Hara updates very soon to follow. 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

duck wranglers

I've always wanted ducks. 
Not sure why...I just always did. They're cute, and funny, and what's more entertaining than a big, deep *quack!*?
I got some. 
We got some. 
 Just two.
For now.
 The kids love them! But even more...I think they love the kids. 
They follow them around everywhere. 
 The two littlest are so funny with them. Hailey loves these things. She is always playing with them, and picking them up whenever she can. They weren't easy to catch for the first couple weeks though! We're going into week three now, and they're much more tolerable of little hands all over them.
 Ben is so rough. He's actually pretty good at picking these guys up, but then he just drops them. Sometimes they're lucky and they plunge into their little pool, but usually it's a short drop to the grass. 
Poor guys. 
 Hailey wanted to name them Donald and Daisy. 
So cute, right?! 
But, we don't know what gender they are! 
So...I think we're sold on Ritz and Triscuit. The Quackers. :)
I can't take responsibility for that idea. I heard the cracker name idea somewhere and thought it was so clever!
 See how big they are already? 
 Silly girl!


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

summertime dirty faces

That's what our days end with, and the bedtime routine starts with. 
Summertime dirty faces.
And legs.
And tummies.
They are all a mess. 
If my kids are clean at the end of the day, there is definitely something wrong. 
I'm blessed to have extra dirty clothes, and a brown ring in the tub to wash when they're all asleep. 
It's proof of a well-lived, good day.

Monday, July 7, 2014

ben and lucy

Lucy knows she can get what she wants from Ben. 
 Even if he does a lot of teasing first. 
She sits under his highchair like a dog until he drops something - usually on purpose.
 It's entertaining, that's for sure.
 He almost fell of the stool a couple times this time because he was laughing so hard!
 She eventually got what she wanted, then decided it wasn't worth the work for more, and left him alone.
 They are quite the duo, I tell ya. 
Lucy keeps him entertained, and he keeps me in stitches! 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


The brailler is here! 
Hanna has used a brailler a total of two times - ever, so we are in the very beginning stages of getting to know the machine. 
All I know is she is going to catch on so quickly, and it is going to be awesome for her. 
I am still so amazed at the support we got from our fundraiser.
I think I owe everyone at least a short video of how well she is already doing on it after using it for a total of maybe ten minutes. 
This kid. 
She blows my mind.