Saturday, January 31, 2015

cruise. wait...what?!

A cruise! 
From my mother. 
My mom treated Kristyn, Michelle, and myself, to an all inclusive cruise to the Bahamas. 
Although, it would've been much better if she came with us, we had a great time. 
I got a few photos, but I enjoyed the laziness so much, I barely even lifted my camera from my bag. 
 In the airport we had a bagel and a coffee. 
And didn't have to share it.
 We also had margaritas. 
At 8 am. 
My dad's advice. :)
 On the plane!
 On the ship! 
Everyone looked at us like we were aliens when we left our rooms in our robes. We figured it was easier than bringing towels...
Canadian thing, maybe.
 Hot tub all to ourselves on the first night! Nothing beats that!
Nothing to see, but the sea.
 This is where we parked ourselves. On the top of the ship with nothing but the sunshine.
 Yeah...the robe thing. They even wanted our picture...
Told us to pose "sassy" and later called us "the spice girls" 
 So weird.
 I needed a photo of Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head for the kids.
 Pretty water.
 Not so pretty dancer...
And honestly, a very scary straw market. 
A woman actually grabbed my hand as I was walking by and tied a bracelet onto my wrist telling me it was a souvenir. She didn't let me go demanding I give her at least a $5 tip. She got her 5 bucks and I ran. Kristyn and Michelle were also victims to this woman. 
Ugh. We all had mini meltdowns once we finally got to the beach. I've never felt so unsafe in my life.
 Check out his head phones!

 Our ship!
 Elegant night on the ship! Of course no photo of me...
You'll have to imagine how beautiful I looked. Ha Ha. 
 We needed a drink in the sky photo. Of course.

 Our car rental after returning to Florida. We had a whole day to just wander around.
 We found some gators.
 And pretty scenery.

 And got off the airplane to find our car like this. 

We did a lot of hanging out. We sat in the sun, and just took advantage of having nothing to do. We sang some karaoke one night, and enjoyed all of our meals being ready whenever we wanted them. I felt pretty spoiled.
It was an amazing trip with my sisters, and I'm so thankful we were able to do it. 
Even more thankful to my parents for sending us.
I still wish you came Mom, but I hope you know how much we appreciated the break, and the sun, and mostly, the thought.  
I never expected to ever be able to do something like this, and it was a trip that I will never forget.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

paw patrol

Ben loves Paw Patrol. It's a cute cartoon with dogs as the community helpers. 
Every morning he wakes up, pulls the little couch up to the side of the TV, turns it on, and if Netflix isn't on, he even hits the input button. He finds the remote, and tells me "Paw Pa Pole!" so I can find it on the list. 
Lately, it's the only way he'll have his afternoon nap. I have to time it perfectly, and park him in front of the TV.  Usually by about 1/3 of the episode, I get this:
What a kid. 

Sunday, January 18, 2015


Well, I'm doing horrible with posting almost every day. 
You know what though, I'm okay with that. 
We don't have a whole lot happening these days. It's been wonderfully, uneventful. 
 So, I'll continue to post when I can, and not worry when I can't. 
We've had some nice, lazy days when the weather's miserable, and we've also had some fun in the snow and on the ice. 

Hopefully we get more snow, since this was only a dusting...and we've had a mild weekend melting all of our nice ice. We're hoping for a cool-down. 
 The yucky weather does make for lazy days, and those are my very favourite.
A day that we don't have to go anywhere, and we have no one coming over are the best kind of days. Those are days we can stay in our pj's all day! Not washing the floors is a plus too. (Even though those are the days we need it most!)
Next up:
a Benny post! 

Monday, January 12, 2015

hanna progress

I wanted to just take a second and share a couple things that Hanna has been doing. 
 I have to modify the teaching of everything for her, so it's a lot more work than teaching Gracie! I must say though, I'm having a lot of fun coming up with new ways to do things with her, and fun ways to keep her enjoying it and staying on task.
Everything has to be looked at from a different perspective for her. I have to do a lot more explaining; like for example, describing how an "e" is formed while she's printing it, and not just letting her rely on her vision to copy.
Even something as simple as buying her a pair of socks has to be thought of a little bit harder. I've come to realize, with the help of her OT, that having a solid colour sock makes it difficult for her to put on by herself because she can't even tell where the opening is. By the time she finds it, she's already worn out, so she doesn't even want to attempt the work it will take to get all 5 little piggies inside.
 It's the same with math and phonics. I have to find ways to give her eyes a break while learning the concepts and keeping it interesting enough to keep her wanting to learn it.
Little tips and tricks go a long way, let me tell ya. 
Things like adding a texture under her paper when colouring somehow gives her a more fluid movement. 
Giving her a smaller table to work at or a crate under her feet makes all the difference in her posture and work.
Starting as early as possible in the day so her little eyes are fresh since they exhaust easily and quickly.
Outlining in colour and hot-gluing on top of those lines add a colourful tactile oomph to her work pages.
Using objects to make her own equations like the one below. This was the last one we did, so I wrote the numbers over top. She chose by herself "3 plus 4". So, I had her place the correct number of objects on one side of the "+" and the correct number of objects on the other side, and she counted them up to figure out the answer. 
We did so many of these because she loved it. 
All of her practicing, and hard work is paying off in every area. She can get dressed now almost completely independently. She can get her boots and shoes on - independently. 
She can even get her socks on. As long as she's not in a hurry for any of these, that is, because patience is something that this Little Miss needs to work on. 
She's adding numbers up to 10 (that's as far as I've tried so far) using objects like above, and she's sounding out small words.
She's setting clocks to the hour, and half-hour.
She's up to the letter "p" in braille.
She's also been doing some great work at piano. She can play "Twinkle Twinkle" with her right hand without looking, and the correct fingers, and then do it again, with the correct fingers on the other hand. Pretty darn good. The bonus to piano class is finger isolation and strength, which is therapy she doesn't even realize she's getting!

I'm seeing a lot of learning, and a whole lot of progress from her, and holy moly, that's the best thing to witness.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

picture of the day

One of these girls isn't supposed to be on the couch. 
Take a shot at which one. 

Monday, January 5, 2015


Compared to last year, this winter so far has been a major disappointment as far as snow and ice goes!
Today, we got a little! And it was a huge deal. Especially for this little pup who hasn't seen it yet!

 She was absolutely hilarious!! 
Bring on the snow!!