Tuesday, April 21, 2015

date night!

Date nights don't happen much. 
Actually, they happen about three times a year - our birthdays, and Anniversary. 
This night was my birthday date! 
Matt took me shopping and out for dinner and dessert. 
My mom and dad watched the kids for us, and we were able to take our time. 

He didn't give me a birthday gift, because he wanted to get me a fancy lens for my camera, that had an even fancier price tag. 
I didn't let him get it. 
 Instead, he took me to the camera store and we would look together for some accessories. 

Turns out, he ordered me that fancy lens anyway!
What a guy. 

After we shopped, we went to eat, and then got a couple groceries. I couldn't help but grab a couple things for the kids while we were out, and then we stopped again for dessert!
 Oh boy. 
We ate more than we could handle. 
This is the best shot of us we could mange to get. 
We tried! 
I'm thankful for our few and far between date nights! 

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