Saturday, May 9, 2015

dance recital

Hailey had her dance recital today! 
My mom, dad, Kristyn, Bryanna and Yuli came with Matt and I and the kids to watch.
She looked super cute.

 She was ecstatic to be able to wear a little bit of blush and shiny eye shadow. 
As far as the dancing part...
 She didn't do much moving...
but when she found us in the crowd, she was so happy to see us!
 She did a great job! 
She danced a bit more for her ballet routine (these photos) than her tap, but I'm so happy to have the tap routine on video. It was hilarious! She stood there. 
The whole time. 
And when it came time to do patty cake with her partner, they stood there, and just looked at each other. 
It was so funny.

 We were all very proud. Especially Hanna. :) 
She kept saying "Hailey did totally awesome up there!"

I'm glad that Hailey had her turn at dance like the other girls, but I think dance is now a thing of the past. 
It wasn't her thing, so she'll try something different next time, and I'm happy to say good-bye once and for all to the dance studio.  Honestly, I don't like the whole dance scene either. 

You made a beautiful dancer while it lasted, baby girl. 
Now, onto something new!

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