Friday, April 10, 2015


Eight years ago today we welcomed Gracie Lynn into our lives. 
It was the best day. Our lives changed so much in that instant, and every night I thank God for giving me such an amazing little girl to have in our lives. 
 She's the most caring, and thoughtful kid I know. 
She's never just thinking of herself.
 She's extremely goofy, and has a hilarious sense of humour. She's always coming up with riddles, or jokes, and always making us laugh.
 She is wise beyond her years. Some days I feel like she has an old soul. She thinks alot about everything going on around her, and has always acted very mature for her age.
 At the same time though, she's still very young at heart. She's gullible, and trusts that what she's being told is the truth. 
Bubbles are her favourite thing to do outside, and she collects, collects, collects! She collects anything that she thinks is "rare" or very "unique".
She's a good girl.
 Some days she'd rather draw by herself, or make up a game to play with props and everything instead of playing with her sisters. Of course they're all invited to play when she's done, but she enjoys the planning, putting things together, and coming up with all of the genius ideas all on her own.
 She's extremely sensitive. 
She takes friendships very seriously, and nothing breaks her heart more than knowing she's disappointed someone.
 She's a very grateful kid. 
She is always the first to thank us after a day out, or after dinner, and even appreciates just a sunny day. 
She loves life.
Her prayers every night include thanking God for the sun to light our days. (This is a prime example of where the old soul comes in.)

 She had a great today, and got calls from family, and even got to go shopping with my mom. Just the two of them. What a treat!
She deserves it.
 We made her wait until after dinner to open her gift from us, and boy, was it painful for her to wait!
 After opening up a strap first, then some picks, and lastly some strings...
 We revealed a new guitar! 
Like, a real guitar. A nice one. 
She is so excited, and Matt has been at it teaching her the ways since she opened it. 
 Happy Birthday sweet, sweet girl. 
We love you!! 

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