Saturday, February 28, 2015

this is one result

...of Ben's constant chair maneuvering.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


After giving Ben heck over and over for bringing a chair to the counter and going after the goodies up there, he waited until he thought the coast was clear, and proceeded to do the army crawl into the kitchen to attempt it again. 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

EUA, or not?

I got a call yesterday from the Eye Clinic at SickKids. They have Hanna booked in the operating room for March 13 to have an eye exam under anesthesia (EUA) done.
I kept the appointment. 
For now. 
We also have an appointment with our optometrist this Monday. 
He has a technology in his office that allows him to see the retina with great detail, as long as Hanna is still enough. Her nystagmus (involuntary eye movement) could make it a little difficult, but I'm hoping for the best. 
Our plan is to see what kind of images he can get first, and go from there, and decide whether or not to proceed with the EUA. We could even just post-pone it.
I'm a fan of leaving well enough alone. I'm so afraid of them disrupting something that is fine right now. 
We'll see, and I'll stay posted.

Monday, February 23, 2015

picture of the day

Someone's happy to have his daddy home.

Friday, February 20, 2015

my ben

My beautiful boy. 
 He is so good. So pleasant. 
And I'm not just saying that because he's mine. 
He seriously is the happiest kid. 
He just goes with the flow...
 If he's crabby, you know he needs something, or something isn't right. 
He says "heeey!" if you take something away that he shouldn't have. 
And if you tell him not to do something, he responds with "why?!"
 I think one of my favourite times is when he first wakes up after his nap. That's when all these photos were taken. I wanted to capture his messy hair and sleepy eyes. 
He's wakes up happy, and ready to run. 
If I get a chance to sit down, he comes over and jumps right into my lap, makes himself comfortable, and grabs my face and presses my cheek against his. Usually with a sweet little smile and a "mum." as if he's making sure I know that he reserved the spot and no one was allowed to join us.
He is a handful, and gets into everything. He pulls around furniture to get on top of things, and I've once had a kitchen chair pulled into the bathroom because he thought he was going to brush his teeth.
I think his mouth is made up entirely of sweet teeth.  (While we're on the subject of teeth.)
He's climbed into my bed with chocolate more times than I can count, with most of those times being the result of sneaking it out of the cupboard. 
He knows his "peet" (please) and "dat you"s (thanks yous) and he knows how to win over everyone around him. 
I think this little man is definitely a keeper.

Thursday, February 12, 2015


 Lately, we've been lucky enough to get lots of snow and it's even sticking around with more and more coming down to keep it nice and fluffy.
 We're very spoiled, and have our (almost) very own sledding hill, basically in our backyard!
 This year is perfect for all of us to sled. I'm not expecting a baby, and there's no tiny babies anymore. Everyone is capable, and everyone loves it!
 This was Ben's first time on a sled, and he had such a blast! He would've been happy to go down right from the top, but I kept him only a few feet from the bottom. 
 Hailey was very cautious. She wanted to stay half-way up, because it was going to fast for her. I was happy with that. 
Hanna was thrilled to be able to go all the way down this year! She was happy as long as the snow didn't come up and get her in the face. She quickly learned that if she kept her feet up, no snow would fly.
 We were lucky to have some mild days for sledding, so we took advantage of those days and stayed out as long as we could.
 Now, we're stuck in the house. Frigid temps and record breaking wind chills have lead to cabin fever. We can't wait to get back out. 
Ritz was actually stuck to the ground the other day because of the cold. His belly was stuck and we had to pour hot water under him to get him up. He's okay though. I think he learned his lesson and will be staying in his hut from now on!
We're loving this winter. 
Matt's shut down has begun, so it will be nice to have a warm up so we can tackle some outdoor jobs, although I'm not wishing time away. I'm just enjoying every day and looking forward to the ones to come.  

Monday, February 9, 2015

poor ritz

 Poor guy is lonely since Triscuit was killed. I feel bad for him. I'm completely sold on the idea of getting him some ducklings in the Spring, but for now, we just love him. Today he was very happy to sit with Gracie for a little while out of the pen. I've been nervous to take him out, and honestly, I think he's nervous too. Gracie lost her handle on him at one point, and he went right back into the pen. At least I know he wont try to take off. I think he's just happy to be with us at this point, and hopefully is getting enough activity with the cats.
I'm looking forward to the Spring when he can come out and hang in the yard with the kids. 
I really do recommend ducks as pets. They are very loyal!