Wednesday, April 15, 2015

food intolerance test

Hanna's reflux flared back up for a few days, and it really worried us. We're always afraid of the unknown with this kid. Who knows what her little body is doing in there, where we can't see. It's scary. 

She's been off her Prevacid now for almost a year, so what a disappointment when she started getting sick again. The amount that comes out of her little body is frightening.
We do what we can. And I feel good knowing that we're doing everything we can to figure her out. 
It came to our attention that there's a test available for testing for food intolerances. (Thanks Uncle Dave!) 
It's not an allergy test, but an intolerance test. Just a blood test. 
A doctor has to give permission to have the test done, so I brought Hanna in to see our family doctor. He recommended a different test. One that doesn't just test the foods, but tests the chemicals and additives in the foods as well. I think this is where Hanna's problem lies, so there was no question whether to have this test done or not.
We got her in the same day, and she was rockstar with the blood test. Now, we just wait. We'll hear from them in about a week, and depending on what the results show, we will start working with her doctor to get her on the right vitamins, supplements, or medications depending on what kind of foods have to be eliminated or prepared differently. 
I'm praying for the results to show something.

Cross your fingers that this gives us some answers!  

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