Friday, April 24, 2015

emissions test...and some change

Our van. 
We bought it used with low kms, and it's now got 310,000 kms under it's belt, among other little problems. 
It doesn't owe us anything. We haven't had to do any repairs, aside from some new tires a few years back. 
Last week, it was time to do the dreaded emissions test before we could renew our plates. 
Multiple codes were popping up on the reader before we even attempted the test, and clearing the codes wasn't working. 
Matt scheduled an appointment at a shop to get it all fixed up to pass the test, and they quoted us at about $500. 
But, it's better than shelling out a bunch more for another (new to us) van. 
Matt took it home, and did some more investigating, and it turned out to be all electrical. Some of the wires above the dash were very corroded and causing all of the codes! 
He did some magic, and replaced a small $30 part, and the codes were gone. 
He brought the van back to the shop for our scheduled service appointment, and they didn't know what he did to fix it. 
Kind of scary that they were going to charge us so much money to fix something that wasn't even broken!

After passing the e-test, Matt called me up and said he was so excited that it was a much cheaper day than he thought, so he decided to replace our radio in the van. He found one on clearance, and came home to install it right away. 

Turns out, the reason our CD player stopped working about two and half years ago, is because some little trouble maker (I'm guessing Hailey) was using it as a money bank. 
The ashtray was full of coins again after taking it apart. That explains it.

Two mysteries solved in one day. 
We're on a roll!

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